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• 7/18/2018
Fox Auctions
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• 6/11/2017

Season 5

It's pretty clear that this plot has stretched one season too long, it's unraveling under its own weight. If we view it as something that has meaning episode-to-episode, it's more disappointing because they seem to imply there IS meaning, when there is not. This is plainly just about relationships and those perspectives are becoming shallow with little or no depth in conversations. Too many close up shots, not enough information. So you can say...but this is real life! The problems is: it isn't. A good book, a good movie, a good tv series has to have a good story. This one becomes muddled and somewhat distracting with characters that just don't Paige who is remarkably either mis-cast or just plain old boring. But there is good news for our addicted watchers of this series: The end of the Soviet Union is on the horizon! Much like our beloved Mad Men (that suffered somewhat of the same syndrome later in its life) history and the study of period societies will save the day!!! I--for one--will be riveted as the next season unfolds, not because I want to know how evil Elizabeth can be behind her long, brown locks and unreal non-Walmart wardrobe, but because history will drain what cold, black blood runs through their veins. Back in their once-loved Russia they will find themselves--with Martha--searching for a can of something indescribable on near-bare shelves in the supermarkets, or living in a 3-room flat with no microwave oven and one legitimate bedroom. Or will they? Let's hope the writers don't disappoint--and that they have read the history books.
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• 10/31/2016

I cannot wait for season 5!

When will season 5 of The Americans air?
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