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  • Male last names frequently end with "ov." Females in the same family will use the ending "ova." Igor Burov and his wife Yelena Burova are an example of this pattern. Other male/female last name endings include "in/ina," and "oi/ia."
  • Middle names are often patronymics. A son will use his father's first name plus "ovich" (or "evich"). Oleg Igorovich is an example of this pattern. Oleg's middle name literally means "son of Igor." A daughter will use her father's first name plus "ovna" (or "evna"). Nina Sergeevna is an example of this pattern. Nina's middle name literally means "daughter of Sergei." It is common to be called by both your first and middle names.
  • "Sh" is a diminutive, informal or affectionate form of a name. Philip's Russian name Misha is an example of this. His real name is Mikhail, but most people called him Mischa. This is similar to saying your real name is Michael, but most people call you Mike. "Sh" can be added to female names as well. In "Duty and Honor," when Philip gets chosen for the leadership group, he runs to tell Irina, shouting "Irish! Irish!"
  • Pavel Morozov goes by Pasha, but as is also common, his mother calls him several variations of his name. In addition to Pasha, she also calls him Pashenka and Pavlik. Someone named Ivan might be called Vanya, Vanyusha or Vanka; Nataliya can turn into Natasha, Nata, Talia, Natulia, Tashenka.