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"My soul is fine Oleg Igorevich. How is yours?" Nina

A Little Night Music is the fourth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the seventeenth episode overall.


When turning Anton Baklanov is deemed unlikely, the Jennings are assigned to exfiltrate him by force. Claudia tells the Jennings that Andrew Larrick is her primary suspect in the Connors' murders. Elizabeth gets his file by seducing a naval recruit. Fallout from Vlad's death affects Agent Gaad's job. Paige's new friend Kelli takes her to a church function.


A disguised Philip listens to Anton Baklanov, a brilliant physicist and Refusenik who escaped from the Soviet Union a decade ago speak at a synagogue. Paige's new friend, Kelli, takes her to the Reed Street Church youth group where she starts singing with the teens. (♫ This Little Light of Mine ♫) At home in the laundry room, Philip tells Elizabeth that Baklanov would rather die than return to the USSR. (♫ Lloyd Conger - Beer Bar Blues ♫) Paige returns home and lies about where she's been. After leaving a dead drop and discussing buying a new car, the Jennings are surprised to see Claudia. She gets into their car and tells them the Center isn't interested in finding out who murdered the Connors.

Night Music Episode Paige church.jpg
This is Paige.
Claudia asks for their help finding the murderer. She suspects Andrew Larrick, a Navy Seal, since he was being blackmailed by the Connors. In order to get Larrick's file, she gives them a target, Brad Mullin, a young naval recruit. At the FBI, Agent Gaad tells Stan he'll be receiving a commendation for stopping Bruce Dameran. However, they're interrupted by the Deputy Attorney General who indicates that the House and Senate Intelligence committee has opened an inquiry into the murder of Vladimir Kosygin. This may result in charges being laid against Stan. Philip offers to develop Mullin but Elizabeth insists on doing it.

S02E04-Stan and DAG.jpg
We understand each other?
At the Rezidentura, Oleg tries to convince Arkady that Anton Baklanov is important to developing Stealth technology using information stolen from the Americans. Recommending he be forcefully repatriated, Arkady says the Center has ordered Baklanov be left alone. Oleg asks to see the orders which Arkady says he doesn't have a high enough security clearance to see. Oleg leaves and makes a phone call. At the FBI, Gaad tells Stan that he's being removed as director in favor of Jim Halliwell due to the inquiry. A disguised Elizabeth approaches Mullin at a music store in Virginia Beach. Pretending to be a fragile young woman who is a neophyte exploring classical music, Mullin asks her to join him in listening to Mozart which she accepts. Listening, she smiles broadly at him. (♫ Mozart - Eine kleine Nachtmusik ♫)

S02E04-Oleg and Arkady.jpg
We're not going to recruit him.
Stan and Philip hang out at a bar and Philip tries to keep a straight face when Stan over-dramatizes what it's like to "take a guy off the face of the earth." Stan then confides in Philip that he's having an affair, but says it's with a married woman. Oleg uses his family connections to get a higher security clearance. He's given access to classified operations. At home, Henry continues to harass his parents for a video game system. Philip tells Elizabeth that they've been ordered to take Baklanov. Arkady warns Nina that Oleg now has access to the reports detailing her meetings with Stan. However, he doesn't have access to the files that reveal her betrayal. Philip surveils Baklanov's home.

S02E04-Stan Phil at bar.jpg
That must be intense.
Elizabeth and Mullin go to a motel together and after relating that she's sensitive like him, they kiss. However, she pulls away, distraught, says she wants to take things slow and before leaving, says she'll call him. At Baklanov's university, a disguised Philip watches him use a pay phone and call his mistress. George traces the number which Philip tells Elizabeth is a perfect place to take Baklanov. Elizabeth discovers Paige reading the Bible and that she's attending the Reed Street Church. (♫ Modern English - I Melt with You ♫) Paige argues with her parents about not being able to make her own life choices. Elizabeth meets Mullin at a restaurant where she tells him that Andrew Larrick raped her, but the Navy is stonewalling the investigation. She describes the rape in details nearly identical to her rape by Timoshev. Distraught, Mullin promises to get her Larrick's file.

S02E04-Mullin and Liz kiss.jpg
I like you Brad.
Martha wants to have a "lazy morning" with "Clark", but needing an excuse to leave early, he picks a fight with her until she throws him out. Claudia meets briefly with Elizabeth, who tells her she's worried Elizabeth returned to service too soon. Given the danger Larrick poses, Claudia reveals she's afraid to lose any more agents. Meeting Mullin in his car, he says he was too scared to get Larrick's file. Elizabeth gives him a hand job to help him with his "stress." Oleg tells Nina he's read the file on her operation with Stan and unsuccessfully tries to gain her confidence by expressing how difficult it must be for her to lie with every part of her body. At home, Elizabeth and Philip watch with concern as Paige prays before dinner.

Night Music.jpg
You're back but you're not back.
Martha leaves a message for "Clark", wanting to fill out a job transfer application detailing she's married to him. While staking out Baklanov's mistress' home, Elizabeth expresses her concern about the church indoctrinating Paige. Martha leaves several messages for "Clark" and unable to get a hold of him, says she's going to fill out the application noting him as her husband because it's the truth. At night, the Jennings try to abduct Baklanov as he leaves his mistress' house. After knocking him out with chloroform, they are hauling him into their car trunk when they are attacked by the mistress and another man. Philip briefly subdues the mistress but his attention is diverted by Elizabeth repeatedly slamming her attacker's arm with the trunk hatch. Philip pulls Elizabeth off of him, giving the mistress an opportunity to speed away in their vehicle with Baklanov in the trunk. They're left stranded with the barely conscious attacker in the middle of the street.

S02E04-Liz Philip w Yossi.jpg
The mistress wins.


  • Intellivision is a home video game console by Mattel Electronics, its name being a portmanteau of "intelligent television." Intellivision was released nationwide in the US in 1980, with a price tag of $299; it included Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack and a library of ten cartridges. From 1980 to 1983, over 3 million Intellivision units were sold. Though not the first system to challenge Warner Communications' Atari, it was the first to pose a serious threat to the market leader.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Elizabeth.


Song Title Performer(s)
This Little Light of Mine Guy Carawan
Beer Bar Blues Lloyd Conger
Eine kleine Nachtmusik W.A. Mozart
I Melt with You Modern English


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