Abassin Zadran is a mujahideen commander fighting the Soviets in the mountains of Afghanistan. He describes himself as "the one who cuts the throats of the Communists." He recounts killing a group of Soviet soldiers - boys no older than his nephew - who were swimming, with their guns on the riverbank. Zadran's preferred method of execution is using his knife to cut people open, gutting them like goats, and watching them die.

His English language abilities cause the CIA to bring him and two other mujahideen commanders to the US, where they plan to negotiate for stinger missile systems. Posing as CIA agents, the Jennings convince Zadran that the other two commanders he is traveling with have ties to the Soviets, and intend to sabotage their request. After meeting with a disguised Philip and Elizabeth, posing as CIA agents, Zadran returns to his hotel and murders his countrymen. This results in the meeting with the CIA the next day being canceled, causing a significant delay in US arming of the mujahideen in Afghanistan.