Andrew Larrick was a KGB informer featured prominently in Season 2.  He was initially the prime suspect in the murder of Emmett and Leanne, after it is revealed the Connors had been blackmailing him over his homosexuality.

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Larrick served as a special operative in Vietnam in the 1970s, and later became a Naval officer teaching at the War College in Annapolis, MD. Claudia believes he is the only informant of Emmett and Leanne’s capable of murdering them and their daughter.

Larrick appears as a strong, principled Navy veteran, and shows open disdain for the Soviets. Elizabeth and Philip make contact with him under the guise of being CIA security, using Larrick’s Navy file obtained from Brad Mullin. He denies killing the Connors, although he states he intended to, and had been tracking them to that end.

Known intelligence that Larrick passed to the KGB includes:

  • Reconnaissance reports on Central America
  • Communication codes for multiple on-ship systems
  • Security protocols at naval bases including Little Creek, Groton, Patuxant River
  • The location of, and access codes to, the Martial Eagle training camp.

Larrick was heavily involved in the Navy SEAL’s covert actions in Central America, specifically the Martial Eagle operation. A senior instructor for the program, Larrick provides the Jennings with access into the camp, where Contra field commanders are training on US soil.  

Larrickis kills Lucia after overpowering her in her failed attempt to torture and kill him. Guilt over his betrayal of his country, and rage at his “brothers'” deaths in the Martial Eagle camp disaster, lead to Larrick turning on the KGB. He traces a clandestine KGB call center operated by George, killing him and using the switchboard to find Kate, who meets a similar fate. In his attempt to capture Elizabeth and Phillip, he kills Jared Connors, before being fatally shot by Phillip.  


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