Arkady Ivanovich Zotov is a main character on the FX series, The Americans. He is the KGB Rezident at the Rezidentura and has interesting relationships with his colleagues Oleg Burov and Tatiana Vyazemtseva.

As the Rezident, he does his best to assist KGB operatives and illegals, such as the Jennings. In Season One, he is the target of an FBI assassination plot hatched by Frank Gaad. However, when he burns his hand, he decides not to go for a run, leading the FBI to capture Vlad Kosygin instead.

Arkady is kicked out of the US at the end of Season Four, given "persona non grata" status for his presumed involvement in William's infiltration of a bioweapons lab, the Mail Robot bug, and the death of Frank Gaad in Thailand. He returns to the USSR, but continues working for the KGB. By Season Six, he has advanced to the position of Deputy Chief of Directorate S.

In the final season, Arkady convinces Oleg to come to the US to take part in a secret, non-KGB mission. Oleg is ultimately arrested when he picks up a dead-drop left by Philip, and, since he lacks diplomatic immunity, imprisoned. Arkady relays his fate to Oleg's father who in turn delivers the grim news to Elina.

Arkady also meets Philip and Elizabeth upon their return home without their children. ("START")