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"I don't want her putting people into a suitcase, and I don't want her ending up in a suitcase." ― Philip about Paige

Baggage is the second episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-eighth episode overall.


Elizabeth and Philip come together to deal with a mission gone wrong but struggle to reconcile their increasingly opposing ideologies. Stan welcomes a Soviet defector to America. Nina acclimates to her new living arrangements.


As the darkness falls, also are the hopes that rests in the now fallen angel Nina; who sees herself in the four walls of that desolated room in the middle of the avernus, the Lefortovo Prison whose air always now says to her ears: "You... are so alone". As the night falls, also is the contained urine that Nina was pushing and pushing till she finally freed in that dirty corner; so unprotected, Krilova tries to set their eyes to another corner but the message is clear, there's no sky for this angel. Those naked legs aren't being watched by Papa Lenin. Now, she has

Philip in his disguise as "Scott Birkeland", having broken into Yousaf's hotel room after hearing him kill Annelise, takes him into the adjoining room. Promising to take care of the situation, he leaves to get help. At home, Elizabeth talks with Paige and responds to Philip's call. Paige asks if Philip is having an affair which Elizabeth reassures her that he isn't. "Scott" gives Yousaf advice on how to handle any questions on Annelise and indicates that "My people are dying in Afghanistan." Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya, a Soviet defector, arrives in the US inside a crate and is greeted by Stan and an FBI team. Elizabeth arrives at Yousaf's hotel with a suitcase.

The Jennings and Yousaf break Annelise's bones so she will fit inside the case. Elizabeth takes a photograph of Yousaf's participation. Nina receives a cellmate, Evi Sneijder who she ignores. Elizabeth leaves with the suitcase and "Scott" arranges to meet Yousaf the next day. At FBI HQ, Stan arranges for Zinaida's hotel room while Agent Brooks asks her about the US-Canada Institute. Zinaida is excited to eat a candy bar and looking out the window, can scarcely believe she's in the US. At home in bed, Elizabeth remembers her mother telling her that her father was a deserter during WW2. The FBI protects Zinaida as she begins a media circuit speaking against the USSR's involvement in Afghanistan.

Baggage 5.png
The entire Politburo is behind this war.
"Scott" meets with Yousaf and arranges for him to meet with the CIA's Afghan group so that Philip and Elizabeth can learn who their members are. Having been surveiling Stan, an angry Oleg surprises him in an alley and points a gun at him. Expressing sincere regret for what happened to Nina, Stan refuses to obey Oleg's order to get on his knees and tells him he'll have to shoot him in the back. Stan walks to his car and turning around, Oleg is gone. At home, Elizabeth is still suffering from the cracked molar received in the fight with Agent Aderholt. Discussing the Yousaf operation, Philip says what happened to Annelise is why he doesn't want Paige being recruited. Remembering what he heard at an EST meeting about a near death experience being able to jolt one into change, Stan leaves an awkward voice mail for Sandra and Matthew.

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You don't know anything.
A disguised Philip and Elizabeth scout Yousaf's hotel. Stan visits Sandra who is living with her boyfriend, Arthur. He talks about his experience with Oleg and relates she's the only one he wanted to tell. However, Sandra isn't interested in getting back together with him. Catching Elizabeth listening to a tape from her mother, Philip suggests trying to see her, however, Elizabeth doesn't think it's possible. At the FBI, Agent Gaad shows Stan sketches from his and Aderholt's fight with Elizabeth but Stan doesn't recognize her. Elizabeth meets Gabriel and gives him a cassette to pass along to her mother. Gabriel observes the tenseness between Elizabeth and Philip which Elizabeth attributes to the situation with Paige.

S03E02-Gabriel and Liz.jpg
Things are hard with Paige.
In prison, Evi proclaims her innocence to Nina who says only guilty people are brought to the prison they're in. In the laundry room, Philip briefs Elizabeth on their plan to take pictures of as many faces and license plates of the CIA agents who meet with Yousaf. At the hotel, Philip and Elizabeth set up. However, only Isaac Breland arrives at Yousaf's room and takes him to meet the other agents at a bar. Though Philip thinks it's too dangerous, Elizabeth follows them, saying she doesn't intend to lose the information a second time. The Jennings go into the bar, photographing the agents, as well as their cars in the parking lot.

S03E02-Evi and Nina.jpg
I did not do anything.
At the Rezidentura, Nina's replacement Tatiana demonstrates a sense of humor by joking with Oleg about what Reagan was thinking when he met with Soviet officials to express condolences for Brezhnev's death. Zinaida wants to explore Washington, but Stan demurs, telling her they can't protect her in public places and there is a threat to her life. Oleg's father pays Nina a visit in prison, saying Oleg has asked him to save her. She asks him to tell Oleg that she "wasn't pretending" with him. At Dupont Circle Travel, Elizabeth talks about Paige and mentions how quickly her mother agreed to her serving. Philip stares into space sadly.

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This stuff with Paige isn't going away.


  • At Cooper's Bar & Grill, although Philip orders Miller beer, they are given Miller Lite.
  • Washington Post sportswriter Tony Kornheiser has an uncredited cameo as a Cooper's customer.
  • Reagan visited the Soviet Embassy on November 14, 1982. (see Timeline of Historical Events)
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Elizabeth.


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