"He could be five steps ahead of you...I told you how dangerous this man is." Claudia
Behind the Red Door is the sixth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the ninteenth episode overall.


A dangerous Naval officer becomes the key to Philip and Elizabeth's mission as well as a potential threat to their family's safety. Lucia, a Sandinista intelligence officer working with the Jennings, is tasked with getting Elizabeth access to Capitol Hill. Stan struggles with the potential costs of protecting Nina.


Claudia gives the Jennings instructions on killing Larrick if they discover he is the Connors' murderer. Meanwhile, Stan meets with Oleg, who gives him three days to turn over his FBI security logs. Posing as CIA security, the Jennings meet Larrick. He admits he wanted to kill the Connors, but someone else got to them first. Elizabeth and Philip believe him. They want more information on “Martial Eagle,” which he mentions, so they decide not to kill him yet. Philip asks Kate to find out what she can about Martial Eagle, saying they'll eliminate Larrick once he is no longer of use to them.

S02E06-Larrick meeting
Someone got to the bastards before I did.
Stan arrives home to find Sandra has painted the front door red. At home, Philip tells Elizabeth that he signalled The Center and they'll be meeting with Kate the next day. Stan absentmindedly eats dinner with Sandra and Matthew. They discuss the death of John Belushi. After sex, Elizabeth reveals that Martha told her that "Clark" is a wild animal in bed. The next day, Philip tells Kate about Larrick, Martial Eagle and the threat he poses to their family. Kate promises to ensure the Center won't unnecessarily expose them to danger. Stan meets Gene in an FBI records room where Gene is electronically entering FBI files into a computer. He prints out the surveillance logs on Oleg for Stan.

S02E06-Phil and Kate
If the Center has a problem they can take it up with us.
At home, Elizabeth teases Philip with what Martha said about "Clark" and says she'd like to have sex with him. Learning that Paige quit the volleyball team, they confront her. George calls and in code, tells Elizabeth they are to meet with Kate. Kate tells them Martial Eagle is an operation to train Nicaraguan Contras at a secret base in the US. The Centre is tasking them with assassinating the field commanders and exposing the camp. Because Larrick is their way into the camp, the Centre has ordered the Jennings not to kill him. Elizabeth meets with Lucia and gets her help accessing a congressman's office to access the Martial Eagle file. Lucia seduces the congressman's aide, Carl, and distracts him with sex while Elizabeth photographs files, including an "ARPANET Information Brochure."

S02E06-Lucia Carl kiss
You're amazing.
From the files, the Jennings learn that two field commanders will be at the Contra training camp in a week. The camp is located somewhere in the woods of Jefferson National Forest. Stan shows up unexpectedly at Agent Gaad's home and meets his wife, Linh. Stan tells him Nina has been compromised. Gaad refuses to hear anything else, saying “I’m about to be called to testify before a closed-door congressional committee, thanks to the shit you pulled. Don’t tell me anything more that I can’t hear.” At the Rezidentura, Oleg tells Arkady that there's a 50-50 chance Stan will provide the surveillance logs. He also shows him a file from the congressman's office on the ARPANET.

S02E06-Gaad and Stan
You might be in over your head.
Elizabeth explains to Lucia their plans to infiltrate the Martial Eagle training camp. She also tells Lucia it will be necessary to kill Carl, so nothing will be traced back to her. They argue with Lucia telling Elizabeth that she knows what to do and doesn't need her detailed guidance. Later that night, when Philip arrives at Clark's apartment in his "Clark" disguise, Elizabeth seduces him, saying she wants to meet "Clark." She demands sex the way he has it with Martha but when Philip gives in, she breaks down. He goes to the bathroom, disgusted with himself, and rips off his Clark wig, while Elizabeth lies on the bed sobbing. Lucia hangs out with Carl, he prepares heroin and she poisons it when he leaves the room. (♫ Los Pamperos - Amaneci Bebiendo ♫) Soon after injecting it, he chokes and dies.

S02E06-Lucia kills Carl
Forgive me, love.
Elizabeth comes home and Paige tells her she quit volleyball because she has more fun at church. Paige asks them to come sometime and Elizabeth smiles. Elizabeth joins Philip washing dishes at the sink and asks if he's angry which Philip says no to. Stan tells Nina that Oleg knows about them, and that she will have to take a polygraph test before being exfiltrated by the FBI. Nina becomes angry, says she's done with him and storms out. Philip follows Larrick to a gay bar where Larrick deduces that Philip and Elizabeth are KGB. Elizabeth asks Claudia who to search for next, if Larrick isn't the Connors' killer, and she replies "me." Claudia tells Elizabeth she was in a relationship and may have inadvertently exposed the Connors' identity. She also tells Elizabeth that she was wrong about Philip and that she's lucky to have him.

S02E06-Nina and Stan
I have never betrayed you!



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Amaneci Bebiendo Los Pamperos


The Americans 2x06 Promo HD 'Behind the Red Door'

The Americans 2x06 Promo HD 'Behind the Red Door'

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