Betty Turner is a bookkeeper at a machine shop founded by her late husband Gil, and now run by their son, Andy. Elderly with a bad heart, she prefers to work at night, without the activity and distractions of her co-workers. Betty is working when the Jennings break into their shop, to place a bug in an FBI Mail Robot.

Cornered by Elizabeth, Betty kills herself by overdosing on her blood pressure medication, Lisinopril. As she dies, she reminisces to Elizabeth about her life, including her husband's four years spent away during World War II, and his subsequent loss of religious faith. She reveals that she and her husband were married twice. After they divorced, he married her "nemesis/best friend" Helen. When Helen died, they remarried for another 27 years.

Betty's death is the first death of a non-Soviet-sympathizer that Elizabeth shows remorse for. She initially hesitated to even threaten her, and once she passes, Elizabeth cries.