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"And please, please, God, please watch over James' son, wherever he is. And please let James see him again, because I know he'll be an amazing father." Kimmy

Born Again is the sixth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-second episode overall.


Gabriel has surprising information. Elizabeth begins to take family matters into her own hands. Stan receives upsetting news from his past and turns to Sandra for support.


Led in song by Zach, the Jennings attend the Reed Street Church and watch with discomfort as Paige is baptized by Pastor Tim. (♫ Shall We Gather at the River? ♫) Elizabeth continues training Hans in surveillance and he tells her that a student he saw at an anti-apartheid meeting, Todd, may be a spy for the South African government. Elizabeth says she'll look into it and for Hans not to follow him. In Paige's bedroom, Philip tells her how proud he is of her for following her convictions. He encourages her to continue to do so, hoping this will help her resist Elizabeth's attempts to recruit her as a KGB agent. Stan brings Tori over to the Jennings for dinner. Henry poses a lot of questions about EST which Tori reveals helped her get over a rough childhood.

Born Again Episode 3.png
It's the beginning of a new life in Christ.
In prison, Evi is upset that Nina has stopped eating. Saying she has nothing to live for and that the men she loved in America both chose their country over her, she warns Evi that men don't believe in love like women do. While making out at Stan's house, Tori gets Stan to confront that he still thinks about Sandra and that he needs to move on. At Kimmy's house, "James" smokes pot with her and tries to get her to pass out listening to Pink Floyd on her Walkman in order to plant a bug in her father's briefcase. Wanting to seduce him, she offers they take a bath. He encourages her to take one alone and when she goes into the bathroom, he brings a female agent into the house to plant the bug.

Born Again Episode 7.png
To know it and to not push it away.
At home, Elizabeth is worried that Philip may have to sleep with Kimmy and she goes into the garage to smoke. Caught by Paige, Elizabeth speaks to her as an adult and they discuss how they've grown closer. Paige discusses her spirituality and recommends Elizabeth try prayer which she says eventually, made her feel "a presence" (the Holy Spirit). At Kimmy's, she gets out of the tub before the female agent is done planting the bug. Taking the agent's earrings, "James" buys time by telling Kimmy he has to go to his car to get her a surprise. Giving her the earrings, Kimmy puts them on, kisses "James" but when she drops her towel, he says he can't have sex with her. Explaining that he's been going to church and trying to be a better man, a hurt Kimmy is not convinced and believes he finds something wrong with her.

Born Again Episode 10.png
I mean, have you ever tried it?
Evi tells Nina her boyfriend said to meet him in Brussels after she made the drop. As Nina draws a parallel between both their lovers lying to them, Evi confesses that she knew what she was doing and did it for love. At home, Elizabeth tells Philip they've been ordered to surveil Todd. Producing a joint, he and Elizabeth open their bedroom window and smoke it. Relating Paige's advice that she try praying, Philip says Jesus came through for him with Kimmy and they giggle. Elizabeth is relieved to hear that Philip didn't sleep with Kimmy. At the FBI, Martha sees there's no classified files on top of the Mail Robot which Agent Aderholt fixed. Martha realizes she won't have easy access to files for "Clark" anymore. He then gives Stan some bad news that one of his former colleagues died in a plane crash. Stan is distraught and calls Sandra, but hangs up when he gets Arthur's answering machine.

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She thinks I should start praying.
In a room with the KGB official, Nina eats a big meal and gulps wine, implying that she's betrayed Evi's confidence. Philip meets with Gabriel, who says that weekly, not monthly, updates are required from the Isaac Breland briefcase bug. Knowing this will require him to have sex with Kimmy, Philip is angered. Hoping to motivate him, Gabriel reveals that Irina was captured in Brazil and will be standing trial. He relates that their son, Mischa, is serving in Afghanistan with paratroopers in a combat zone. Philip confirms that Gabriel hasn't told Elizabeth about Mischa. At home in the laundry room, Elizabeth shows Philip photos she's taken of Todd and he tells her about having to switch the tapes weekly.

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Nina's betrayal.
At Stan's, Sandra and Matthew arrive and commiserate about his dead friend. Stan makes Sandra uncomfortable when he asks she come to the funeral service. Gabriel tells Elizabeth that in one of her photos of Todd, he met with Eugene Venter, who works for South African Intelligence (N.I.S.). Gabriel says the N.I.S. is planning violent attacks in the US to discredit the anti-apartheid movement, and believes Todd may be the one who's going to carry them out. Gabriel also says that Philip is losing confidence in him. Saying this is due to Paige's recruitment, Gabriel presses her to move ahead. Elizabeth surprises Paige by picking her up from school. In prison, Evi wonders why Nina won't look at her. Turning and staring at Evi, two guards come into the cell and drag Evi away screaming while Nina watches, stone-faced.

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What did you do?!
"James" meets Kimmy after school and is able to convince her to invite him to her house. Elizabeth takes Paige to Gregory's neighborhood, Kenilworth. In Kimmy's bedroom, "James" relates that he has a son he's never seen and wants to see him, take responsibility and be a better man. Kimmy hugs him and he asks if they can pray. "James" thanks God for Kimmy and asks for strength while Kimmy also prays for him. Walking in Kenilworth, Elizabeth tells Paige half-truths about Gregory and fighting in the Civil Rights movement which required her and Philip to do things that weren't legal. Encouraging Paige to think beyond the activities she's doing with the church, Elizabeth tries to show her that they both have a similiar world view.

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That was amazing.


  • Gabriel states that Mischa is 20 years old, putting his birth year in 1962.
  • Mail Robot makes another appearance. Dennis tells Martha that in response to her complaints, he's arranged for classified files to not be sent on the robot anymore.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Frank Gaad.


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