Born Again is the sixth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-second episode overall.


Gabriel has surprising information. Elizabeth begins to take family matters into her own hands. Stan receives upsetting news from his past and turns to Sandra for support.


The Jennings attend church to watch Paige get baptized. Later, Phillip tries to tell her how proud he is of her, for being true to herself. Paige doesn’t understand, and thinks he is complaining about church when actually, he wants her to resist what he assumes will be her mother’s forthcoming offer to join them as a KGB agent.

Stan brings Tori over to the Jennings for dinner and conversation turns awkward when Henry asks a lot of pointed questions about EST. Later, Stan and Tori make love at his house.

Elizabeth continues training Hans. He tells her at an anti-apartheid student meeting, one of the students reminded him of people he knew back in Johannesburg, who were hired by the government, “to spy on the rest of us.” Elizabeth tells him she will check it out but he is not to follow him unless given orders. Later, Gabriel tells Elizabeth that the student Hans found suspicious – Todd – was photographed meeting with Eugene Venter, who works for South African Intelligence (N.I.S.). Gabriel says the N.I.S. is planning violent attacks in the US to discredit the anti-apartheid movement, and believes Todd may be the man who’s going to carry them out.

In prison, Evi grows upset because Nina has stopped eating. Evi says she still believes in love. Nina asks her “How can you love someone who left you?” She shares that in America, “I had two lovers, one communist, one capitalist. I was whatever they wanted me to be. I loved them both in different ways. But in the end, they loved their countries more than they loved me.”

Paige catches Elizabeth smoking in the garage and when Elizabeth finally decides to come clean about it, Paige tells her both she and Henry already know. She recommends Elizabeth try prayer. She says it feels weird at first, like talking to yourself, but after a while, you begin to feel a presence.

Jim/Phillip goes to Kimberly’s house and smokes pot. He plays Pink Floyd for her on her Walkman. When she goes to take a bath, he lets a KGB woman in the house who plants a listening device in Isaac Breland’s briefcase. When Kimberly gets out of the tub and stands in front of him naked, Jim turns her down by saying he’s been going to church and trying to be a better man. Kimberly doesn’t really believe him and is hurt, assuming there must be something wrong with her.

Evi tells Nina her boyfriend said to meet him in Brussels after she made the drop. Nina tells her they both made the same mistake: trusting the men they loved. Evi protests, saying she and Nina are different and it wasn’t like that with her. Nina says “He put you here. He lied to you,” but Evi replies that her boyfriend never lied to her. Rather, she did things “for love.” Nina takes this to mean Evi was not an unwitting participant in her boyfriend’s espionage, and she is soon shown eating a big meal and gulping down wine in another section of the prison. Later, Evi is dragged screaming from their cell while Nina watches, stone-faced.

Phillip comes home and proposes he and Elizabeth smoke the joint left over from his visit with Kimberly. They sneak downstairs, open a window and light it up. Elizabeth says Paige wants her to pray and Phillip giggles, saying he’d like to see that.

Aderholt approaches Martha and asks if she notices anything new. He's made a few phone calls and now there are no more confidential files to be left on top of the mail robot. He then gives Stan some bad news: one of his former colleagues died in a small plane crash. Stan is distraught and calls Sandra, but hangs up when he gets Arthur’s answering machine. Later when Sandra brings Matthew over, they talk about it briefly.

Phillip meets with Gabriel, who says he needs weekly – not monthly - updates from the listening device planted in Isaac Breland’s briefcase. He asks Phillip if his relationship with Kimberly has become sexual yet, and Phillip grows angry. Gabriel stresses that Soviet soldiers are dying every day in Afghanistan, and lives are depending on the intel Phillip gets. Hoping to further motivate him, Gabriel shares that Irina was captured last month in Brazil and is currently waiting to stand trial. He tells Phillip her – and likely his - son Mischa is serving in Afghanistan. Later, Elizabeth meets with Gabriel, who presses her about Paige: “I never want you to deceive [Phillip], but if he’s holding you back on this … “ Elizabeth says that Phillip understands she’s going ahead, with or without him. Gabriel says “But … you’re not going ahead.”

Scenes of Elizabeth picking Paige up from school are then interspersed with scenes of Jim/Phillip meeting Kimberly after school. Elizabeth takes Paige to Gregory’s neighborhood and starts talking about her involvement in the Civil Rights movement. Kimberly initially tries to brush Jim off, but when he tells her he can’t stop thinking about her, she invites him over to her house. There, he says he didn’t tell her the whole story earlier, about why he went back to church. Jim shares that when he was 17 he got a girl pregnant and she never told him. She raised the child on her own, and now, he wants to see him, but he can’t. “I failed him. I never took any responsibility for … anything. And now I want to. I have to. I need to. Because, I want to be a better man. The man that I couldn’t be for my son.” Kimberly runs to hug him and Jim asks her to pray with him. They kneel by the bed and Jim asks for the strength to be a better man. Kimberly asks that Jim be able to see his son.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth continues telling Paige about Gregory, and Phillip, and some of the things they did before she was born, which “weren’t always legal, but they were right.” The episode ends with Elizabeth telling Paige: “I want you to know that I’m more like you than you think.”    


  • Gabriel states that Mischa is 20 years old, putting his birth year at 1961 or 1962.


The Americans - 3x06 Promo "Born Again" FX HD

The Americans - 3x06 Promo "Born Again" FX HD

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