Bruce Dameran was a would-be KGB informant who worked for the World Bank in their Market Analysis Group. He was born in Reno, Nevada, and was top of his high school class. He attended Purdue University for a year before being drafted to go to Vietnam. There, Bruce earned a Purple Heart when he took a bullet in his right hip that shattered his pelvis. He spent two years recuperating at Walter Reed Medical Center. Bruce was employed for seven years at the department of agriculture, in what Stan described as a "dead end desk."

Bruce had been employed at the World Bank for only six months when he unexpectedly walked into the Russian embassy on January 25, 1982, saying he “wanted to do something important for the cause.” Nina tells Stan Beeman about him, leading the FBI to comb through surveillance photographs and eventually identify Dameran.

Dameran's true intention is to assassinate World Bank executive directors who are converging in DC from England, Spain, France, and Germany. He is ultimately shot by Stan before he can enact his plan.