COMINT is the fifth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the fifth episode overall.


A crucial agent crumbles under emotional distress and threatens to topple a valuable network of KGB informants.

Plot Edit

Disguised as a representative from "Viseotech Security," Elizabeth goes to the home of Adam Dorwin, manager of a private company contracted by the U.S. government for its missile defense program. She has been sent by Claudia to surreptitiously assess his mental state. Dorwin is a KGB informant, code named "Udacha," who has "the jitters," and is feeling panicked and alone. His wife has recently died, and his handler has been unable to contact him for some time. The FBI has new encrypted radios, leaving the KGB unable to tell when they are being followed. This has led to a suspension of contact between the KGB and its operatives. Claudia urges Elizabeth to find a way to get the FBI's encryption codes, so communication between handlers and agents can be restored.

Meanwhile, Nina performs oral sex on Vasili for information. Stan is hurt when she later tells him how she got him to talk. While Stan is at home learning Russian, he rejects his wife's pleas to come to bed with her. Phillip, disguised as Clark Westerfeld, meets with Martha Hanson in her home. He kisses her but tells her he cannot have a relationship with her, due to their respective jobs. He expresses concerns that Agent Gaad is not sufficiently in control of the surveillance contractors, and that they weren't properly vetted.

Elizabeth turns her focus to seducing another man who handles the encryption technology, and learns from him that the devices are mobile. After having sex with Elizabeth, he beats her with a belt. When she returns home and Phillip sees her injuries, he grabs a gun and prepares to go after him. Elizabeth and Phillip argue, Elizabeth saying she doesn't need Phillip to fight her battles for her, and that he's not her daddy. Phillip responds that he's her husband, and isn't that what husbands are supposed to do? Elizabeth replies "I wouldn't know." Phillip stays home, but he is clearly still furious with Elizabeth the next morning, and verbally takes it out on Henry.

The Jennings track down one of the mobile units in the trunk of an FBI car. Elizabeth manages to make an imprint of an encrypted card, being caught in the car's trunk in the process. Hours later, she escapes after the car is left in a government parking lot. Starting to walk home, she sees Phillip has been waiting for her. With coffee and her favorite donut in hand, he apologies, and it seems he has put the previous night's argument behind him. Elizabeth tells him that every night before she falls asleep, she has only one wish: to wake up, and not be worried. Philip asks "about what?" and she replies "everything."

The Jennings relay the code to the KGB and a meeting is arranged with Dorwin. Nina learns of its day and time while again performing oral sex on Vasili. She tells this information to Stan, and Agent Gaad prepares his team to intercept the meet. He also has the codes changed, causing Arkady and Vasili to suddenly encounter static. Realizing the meet with Dorwin will no longer be secure, they discuss what to do.

Stan and Amador follow Vasili to his supposed meet, but he simply stands alone on a bridge, gazing out at the Potomac River for a while, before walking away. Concurrently, Dorwin/Udacha is shot in the head by Elizabeth at another location. These events force Arkady and Vasili to realize they have a mole.

Claudia meets with Phillip and tells him the codes they stole were changed immediately by the FBI, "as if they knew." Both also come to the conclusion that "somebody's talking." Phillip arrives home to find Elizabeth already in bed; she wakes and asks him what Claudia said. Recalling their earlier conversation, that Elizabeth wishes each night she'll wake up in the morning and not be worried, Phillip tells her "don't worry about it, I'll tell you in the morning."

Notes Edit

  • Communications intelligence (COMINT) is information gathered from the communications of individuals, and includes telephone conversations and many types of online interactions. In this context, "intelligence" is information that gives an organization support for making decisions that provide a strategic advantage. COMINT activities aim to determine details about the communications such as who the communicating parties are, where those parties are located, the time and duration of communication, and whether encryption was used.    


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The Americans 1x05 Promo 'COMINT' HD)

The Americans 1x05 Promo 'COMINT' HD)

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