Chris Amador was an FBI agent and colleague of Stan Beeman. He served in Vietnam, and had "no wife, no kids, no pets, no hobbies." Amador was an unabashed womanizer, but seemed to have a genuine soft spot for his co-worker Martha Hanson.

When Martha turns down his request to resume their relationship, Amador begins unauthorized surveillance on her. Cornering "Clark" outside her apartment one morning, he attempts to arrest him, despite having no grounds. When Clark resists, Amador brandishes a knife; Clark stabs him with it as they struggle. Clark throws Chris in the trunk of his car and takes him to a safe house where he is given medical treatment by the Jennings, who try to keep him alive and get information out of him.

Chris dies of his wound later in the episode, leaving an angry and vengeful Stan Beeman seeking retribution for his friend's death. Beeman ultimately murders Vlad Kosygin in revenge.