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Clandestine call centers are non-official secure message relay and telephone surveillance services operated by the KGB.

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The call centers act as a secure middleman between the KGB and it's agents. Mostly seen to be delivering instructions to agents via the use of seemingly innocent sounding phone conversations, they also act as a surveillance hub for the phone conversations of the illegals and their agents.

They are capable of setting up secure lines between any numbers via the use of a custom switchboard and many different handsets. In Echo, George attempts to destroy the switchboard when ambushed by Andrew Larrick.

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In The Deal, George is seen listening-in on Martha's voicemail's for Clark, then calling Elizabeth about her husband's "overdue Columbia House subscription."

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While there are likely many more, only two clandestine call centers have been shown in The Americans - the first run by George; another is operated by Joan after George's death at the hands of Andrew Larrick. They appear to be the only person manning the phones.

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