Curtis Leroy Lyons was a member of Gregory Thomas's gang. Like the latter's other associates, Curtis assumed Gregory was in the business of dealing drugs, and remained unaware his work was tied to KGB activities.

In 1981, Curtis is part of a team that creates multiple diversions in order to help Gregory snatch Joyce Ramirez for the Jennings. When Stan Beeman and Chris Amador retrace Joyce's abduction site, Curtis, sitting in a shoe shine seat, overhears them talking about a vehicle the team used. He and Stan make eye contact. When Stan traces the vehicle not much later, he is surprised to encounter Curtis again and gives chase. Curtis narrowly escapes.

Curtis' mug shot is identified by the owner of a salvage yard, as the person who dumped the car used to transport Chris Amador before he died. Stan arrests Curtis and, discerning he does not know about the true purpose of Gregory's treasonous activities, appeals to his sense of being an American. Through Curtis, the FBI is able to find Gregory.

In December 1987, Stan finds him at work in a Roy Rogers Restaurant and questions him about Elizabeth Jennings, showing him a photo of her. Curtis is unable to positively identify her, but recalls that she had great hair and smoked a lot.