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Department 12 is the Directorate S sub-division responsible for the study, collection, and transit of intelligence and samples of biological agents useful in the event of biological warfare[1][2].  

Background Edit

A part of Directorate S, Department Twelve is the KGB team that is responsible for intelligence related to the research and use of biological weapons.

During the paranoia of the Cold War, the Department would have been seen as critical to the defense of the USSR motherland - should full-scale war ever erupt between the USSR and the West the use of weaponized pathogens could have decided the ultimate winner.

According to KGB whistle blower and former Department 12 senior scientist Alexander Kouzminov, Department 12 has been able to penetrate both the American and British germ warfare laboratories (Fort Detrick and Porton Down respectively), NATO's headquarters, and operated a spy-ring in the World Health Organization.[2]

Depiction Edit

Of a hugely secretive nature, Department Twelve’s work seems known only to a highly select few. When Arkady speaks with Tatiana Vyazemtseva about the department, she refuses to acknowledge her involvement or even its existence.

Known Staff Edit

Tatiana Vyazemsteva Job role unknown, appears to be Department 12's contact in Washington
William KGB illegal responsible for research and sample acquisition

References Edit

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