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"If you tell her now, this will all blow up." ― Philip to Elizabeth

Dimebag is the fourth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirtieth episode overall.


Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset. Philip and Elizabeth’s friction escalates. Stan develops a theory with serious repercussions for national security. Paige makes a surprising birthday wish.


A disguised Elizabeth watches as Kimberly and her friends buy pot from Shane. Returning home, she finds Philip sitting with his head in his hands, distressed. He is concerned that they’ve never used someone as young as Kimberly before. Elizabeth replies that the CIA is a hard target, and that Kimberly isn't naive and innocent. Asking Paige what she'd like for her birthday, the Jennings offer to have her friends over for dinner which she accepts but indicates she wants Pastor Tim and his wife Alice to attend. A Soviet official meets with Nina in prison and offers to reduce her sentence if she can get her cellmate Evi to confess to knowingly making a dead drop.

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See if the truth spills out.
While discussing that Elizabeth will need to get Lisa into the Northrup Stealth factory, Philip says that Paige's birthday request is meant to bother them. Stan and Philip go back to EST and listen to a woman named Tori recall a painful memory in front of the group. The instructor Lawrence forces Stan to come to the front and pushing him into sharing, Stan yells at Lawrence that he's an asshole and says EST is bullshit. Afterwards, Tori approaches Stan and gives him her number.

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Tell me what's on your mind.
A disguised Philip waits outside a club in Maryland, where Kimberly and her friends are turned away, due to their poorly made fake IDs. He tells them he has a friend in the DMV who can get them real licenses, and gives Kimberly his number. Philip says his name is "Jim", and they should call him when they get new pictures made. Elizabeth pretends to be drunk and goes to Lisa's house, looking for information. Lisa's husband, Maurice, is hostile towards her. At home, Philip helps Henry practice state capitals and discusses with Paige what to eat for her birthday dinner. Joan calls and give Philip a message in code when to meet Kimberly.

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Ask me another one.
At the FBI, Stan tells Agent Gaad his suspicions about Zinaida and is concerned with the level of access she's being given. Gaad encourages him to follow his hunch. Nina apologizes to Evi for not talking to her but when she asks about her boyfriend, Evi grows suspicious and goes to bed. Having spent the night at Lisa's, Elizabeth learns that Maurice has been out of work for four months, is drinking and she sent her kids to her sister's. "Jim" meets with Kimberly and her friends who give him pictures for the licenses. Indicating he's a lawyer and a lobbyist, he smokes pot with them and complimenting Kimberly on her taste in music, she says to call her "Kimmy."

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That's what my friends call me.
Trying again with Evi, Nina tells her that she was KGB, the details of her betrayal and conviction and, that she confessed. Stan takes Zinaida to a diner where she uses the bathroom. (♫ Mitch Clark - Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten ♫) Philip buys the album Kimmy was listening to and gives it to Paige, who's ecstatic. At the diner, Zinaida tries to find out about Stan's personal life and he admits he's getting a divorce. In private, Elizabeth isn't happy Philip bought Paige the album and they argue again about her future. Elizabeth admits that she's moving ahead with Paige's KGB recruitment, much to Philip's anger. (♫ Yazoo - Don't Go ♫) Stan returns after the diner closes and tears the bathroom apart, but finds nothing.

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How did you know about this?
While asleep, Nina cries out, having a nightmare. Evi holds and comforts her. Pastor Tim and Alice arrive for dinner. While eating, Tim relates a Vietnam war protest he participated in. Paige announces that she wants to be baptized and they try to convince the Jennings to agree to it. Stan goes to Arthur’s and asks to talk to Sandra. Outside, he admits to her that he had an affair, that he loved the woman and apologizes. Saying the affair is over, Sandra is overwhelmed and in tears, goes back inside. After Pastor Tim and Alice leave, Elizabeth is angry that Paige set them up. Upset as well, Philip warns Elizabeth about revealing who they are. Receiving a call to meet Kimmy, "Jim" meets her outside and gives her the new fake IDs. Although she repeatedly attempts to come on to him, she settles for snuggling with his arm around her, smoking the pot she brought. (♫ Yazoo - Only You ♫)

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We're so glad you could come tonight.


  • Philip quizzes Henry on US state capitals using flashcards. In possible foreshadowing, Topeka, Kansas is mentioned. ("What's the Matter with Kansas?")
  • Philip's concern over the ethics of seducing an underage girl is mirrored in the commercial for Love's Baby Soft perfume, whose TV and print ad campaign has been widely criticized for sexualizing children.
  • Paige has a poster of Rick Springfield in her room.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Stan.


Song Title Performer(s)
Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten Mitch Clark
Don't Go Yazoo
Only You Yazoo


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