Dimebag is the fourth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirtieth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset. Philip and Elizabeth’s friction escalates. Stan develops a theory with serious repercussions for national security. Paige makes a surprising birthday wish.


A disguised Elizabeth watches as Kimberly Breeland and her friends buy pot. Returning home, she finds Phillip sitting with his head in his hands, distressed. He is concerned that they’ve never used someone as young as Kimberly before. Elizabeth replies that the CIA is a “hard target,” and from what she saw, this was not Kimberly’s first time buying weed.

A Soviet official meets with Nina in prison, asking her to get information on her cellmate Evi, in exchange for the recommendation of a lighter sentence. For the first time, Nina attempts to speak with Evi, but when she pushes her for personal information, Evi shuts down. Eventually, she opens up when Nina begins telling her the truth about why she is in prison.  

Stan and Phillip go back to EST, and Stan gets called on stage to talk with Lawrence. He ends up telling Lawrence he's an asshole and saying EST is bullshit. Afterwards, a woman named Tori who is also attending the program approaches Stan and gives him her number.

A disguised Phillip waits outside a club In Maryland, where Kimberly and her friends are turned away, due to their poorly-made fake IDs. He tells them he has a friend in the DMV who can get them real licenses, and gives Kimberly his number. Phillip says his name is Jim, and they should call him when they get new pictures made.

Paige tells her parents she doesn’t want a party for her birthday, but would like a family dinner with Pastor Tim and his wife. This irritates Phillip and Elizabeth, but they agree.

Stan tells Gaad something feels “off” about Zinaida, and he’s concerned with the level of access she’s being given. Later when they eat at a diner, she uses the restroom. Stan returns after the diner closes and tears the restroom apart, but finds nothing.

Elizabeth pretends to be drunk and goes to Lisa’s house, looking for information. Lisa’s husband, Maurice, is hostile towards her; Lisa later tells Elizabeth he’s been out of work for four months and is drinking again.

Jim/Phillip meets with Kimberly and her friends, telling them he’s a lawyer and a lobbyist. They give him their new pictures and Phillip asks Kimberly what she’s listening to. He later buys the album and gives it to Paige, who’s ecstatic. When Elizabeth finds out, she gets upset, telling Phillip “I thought we were going to agree on a present together.” Phillip says the album is not a birthday present. He accuses Elizabeth of spending time with Paige just to develop her for future use by the KGB. Elizabeth says “Just because you want to do nothing doesn’t make it right.” Phillip pounces: “Oh, so you are doing something.” For the first time, Elizabeth admits to him: “Yes, I am. I am doing it with, or without you.”

Stan goes to Arthur’s, asking to talk to Sandra. He admits to her for the first time that he had an affair. “I know you know that, but I never answered, when you asked. It was through work. And it was bad for work and it was bad for her and it was bad for you and I feel like shit about it. But it’s over. I’m sorry, Sandra. I’m really, really sorry.” Sandra doesn’t reply but slowly backs away and goes into the house, leaving him standing on the front lawn alone.

Over dinner with Pastor Tim and his wife Alice, Paige announces that she wants to be baptized. Later after they leave, Elizabeth rages: “It was a setup. She set us up.” Phillip is upset as well, but warns Elizabeth that “If you tell her now [about our identities], this will all blow up.” Elizabeth replies “At least she’ll know who she is.”

The phone rings. Kimberly wants to see “Jim” alone. Jim/Phillip meets her outside and gives her the new fake IDs. Although she repeatedly attempts to come on to him, she settles for snuggling with his arm around her, smoking the pot she brought.


  • Philip quizzes Henry on US state capitals using flashcards. In possible foreshadowing, Topeka, Kansas is mentioned.
  • Philip's concern over the ethics of seducing an underage girl is mirrored in the commercial for Love's Baby Soft perfume, whose TV and print ad campaign has been widely criticized for sexualizing children.


Song Title Performer(s)
Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant
Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten Mitch Clark
Don't Go Yaz
Only You Yaz


The Americans 3x04 Promo "Dimebag" (HD)

The Americans 3x04 Promo "Dimebag" (HD)

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