Dinner for Seven is the eleventh episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the fiftieth episode overall.

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Elizabeth completes the last steps of a very personal operation… but at what cost?

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Pastor Tim arrives unexpectedly at the Jennings’. He tells Phillip and Elizabeth he feels terrible that they were frightened for their safety because of something that happened to him. He says when he was lost, he worried he’d never meet his unborn child. This made him consider Paige and her parents; he apologies for what Alice did. Elizabeth invites him and Alice to come to dinner at their house later in the week.

Gabriel tells Elizabeth The Center has rejected their request, and that and she is to proceed with the Seong operation. Elizabeth dresses as Patty and visits Don at home, telling him she’s pregnant. He asks her to get an abortion. Elizabeth leaves, trying not to cry.

An upset Stan comes over to Phillip’s; he drinks scotch and says his old boss is dead and he’s convinced the KGB did it. He’s puzzled as to why: “He was out of the game, he couldn’t do anything to them anymore, but they … they’re animals. You have no idea … they do things you could not imagine.” After Stan leaves, Phillip tells Elizabeth about Gaad, saying that he’d included Gaad’s trip to Thailand in his report to The Center.

Elizabeth stops in on Pastor Tim when she picks up Paige from choir practice. Upset about her actions with the Seong family, she awkwardly tries to talk to him, pretending her emotions are about what happened with Alice, instead.

Stan meets Oleg and tells him about Agent Gaad’s death. “You’re a smart guy Oleg,” he says. “I don’t think you’d be surprised to hear there’s a been a lot of interest in you and our meetings. There’s been talk about blackmailing you ... using Nina or your brother.” Stan brings up Chris Amador. “I didn’t realize how close I was getting to him until you guys killed him. Anyone tell you about that? I didn’t know what to do. I think I kind of lost my mind. I did something … terrible. Just as bad. And I haven’t felt the same since.” He says after Vlad, Nina, Chris and Gaad, he doesn’t want Oleg on his conscience, either, and that this is the last time they will see each other. Stan stretches out his hand and after some consideration, Oleg shakes it. Stan gets in his car and drives away.

The Jennings prepare a fancy meal for Tim and Alice and are just sitting down to eat when Stan shows up uninvited, to give Henry the movie “Silver Streak.” Henry asks him to join them; Henry is the only person who doesn’t feel awkward about this. Conversation at dinner grows even more uncomfortable, when Stan talks about his divorce and his job at the FBI, and Pastor Tim shares some of his nuclear protest activities.

Phillip, disguised as Patty’s brother, visits Don at work with Gabriel and another female agent who pretend to be her parents. Gabriel feigns being weak, ill and elderly. They tell Don that Patty has committed suicide and demand he pay for funeral expenses. When Don leaves with Phillip to retrieve money from the bank, Gabriel and the agent posing as his wife copy Don's computer discs and dig through his office, hoping to gain the access codes to “Level 4” biological weapons.

Elizabeth meets again with Pastor Tim, who after dinner is now suspicious that the Jennings live so close to an FBI agent. Elizabeth reassures him that “we lived there first, for a long time.” She thanks him for everything he’s done for Paige and admits she initially felt threatened, afraid to lose her. She lies, saying since Paige started coming to church, they have gotten closer, things have gotten better, and she has him to thank. Pastor Tim opines that “there’s something greater than all of this,” sounding very similar to Gabriel, Claudia, Elizabeth and other Soviet agents who feel they work for a higher cause.

At the FBI, Agent Aderholt reviews follow-up reports on Martha, and notes that while the mail robot was being repaired, there was a death at the facility.

Elizabeth makes up an excuse to meet with Pastor Tim a third time, saying she’s stopped by to pick up Paige. Still upset about the Seongs, she asks him: “If you have something on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it …” Tim says he prays for guidance, and Elizabeth asks “What if you don’t believe in God? Or religion? Or prayer?” “None of those things matter,” replies Tim. “All that matters is how we treat each other.”

As Elizabeth and Paige walk to their car, Paige asks if the situation with Pastor Tim and Alice is “forever.” When Elizabeth shares that Tim and Alice feeling bad about what Alice did works to their advantage, Paige says her parents are simply pretending to forgive them. Paige then shares what Matthew told her about Martha’s dad. Their conversation is interrupted when, as they approach their car, two men ask for cigarettes. Elizabeth says they don’t want trouble and hands them her wallet. However, one of the men indicates that’s not enough and reaches out to touch Paige, asking how old she is. Elizabeth quickly hits him and knocks him down, then fights with the second man, killing him by stabbing him in the throat with his own knife. Retrieving her wallet, Elizabeth grabs a shocked Paige by the arm and drags her to their car.

Notes Edit

  • Silver Streak is a 1976 American comedy-thriller film about a murder on a Los Angeles-to-Chicago train journey. It stars Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh, and Richard Pryor, with a score by Henry Mancini. This film marked the first pairing of Wilder and Pryor. In various episodes, Henry is shown reciting Richard Pryor comedy routines, and appears to be a fan.


The Americans 4x11 Promo "Dinner for Seven" (HD)

The Americans 4x11 Promo "Dinner for Seven" (HD)

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