Directorate T is the arm of the KGB that focuses on scientific and technological intelligence.  Its foreign operation arm is known internally as Line X[1].

Background Edit

By the 1970s the gap between Soviet and Western technology had increased to the point that Soviet technology was a significant step behind the Americans.  In order to redress the balance, the KGB was charged with obtaining any and all information relating to Western technology.[2]

According to the files given to the French secret service by Colonel Vladimir Vetrov, a KGB Directorate T defector, by the early 1980s the KGB had 100 Line X officers based at 10 Western embassies, utilizing a network of 100 informants.

Line X Edit

The americans-oleg burov 01

Oleg Burov

Based abroad, Line X is the foreign arm of Directorate T,

Officers Edit

Currently the only credited staff belonging to Line X is Oleg Burov;

Oleg Burov Head of Line X at the Rezidentura. Son of the Russian Minister for Railways.

Operations Edit

Based out of the Rezidentura, Line X is portrayed on The Americans as a vital part of the Soviet foreign intelligence network.  Oleg is shown to be receiving a great number of valuable scientific and technological intelligence from America.

Intelligence Edit

Some of the intelligence received by Line X;

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