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"Who are you Clark?" Martha

Divestment is the eighth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.


Martha and Clark's marriage meets its most challenging test yet; pressure on Philip intensifies.


Hans watches as the Jennings and Reuben Ncgobo bring the captives Eugene Venter and Todd into an abandoned warehouse for interrogation. At the FBI, in the wake of the bug being found in Agent Gaad's office, Agent Brooks, Martha and Gene discuss the questioning of staff by Walter Taffet. Gaad tells Martha that Taffet wants to speak with her. A disguised Philip offers Venter $1M and a new life in a new country. When he refuses, Philip sighs and puts his gloves on. In prison, Nina learns that getting Evi to admit guilt has reduced her sentence to 10 years. She accepts an offer of freedom in exchange for seeing if Anton Baklanov is being truthful concerning delays in his research. Taffet asks Martha various questions about office supplies and if she tampered with any pens which she denies.

Divestment Episode 1.png
What did they ask you about?
A disguised Elizabeth asks Todd for his help. At the Rezidentura, Arkady receives a call from Oleg's father, Igor Burov, the Minister of Transportation. Asking why his request that Oleg be transferred back home hasn't been fulfilled, Arkady tells Igor that Oleg wants to remain until his tour is over. Igor asks Arkady to get Oleg to change his mind. After Venter is beaten by Philip and Ncgobo, Elizabeth reports that Todd said Venter only had him monitoring anti-apartheid groups. Stan tells Martha he's leaving for Illinois to attend the memorial of a former colleague. Taffet questions Agent Aderholt and seeing how hard he had to struggle to get his current position, unsuccessfully tries to get Aderholt to express resentment.

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You're new here.
After Venter gives them nothing, Elizabeth brings Todd outside where Venter is already seated. She hands Ncgobo a gun, but he refuses. He then places a tire around Venter’s upper body, douses him in gasoline, and lights him on fire. Before he dies, Venter tells Ncgobo that the communists don't care about his people and they'll take the land and its resources. The Jennings are visibly repulsed by Ncgobo’s actions, but they do not stop him. Paige goes to a library to research news articles about Gregory. At first pleased by what she finds, she grows concerned when she reads he was a drug dealer. After witnessing Venter's death, Todd confesses he had agreed to plant a bomb on campus, but was too afraid to go through with it. Revealing the bomb is in his dorm room, he's put into a van and driven away to verify if he's telling the truth.

S03E08-Venter burned.jpg
We have a way of doing things.
Arriving at the Soviet research facility, Nina is shown into her room where she revels in the simple conveniences she's afforded. Arkady tells Oleg about Igor's call but seeing that Oleg wants to stay, Arkady jokes that he'll handle his father. Having found the bomb, Philip argues with Ncgobo that Todd should be set free but Ncgobo believes Todd will continue fighting his people. Uncharacteristically, Elizabeth sides with Philip and Todd is left alone in a remote part of town. Nina meets the head of the facility, Vasili Nikolaevich, who she betrayed several years before. Vasili points out they were both at fault but will never forgive her. Waiting for Ncgobo to be picked up, Philip listens to his longing to go home and then says goodbye.

Divestment Episode 7.png
I will never forgive you.
At the FBI, Taffet tells Gaad that he had a productive day and insinuates that Gaad could have taken steps to prevent the bug from being planted. At home, seeing Philip listen to a radio newscast about the Afghan War, Elizabeth asks about Mischa. A frustrated Gaad can't get a report out of the Mail Robot and starts kicking it. Paige tells Elizabeth what she read about Gregory. Asking if he was a criminal, Elizabeth says that the situation was complicated and that Paige has already been participating in activities with her church that are technically illegal. As Paige indicates that one shouldn't commit violent crimes as part of civil disobedience, Elizabeth agrees with her.

Gaad loses it.
Nina introduces herself to Anton but after finding she's not a scientist, he's says she's of no use to him and dismisses her. "Clark" arrives at Martha's and she tells him about the bugged pen being found and Taffet. Realizing he can't be from the Office of Professional Responsibility as he claimed, she asks who he is. "Clark" simply replies that he's her husband and loves her which causes Martha to break down and question what she's done. "Clark" professes his love for her is real and that he'll do anything to protect her. Asking if she needs more, Martha shakes her head no, collapses into "Clark's" arms and sobs.

Divestment Episode 3.png
I have to work.
Elizabeth visits Gabriel who gives her a cassette from her mother and indicates she hasn't succumbed to cancer. Relating how hard running Kimmy as an unwitting agent has been on Philip, she asks Gabriel to see if he can get Mischa out of Afghanistan. Surprised that Philip told her about Mischa, Gabriel says he'll try. "Clark" and Martha lie in bed, both awake.

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You have to believe me.


  • Why We Can't Wait is a 1964 book by Martin Luther King Jr. about the nonviolent movement against racial segregation in the United States, and specifically the 1963 Birmingham campaign. The book describes 1963 as a landmark year in the Civil Rights Movement, and as the beginning of America's "Negro Revolution."
  • Mail Robot makes another appearance. Frustrated with OPR's investigation into the bug found in his office, Gaad kicks the robot when he can't open its door.
  • Henry does not appear in this episode.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Martha.


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