Dyatkovo is the eleventh episode of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the sixty-third episode overall.


A surprise assignment from the Centre divides Philip and Elizabeth, forcing them into a moment of profound crisis. Stan gives Henry a tour of the FBI ‐‐ but will he see too much?


Phillip tells Henry he can attend St. Andrews if he gets accepted. Phillip then goes to visit Tuan, sitting on the couch watching tv, but thinking about playing a childhood game with his father.

The Jennings meet with Claudia, telling her Paige would like The Center to find a job for Pastor Tim. Claudia asks them to gather information on a woman named Natalie living in Newton, Massachusetts, who’s a suspected wartime Nazi collaborator. Claudia also confirmed the Soviets weaponized the Lassa virus sample they obtained from William’s dead body, and used it against the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

The Jennings observe Natalie Granholm and her husband; Phillip sees by their body language that “they like each other.” Unlike with an earlier older couple, Elizabeth is unimpressed: “Good for them,” she says. Elizabeth photographs Natalie with a camera hidden in her purse. Later, The Center gives the order for the Jennings to carry out her assassination. Phillip isn’t convinced they have the right target, but Elizabeth reassures him they’ll determine it’s actually her before pulling the trigger.

Stan brings Henry to work, so he can write about the FBI for his school newspaper. He meets Dennis, learns about the vault and admires the mail robot.

Oleg and Ruslan examine Lydia Formina’s office after hours and find her ledger, containing details and names of people she’s done business with, kept in an unlocked drawer. She remains unfazed throughout their interview of her, saying “This is how the whole country works. It’s how people get fed. It’s not going to change.”

The Jennings break into Natalie's home as she's setting the table for dinner, and though she initially claims she does not know who or what they are talking about, when her husband arrives home, she confesses the truth about her identity. She was a teen when Germans entered her town and slaughtered civilians, including her family. Natalie/Anna was not killed, but instead made to execute Russian prisoners on her captors' behalf. Boys and men were brought outside of town and stood at the edge of a pit, which they then fell into for mass burial, once she shot them. Anna recalls that the first time she was made to do this, the Germans gave her so much to drink beforehand that she could hardly stand. Her husband John, although shocked by these revelations, tells her that her past is irrelevant; he knows the real her, and she is good.

Phillip is moved by Anna's story and hesitates to shoot her. Seeing this, Elizabeth quickly assassinates John and then Natalie. Driving home in silence, Elizabeth suddenly says: “I want to get out of here. We should just go. I mean it. Let’s go home."


  • Zhuravli (Russian: Журавли́, English: Cranes), first performed in 1969, is one of the most famous Russian songs about World War II. Because of the song, cranes became a symbol of the war's fallen Russian soldiers. A range of World War II memorials in the Soviet Union feature the image of flying cranes and, in several instances, verses of the song. In 1995, fifty years after the defeat of the Nazis, Russia released a stamp in memory of the fallen of World War II. The stamp depicts flying cranes against the background of the Kremlin's War Memorial to the Unknown Soldier. In this episode of The Americans, the song plays while Phillip and his father pretend to be birds.


Song Title Performer(s)
Hard Times The Jetzons
Журавли Mark Bernes


The Americans 5x11 Promo "Dyatkovo" (HD) Season 5 Episode 11 Promo

The Americans 5x11 Promo "Dyatkovo" (HD) Season 5 Episode 11 Promo

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