Echo is the final episode of Season Two, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.  


Nina finds that her future is in Stan's hands. Meanwhile, Paige and Henry are moved to safety as their parents attempt to complete their assignment.


The Jennings prep Fred Timbrook for his mission; he takes the altered shoes from them and departs. They sit in their car and listen to a police scanner, waiting for his phone call. Their conversation is interrupted by a report on the scanner of shots fired. It quickly becomes evident the incident involves Fred. The pay phone rings and before dying of his gunshot wounds, Fred tells Phillip he was successful. The Jennings retrieve the shoes from a dumpster.

Paige participates in an anti-nuclear protest in Pennsylvania. When Pastor Tim gets arrested, she is inspired that he, like Jesus, was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Paige tries to explain this to her parents when she gets home, without much success. Meanwhile, Stan visits the Pentagon, where an officer named Stoddard shows him the Echo program. As it runs on a computer, Stan leans in, allowing the camera on his tie to record the screen.

Clark goes to Martha’s; she is still upset that he doesn’t want children and says she’s not sure if it’s a deal breaker for her. While looking for a corkscrew, Clark is shocked to see she has a handgun in a kitchen drawer. Before he can protest much, his “sister” Jennifer calls Martha’s phone and tells him his "Uncle Drew" (ie. Andrew Larrick) has gone missing. Clark/Phillip leaves immediately and returns home.

Once there, Elizabeth informs him The Center is unable to locate Andrew Larrick, who took a leave from Nicaragua, returned to the States, and then went AWOL. He is now believed to have killed Kate and George; the Jennings assume they are next. They wake the kids and flee to upstate New York, under the guise of a “surprise family vacation.”

The next morning, Elizabeth goes for a “hike,” meeting with Jared at Abigail's cabin, unaware Larrick is watching. Meanwhile, Phillip tells the kids he’s off to get groceries, but instead meets with Jared's exfiltration team, who pose as lost tourists. On the way back to his car, Phillip is abducted by Larrick.

Stan is plagued by nightmares over the KGB demand he hand over the Echo program. He dreams Vlad Kosygin meets him at his office, spouting the same words Stan said shortly before killing him. In Stan’s dream, Martha is seen taking files from atop the mail robot, and putting them into her bag, although in the dream, Stan does not appear to notice this.

Elizabeth and Jared walk in the woods; she tells him how wonderful his parents were and how much they loved him. Jared seems disinterested in hearing this and repeatedly asks about Kate. Arriving back at the cabin, they are ambushed by Larrick (he has killed Abigail) who opens his trunk to reveal a handcuffed Phillip. He announces he’s turning the Jennings over to the authorities, and doesn’t care what happens to him anymore.

As directed by Arkady, Stan leaves something at a drop site, but instead of the Echo computer program, it is simply a note that says “Tell Nina I’m sorry.” Nina is led away from the Rezidentura, as a distressed Oleg looks on. From his car outside the embassy, Stan also watches. As her vehicle drives away, Nina turns around and looks at Stan through the back windshield.

With Elizabeth in handcuffs, Jared suddenly pulls a gun from his jacket and shoots Larrick, who quickly returns fire. Both are hit; Jared falls to the ground and Larrick collapses into his open trunk, on top of Phillip. Although handcuffed, Phillip manages to pry Elizabeth’s confiscated gun from Larrick’s waistband, and fatally shoots him through the back. Elizabeth moves his body and retrieves the handcuff keys, freeing herself and Phillip. They rush to Jared, who is dying of his wounds.

Jared insists they tell The Center he saved them. He also speaks of Kate: “We were going to be together. I love her, and she loves me. We were gonna work together. We were gonna do great things.” Elizabeth asks him where he got the gun. Jared says that when his parents found out about him and Kate, "my father threw me up against the wall. He said he’d never let it happen. He was screaming like a crazy person. He didn’t think I knew where his gun was? My mother ... she tried to grab me.”

Phillip asks about Amelia. Jared says she was hysterical and would have told the police. The Jennings can barely speak from shock, but Phillip manages to say: “And you just cleaned up and went to the pool.” Jared insists he had no choice: “I had to protect my cover.” Jared then dies.

Claudia later meets with the Jennings and confirms Kate had been recruiting Jared (using a romantic angle) behind the Connors' back, after they rejected The Center's orders to bring their son on board. The KGB intends to use the children of illegals, who can more easily gain access to places their parents can't. Claudia notifies them the Center has ordered they prepare Paige for recruitment: “First, soon, you need to tell her who you really are. Who she really is ... Then develop her until the time is right to tell her that she will join our ranks.” She adds that for the right child, “this could give their life a meaning and a purpose that they could never get in this country.” When Elizabeth responds “That’s for us to decide,” Claudia tells her “Paige is your daughter. But she’s not just yours. She belongs to the cause.”

Phillip later takes a substantial security risk to approach a shocked Arkady at a news stand, where he tells him “If our organization ever gets anywhere near our daughter without our permission, my wife and I are finished.” However, later when he comes home, Elizabeth says that Paige is “looking for something in her life. What if this is it?” Phillip is horrified, and utters words almost identical to those used by Elizabeth in the pilot: “We swore! We swore we would never … it would destroy her.” Elizabeth responds by calling the kids down for dinner.


  • Echo was written in MATLAB
  • The facility where Philip briefly meets with KGB operatives (before getting abducted by Larrick) is Holtermann's Bakery, located at 405 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10308.
  • The Rolling Stone issue with actor Warren Beatty on the cover (when Philip speaks with Arkady) is dated April 1, 1982.


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Promo for Episode 2x13 "Echo"

Promo for Episode 2x13 "Echo"

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