Evgheniya Morozova is a Russian immigrant and wife of Alexei Morozov, who defected to the US and now works for its Department of Agriculture. Evgheniya and her son Pasha were not told they were moving to the US until they left Russia; Alexei was afraid he'd be killed if anyone found out ahead of time.

Both Evgheniya and her son are unhappy with their new home, but Alexei is thrilled with the US and dismisses their concerns. The Jennings, disguised as "Brad" and "Dee" Eckert, with an adopted son named Tuan, befriend the family in order to find out more about about an alleged plan to sabotage the food supply in the USSR.

In the course of their friendship with the Morozovs, the Jennings learn that Evgheniya has started an affair with a top-ranking CIA official, who is expected to be stationed in Moscow soon. This makes The Center even more eager for the family to return.

It is only when Tuan convinces Pasha to go through with a suicide attempt that Alexei realizes how truly unhappy his wife and son are. Despite Tatiana's assurances that Alexei will be welcome in the USSR, he is convinced if he returns, he'll be imprisoned. Evgheniya and Pasha return home without him.