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"You should have wrapped Gabriel in plastic and burned his body." William Crandall

Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow is the third episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-second episode overall.


Paige copes with new burdens that come with her family's secret, as Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain their cover without destroying their daughter.


At "Clark's" apartment, Martha wakes up and says she's still not used to seeing Philip without his wig and glasses on. Elizabeth, posing as "Patty," goes to a Mary Kay party and meets Young-Hee, a bubbly and witty sales rep for the company. Philip and Elizabeth meet with Pastor Tim and try to convince him that they aren't spies, but are "peace workers." Pastor Tim tells them his responsibility to a parishioner’s secrets ends where his duty to the greater good begins. The Jennings point out that if he tells what he knows, it'll destroy Paige and their family. Tim suggests that they meet again in a few days and the Jennings find out that Tim told his wife, Alice.

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We're selling more than a product...
Philip and Elizabeth meet with Gabriel and return the Glanders sample. They tell him about Alice, and Philip proposes they leave the country immediately. Gabriel speaks of "other ways" which Philip immediately dismisses, knowing that killing Tim and Alice will destroy their relationship with Paige forever. At the FBI, Agent Gaad yells at the office staff to not be sloppy with the photocopier as extra copies are unaccounted for. Stan looks at Martha with suspicion. "Patty" runs into Young-Hee while grocery shopping and she offers to take Patty out to sell cosmetics. Philip tells Paige that Pastor Tim told Alice. Paige feels betrayed and talks about Alice being a blabber-mouth. Philip tells her it's important she maintain a good relationship with Tim so that he won't turn them in.

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Are we clear?
Stan begins surveilling Martha after hours. "Patty" and Young-Hee go door-to-door making sales and enjoy themselves. Young-Hee invites Patty over to her house for dinner. Gabriel meets Claudia and insists that they have to get the Jennings out. Claudia encourages him and says she'll talk to the Center. Gabriel says Paige's recruitment was a mistake and insists they be exfiltrated. All home, Philip tells Elizabeth that Paige will continue with Pastor Tim. Elizabeth reminds Philip to make up with Stan. In a Soviet prison, Nina's lawyer tells her the new charges are being studied, but there won’t be another trial because she's already been found guilty. The only question is whether she will be executed. Nina asks to see Anton's statement and smiles contentedly while reading it.

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There are no good choices.
Meeting again with Gabriel, he relates that the Center wants them to take the family on a vacation to EPCOT Center for the weekend. While they're away, Pastor Tim and Alice will be killed in an accident. Philip is astounded but Gabriel insists and Elizabeth supports Gabriel. In private, Philip points out to Elizabeth all the mistakes they've made with Paige and that they're making another one. However, Elizabeth wants to keep their current lives and continue working in the US. Paige meets with Pastor Tim where she expresses her disappointment in him. He relates that he needs to know whether her parents hurt people in their work but Paige breaks off the conversation and leaves. At home, Henry sees EPCOT brochures left around the house and seemingly talks his parents into going.

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She's not stupid Gabriel!
Paige arrives home and after learning of the EPCOT trip, she tells Elizabeth and Philip that her meeting with Tim didn't go well. Paige asks if they hurt people in their work which they flatly deny. At Young-Hee's, "Patty" meets her family including her husband, Don. She has a great time and everyone likes her, especially after she eats a hot pepper and does the "pepper dance" with Young-Hee's three children. She and Young-Hee talk after dinner and further their friendship. Sandra arrives unexpectedly at the Jennings. Philip tells her that he told Elizabeth that he's going to EST and about the incident with Stan. Sandra comes to believe that she's been too hard on Stan and that Matthew should see him more.

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East meets West.
Stan shares his concerns about Martha with Agent Aderholt by the Mail Robot, not knowing that it's bugged and their conversation is being recorded by the KGB. Aderholt agrees to help him, by asking Martha out for dinner so Stan can secretly search her apartment. In prison, Nina dreams about Stan in their safe house filled with flowers where he apologizes. At Dupont Circle Travel, Stavos gives Philip the travel documents for the EPCOT trip and comments that it's great he's making time for his family. In the office, Philip still thinks it would be better if they leave. Elizabeth points out that even if they went somewhere nice in the USSR such as Odessa, life would be incredibly hard for the kids and it would be throwing their work away.

The Bureau does not feel Stan.
The Jennings go to meet with Gabriel and find him collapsed on his floor, bleeding and coughing. "Get out, get out!" he tells them. Philip signals William and the Jennings meet him in a park. When they tell him about Gabriel, he tries to run, but Philip chases him down, pins him to the ground and spits in his face. He takes the Jennings back to his apartment where he injects them and himself with an antibiotic. All three go back to Gabriel's where he is still on the floor. Paige watches Henry play a video game and smiles. William injects Gabriel and tells them they'll need another dose every 6 hours and will be stuck in Gabriel's apartment for at least 36 hours, more if they start showing symptoms. Philip deadpans that they're not going to EPCOT.

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What if he has Glanders?


  • Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow was the original meaning of the acronym EPCOT, the second Disney park built in Florida. Opening on October 1, 1982, EPCOT Center was later renamed EPCOT '94, then EPCOT '95, and now is known simply as EPCOT.
  • Stan has a picture of his son Matthew playing guitar on his desk at work.
  • The Mail Robot makes another appearance. As Dennis shows Stan an office memo that they're not allowed to use the word "feel" in reports, Stan asks for Dennis' help in secretly surveilling Martha, not knowing the robot is bugged by the KGB.
  • Henry plays the video game Gorf (Galactic Orbiting Robot Force).
  • This is one of the rare episodes in which Philip doesn't wear one of his disguises.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Martha.


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