Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow is the third episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-second episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Paige copes with new burdens that come with her family's secret, as Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain their cover without destroying their daughter.

Plot Edit

Elizabeth, posing as “Patty,” goes to a Mary Kay party and meets Young-Hee, a bubbly and witty sales rep for the company. Young-Hee offers to take Patty out to sell Mary Kay. The women go door-to-door filling orders, and Elizabeth enjoys herself. Young-Hee invites Patty over to her house for dinner, where she meets the extended family.

Phillip and Elizabeth meet with Pastor Tim, attempting to determine what he will do with his new knowledge, and trying to convince him they are harmless. Pastor Tim tells them his responsibility to a parishioner’s secrets ends where his duty to the greater good begins. The Jennings remind him they will go to jail if he reports them, sending Paige and Henry into foster care. The Jennings ask if he has shared Paige’s confidence with anyone else and he admits he told his wife, Alice.

Phillip and Elizabeth meet with Gabriel and return the lab sample. They tell him about Alice, and Phillip proposes the Jennings leave the country, immediately. Gabriel is not receptive, although he later tells Claudia: “We’re done. We have to get them out, we have no other choice. Trying to bring their daughter in was a mistake. It’s time to take them home.” When Phillip tells Paige that Pastor Tim has told Alice, she feels hurt and betrayed. But Phillip reminds her it’s important she maintain her relationship with Pastor Tim, because they can’t have him turn against them. Paige later meets with Pastor Tim, but it does not go well, because she is angry.

Gaad yells at the office staff to not be sloppy with the photocopiers; there have been “six extra copies unaccounted for today alone.” Stan begins surveilling Martha after hours, and shares his concerns with Aderholt, who agrees to help him, by asking Martha out.

Back in a Russian jail, Nina’s lawyer tells her the new charges are being studied, but there won’t be another trial because she’s already been found guilty. The only question is whether she will receive “exceptional punishment.” Nina asks to see Anton’s statement, and smiles contentedly while reading it.

Gabriel tells the Jennings the plan is to send their whole family to EPCOT Center for the weekend. Pastor Tim and his wife will have an unfortunate accident while they’re away. Phillip yells at Gabriel that Paige is not stupid, but Gabriel asserts she will wonder, but never be sure. In the car, Phillip and Elizabeth argue, with Elizabeth saying things won’t be better if they go back to Russia. “What will we tell Henry? That we live in Russia now, because … ?” Later at work, they speak with each other about it more calmly. “Maybe they could send us down South,” says Phillip. “You always dreamed of Odessa.” “By the water,” replies Elizabeth wistfully, considering it for a long moment. “And then what?” she eventually says. “With two kids, who don’t know anyone, don’t know the language, you don’t think they’d hate us then? And what about us? Everything that we’ve built here, our work, those things matter. Don’t they matter to you?”

The Jennings go to meet with Gabriel and find him collapsed on his floor, bleeding and coughing. “Get out, get out!” he tells them. Phillip signals William and the Jennings meet him in a park. When they tell him about Gabriel, he tries to run, but Phillip chases him down, pins him to the ground and spits in his face. He takes the Jennings back to his apartment where he injects them and himself with an antibiotic. All three go back to Gabriel’s where he is still on the floor; William injects him, too. William tells them they’ll need another dose every 6 hours and will be stuck in Gabriel’s apartment for at least 36 hours, more if they start showing symptoms.

“Guess we’re not going to EPCOT,” says Phillip.

Notes Edit

  • Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow was the original meaning of the acronym EPCOT, the second Disney park built in Florida. Opening on October 1, 1982, EPCOT Center was later renamed Epcot '94, then Epcot '95, and now is known simply as Epcot.


The Americans 4x03 Promo "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow" (HD)

The Americans 4x03 Promo "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow" (HD)

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