Gregory is the third episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the third episode overall.

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Gregory, Elizabeth's lover, helps them make contact with Robert's widow despite an FBI team. Gabriel's replacement shows up. Phillip then makes a dangerous buy of information.

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Stan and Phillip play a game of racquetball together, which is interrupted when Stan receives a page from Nina. They meet and she indicates the KGB lost a Directorate S operative the same night Timoshev disappeared. The FBI sends his information to the DMV and discovers Robert has a wife and newborn son living in Philadelphia.

The Jennings receive a curious newspaper message from Robert McKenzie in the classifieds, placed after his death, trying to schedule a meet in Philadelphia. Suspicious, Phillip suggests having their agent Gregory, a former black militant whom Elizabeth had recruited, use his "team" to go to the meet. Unbeknownst to Phillip, early in their marriage Elizabeth and Gregory were lovers. However, Elizabeth now refuses Gregory's advances, saying that she and Phillip are getting along better.

Gregory deduces that Joyce (Rob's wife) had arranged the meeting, and that she is unaware she is being watched by an FBI surveillance team. Using his team to create obstacles, Gregory is able to snatch her and bring her to a safe location. Upon meeting Joyce, it is immediately clear to the Jennings that she had no idea about her husband's true identity. In fact, she did not even know that he had died. Joyce gives Phillip a coded note from Rob. In an attempt to flush her out, the FBI issues a kidnapping charge for Joyce. Gregory tells Phillip about his and Elizabeth's previous relationship. He also says they need to kill Joyce.

Phillip goes for a walk to clear his head and has a very unpleasant encounter with Claudia, who announces she is the Jennings' new KGB handler. She is vague about what happened to their previous handler, Gabriel, saying he "ran things loose" and she intends to "take a more personal approach" with them. Phillip realizes he had a previous encounter with Claudia while eating at a diner with Paige, and tells her she is never to come near his children again. Claudia suggests calling the number on the note Rob left, and arranging to meet.

As he prepares to do so, Phillip and Elizabeth fight about Gregory. He accuses her of "running out" on him and says she has been lying to him for 15 years. Elizabeth questions what truly constitutes a lie between them and Phillip insists he has always told her the truth, raging that "you shared your deepest feelings about us, with him, while you lie to me." When Elizabeth counters that Gregory only said what he did because she has told him it's over, Phillip grows even angrier and tells Elizabeth to continue seeing him whenever she wants. He says "don't do me any favors" and suggests they keep living as they always have, in a sham marriage, because "it's worked up until now."

Phillip meets with the contact, who gives him schematics for an anti-ballistic-missile laser. In the process, he fights with two of the contact's bodyguards, getting a superficial knife wound in the stomach. Meanwhile, Gregory and Elizabeth fight, about what to with with Joyce, and because Gregory told Phillip about their affair. Gregory tells Elizabeth he loves her, and "If you want to be married to him, fine. But if you're going to do it, you can't do it on a lie."

The Jennings hand Joyce and her baby over to Claudia, ostensibly for their own protection, to escape to Cuba. Back home in the early morning before their kids awake, Phillip tends to his wound and Elizabeth recounts that when she joined the KGB, she was 17 and had never had a boyfriend. She shares how difficult it was for her to adjust to their arranged marriage: suddenly finding herself with a strange man in a strange country. She contrasts this with Gregory who was "the first person I felt I could really talk to." She says their affair "just happened," and that "it never really happened that way for us." Phillip agrees. Elizabeth says "But, I feel like it's happening now."

Stan and Amador retrace their steps to discover how Joyce escaped and notice one of Gregory's men watching them. Amador gives chase but he man escapes, leading Stan to wonder why someone in the hood cares about the KGB.

Robert and Joyce's baby is handed over to Rob's parents in the Soviet Union. Joyce is seen apparently killed by the KGB in a staged drug overdose. Stan discovers Joyce's lifeless body in a car.


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Sunset Roxy Music
Nick@Night Nicholas Payton
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The Americans 1x03 Promo Gregory

The Americans 1x03 Promo Gregory

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