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"You're going to have to make a decision, Paige. To commit to this work, or to get out. Because sometimes this is what we have to do. And it's not easy, and it doesn't always end well. And it's a commitment you have to make for life." ― Elizabeth

Harvest is the seventh episode of the final season of The Americans on FX, and the seventy-second episode overall.


Philip and Elizabeth come together for a perilous operation unlike any they’ve ever had before. Stan and Henry spend a little quality time together.


At Stan's house, Philip lies to Stan that he has to go to Houston to help Elizabeth with a client and asks Stan to look after Henry and to take Henry to meet his ride back to school. Before Philip leaves, Stan sees something is off with Philip. Talking to him outside, he expresses his concern and notes the long hours Philip and Elizabeth work. Asking if something is going on, Philip tells Stan that Dupont Circle Travel is failing and they hug. At night, Philip arrives in Chicago, where Elizabeth is surprised but happy to see him. The next morning, they walk through the plan to extricate Dan Murton, aka "Harvest" from FIA surveillance, and see that the operation will be risky.

Harvest episode Phil hug Stan.jpg
I've been wanting to tell you.
While Stan drives Henry to meet his ride to school, Henry complains about his parents missing Thanksgiving, especially his mother. He confirms Philip's story about the agency failing. Henry says that he has never met any member of his parent's family. Stan recalls Elizabeth leaving for months in 1981 to visit "Aunt Helen", who Henry says he never met though Paige has. Back in their hotel room, Philip says he has a bad feeling about their mission and she shows him her cyanide capsule necklace. She won't reveal why she's was given the necklace and refuses to get rid of it.

Harvest episode Henry Stan.jpg
We didn't have much family.
In Chicago, Philip and Norm hire five day laborers. In a precision operation, a disguised Philip drives a shuttle bus while a second truck, driven by Hank, blocks the view of an FBI car, driven by Agent James, which is tailing "Harvest's" car. The laborers stop traffic and one of them, Alejandro, replaces "Harvest" as driver of his car, while "Harvest" boards the bus with Philip and Elizabeth. They then turn and transfer from the bus to an escape van driven by Marilyn. However, they run into a road block and two FBI agents try to flag the van down. When Marilyn tries to drive through, they fire and shoot Marilyn in the head. Elizabeth takes over the wheel and both agents are killed by return fire from "Harvest", who is wounded. The van escapes and Philip tends to "Harvest" who he can see is about to die.

Harvest episode FBI Agents.jpg
Stop! FBI!
"Harvest" tells Philip that the Altheon sensor schematic is in France, then he swallows his cyanide capsule. In an underground garage, Philip uses an axe to remove Marilyn's head and hands to prevent her being identified and Elizabeth puts them in a bag. A woman comes into the garage but doesn't notice them and drives away. (♫ Freewheel - Feel It in My Bones ♫) They then break into a car. At the FBI, as Agent Loeb and Agent Ganzel brief Stan on an operation, Stan sees Agent Aderholt walk by, distressed. In private, Aderholt tells him about the failed operation with "Harvest" and the dead FBI agents. Aderholt then briefs the team on the failed operation, mentioning a white man and woman were involved. Stan asks for sketches of them. Driving to a lake, Elizabeth tosses a weighted bag with Marilyn's head and hands into it. (♫ Patti Smith Group - Broken Flag ♫)

Harvest episode Dan Philip.jpg
I have a couple of messages.
Arriving home, Stan sees the Jennings' house and his suspicions are raised given the timing of their departure with the failed "Harvest" operation. He creeps into their backyard and notices a flowerpot filled with lipstick covered cigarettes. Picking the lock on the back door, he enters and looks at a family picture. He remembers William's dying description of a spy couple with two kids. Stan searches the house, including the laundry room with the hidden safe behind the fuse box, but finds nothing. On the plane back to DC, a disguised Philip watches Elizabeth draw sketches for homework assigned by Erica. Arriving home, Philip calls Henry and apologizes for not driving him to St. Edward's. Seeing Philip's pained face, Elizabeth caresses his cheek.

Harvest episode Philip-0.jpg
Elizabeth thanks Philip silently.
Elizabeth reminds Philip that the summit starts in a week. Erica continues working with "Stephanie" on her art. Stan brings in files from the 1981 disappearance of Joyce Ramirez. After "Stephanie's" shift ends, Elizabeth drops into Dupont Circle Travel where Philip tells her about firing Stavos, Lacey and Steve. She then visits Paige and tells her about the operation including Marilyn's death. Paige says that she does not have any friends and wants to continue as a KGB agent. Elizabeth declares it's time for Paige to apply for an internship with the State Department. At home, Philip remembers his secret wedding to Elizabeth three years previously by Father Andrei.

Harvest episode Paige Elizabeth.jpg
I'm afraid of being alone.


  • It's mentioned that Henry had to return to school on Sunday after Thanksgiving. Hence, this episode took place on November 29-30, 1987.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Philip.


Song Title Performer(s)
Feel It in My Bones Freewheel
Broken Flag Patti Smith Group


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