Helen Leavis is a KGB agent who lives in Cresson, Pennsylvania.  Philip and Elizabeth tell Paige, Henry and the Beemans that she is Elizabeth’s great aunt. 

First referenced in The Colonel, Helen provides the cover story for Elizabeth’s recovery from the gunshot wound she sustained during her and Philip’s escape from an FBI sting operation. As Paige’s suspicions start to mount, she uses the postmark on a postcard Elizabeth sent while allegedly visiting Helen to find an address for Helen. ("Cardinal")

Paige meets Helen when she skips school in search of answers to her suspicions. After letting herself into Helen’s home, Paige stumbles into Helen, who fakes a form of dementia by referring to Paige as “Shelley” and talking about Raggedy Ann lamps.

Helen has a large photograph of Elizabeth holding a baby on her wall. While Paige is on her way home from Pennsylvania, Helen calls Philip to inform him of Paige’s visit. She is fully lucid while speaking to Philip. ("The Walk In")