Henry Jennings is a main character on the FX series The Americans. He is the son of undercover KGB Directorate S officers Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as well as the younger brother of Paige Jennings.

Born in 1972, ("Covert War") he is free-spirited and is known mostly for his obliviousness to his parent's strange behavior. He is unaware of his family's volatile secret. 



Henry is the most laid-back member of his family. He is modest and though content to live in his sister's shadow, is strong willed and presses for what he wants. He makes friends easily.


Henry is rarely seen studying and his love of video games make his parents assume that he is an average student. However, in 1984, the Jennings are informed that Henry is gifted in math and he is moved into an advanced class. Later in the year, Henry is accepted to an elite private school, St. Edwards Academy in New Hampshire.


Henry has a variety of hobbies including interest in the space program, astronomy, cars, Star Wars and Star Trek. However, his greatest interest is video games. Henry plays baseball but excels at hockey. He plays road hockey with his father and ice hockey when he lives at home and later in the mid-1980's when he attends St. Edward's Academy. He becomes a star and leader on the team and is likely to be team captain in his senior year. He is a fan of the Washington Capitals.

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Henry has many friends including school chums Peter, Doug, Chris and Rich. However, his closest friendship is with neighbor and FBI agent Stan Beeman and to a lesser extent, his son, Matthew. When he was 10, he had a crush on his science teacher and Sandra Beeman.



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