"I am Abassin Zadran. I am the one who cuts the throats of the Communists. I have killed many people with my knife." Abassin Zadran
I Am Abassin Zadran is the twelfth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.


Martha hosts an unexpected guest. Philip and Elizabeth must work a formidable Mujahideen commander. Paige is still upset about her new knowledge, and acts out.


At the Clayton Hotel, Elizabeth, disguised as a phone company technician, accesses the switchboard and with a disguised Philip's help, finds the line for the room the CIA will be staying in when escorting the Mujahideen who will be visiting Washington. At home, the Jennings find Henry alone and a note from Paige saying she's spending the night at Pastor Tim's. Afraid she might reveal that she's learned they are KGB spies, they retrieve her from Tim's, causing a lot of awkwardness and making Paige feel like a prisoner. At home, they argue with Paige about the need for trust. On Philip's way to Martha's, Hans passes in a car and gives the break-off sign, so "Clark" keep walking.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 1
Where's your sister?
Acting on his suspicions about the bugged pen, Stan pays an unexpected visit to Martha. Stan tells her she seems distracted at work, and that if she ever wants to talk to someone, she should come to him. Martha is able to address Stan's concerns with confidence and gets him to leave. Philip arrives home and tells Elizabeth about the break off and that Martha has left two messages for "Clark." The next morning, Hans picks up Martha, saying he's a friend of her husband, and takes her to meet "Clark" in an abandoned area of town. Disguised as "Michelle", Elizabeth briefs Lisa how to use a camera hidden in her purse to photograph a stealth aircraft at Northrup. Maurice keeps challenging what "Michelle" says and interfering.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 6
You're gonna be great.
Martha tells "Clark" about Stan's visit and he tries to calm her fears, but says they may have to leave and he will figure out a solution. At the FBI, Agent Aderholt again confronts Stan about his relationship with Nina. Stan loses his patience, denies planting the bug and says he should focus his efforts on capturing the Illegals. The bugged Mail Robot just misses their conversation. At the Rezidentura, Arkady watches a pool of typists work on the recordings from the robot and shakes his head. Expecting to meet with Lisa, "Michelle" is unhappy to find Maurice in her place. Threatening to destroy the film, now that Lisa has photographed the stealth aircraft, "Michelle" makes the exchange but isn't happy with him.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 7
What are you accusing me of?
Arkady tells Oleg and Tatiana he intends to tell The Center to stop Operation Zephyr, because it is taking up too many resources and yielding no useful information. Tatiana questions if they are giving up too soon. In their bedroom, Philip discusses Martha's situation with Elizabeth until Paige bursts in, demanding answers about people in photo albums including Aunt Helen. When she discovers people were posing as relatives, she storms out. Martha calls her parents, Bill and Elaine Hanson and although she claims nothing is wrong, they can hear distress in her voice. Philip goes to Paige's room and shows her pictures from her childhood that are real which comforts her somewhat.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 4
He was afraid a bear was going to eat him.
Tatiana approaches Oleg and says that for Arkady's sake, they need to convince him to let Operation Zephyr continue. While arriving at the Clayton Hotel, Philip tells Elizabeth she has to see her mother and take Paige. Posing as CIA agents, Philip asks for one of the Mujahideen, Abassin Zadran, to be released to him. When a CIA agent guarding them uses the room phone to call CIA security, it's routed to Elizabeth who approves the release. Zadran sits in their car and the Jennings convince him that the other two Mujahideen commanders he is traveling with are collaborating with the Soviets and intend on sabotaging the meetings that would give them Stinger missiles. They indicate he could save the situation if he went to the meetings alone.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 12
My country is always at war.
Gabriel and Claudia meet in a diner where he confesses he doesn't feel right about Paige's recruitment. Claudia tells him after Jared murdered his family, the Center fired the head of the American department and she feared they might shut down Directorate S entirely. Gabriel questions why, after all that, they still want to try again and Claudia says the Center believes he can do it. Returning to the hotel, Zadran calls the other commanders into a motel room and murders them with a knife. Oleg and Tatiana make their pitch to Arkady. At home in Paige's room, Elizabeth tells Paige that she's going to see her mother and wants her to come. (♫ Ultravox - Vienna ♫)

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 14
Think out loud all you like.
"Clark" arrives at Martha's to find her packed and planning to see her parents. She says she needs a break and believes that she'll be caught in her lies at work. Telling her that he's trying, she says it's not enough and that the pressure at work won't end until they find who planted the bugged pen. Saying she can't be with him under their current circumstances, "Clark" takes off his disguise slowly. She watches in horror, tears streaming down her face, until Philip is revealed.

S03E12-Clark removes hair
Clark reveals himself.



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Vienna Ultravox


The Americans - 3x12 Promo "I Am Abassin Zadran" FX HD

The Americans - 3x12 Promo "I Am Abassin Zadran" FX HD

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