I Am Abassin Zadran is the twelfth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.


Martha hosts an unexpected guest. Phillip and Elizabeth must work a formidable Mujahideen commander. Paige is still upset about her new knowledge, and acts out.


At the Clayton Hotel, Elizabeth, disguised as a phone company repairperson, accesses the switchboard and places a routing device on the line for the room a mujahideen commander will later stay in. At home, the Jennings find Henry alone and a note from Paige saying she’s spending the night at Pastor Tim’s. They drive over and retrieve her; she later flips through family photo albums angrily demanding to know which memories are lies.

On Phillip’s way to Martha’s, Hans passes in a car and waves, so Phillip keep walking. Acting on his suspicions about the pen, Stan has paid an unexpected visit to Martha, who invites him in for tea. Stan tells her she seems distracted at work, and that if she ever wants to talk to someone, she should come to him. Martha is able to evade his questions and get him out the door, but after he leaves, she panics and calls Clark multiple times.

The next morning, Hans picks up Martha, saying he’s a friend of her husband, and takes her to meet Clark in an abandoned area of town. Martha tells Clark about Stan's visit and Clark tries to calm her fears, but implies they may have to start over somewhere else. Agent Aderholt again confronts Stan about Nina. Stan loses his patience, telling him “Our office is the target of illegals, the best, most dangerous officers the KGB has. Now they got to somebody on the inside, and it wasn’t me. Work on that.”

Elizabeth/Michelle gives Lisa a purse with a camera in it, to carry onto the Northrop plant floor. Later, Maurice brings the purse back to her, threatening to destroy Lisa’s recording if Michelle won’t deal with him. Elizabeth takes the camera and gives Maurice money, although disturbed by his behavior.

Arkady tells Oleg and Tatiana he intends to tell The Center to stop Operation Zephyr, because it is taking up too many resources and yielding no useful information.

Phillip continues trying to convince Elizabeth to travel and see her mother, now saying Paige should go as well. The Jennings pose as CIA agents and go to the Clayton Hotel where Phillip asks for Abassin Zadran to be released to him. When the other agents call to verify his credentials, the phone routes to Elizabeth, who “approves” it. Zadran sits in their car and the Jennings convince him the two other mujahideen commanders he is traveling with intend to sabotage their meeting, and then propose he “goes to the meeting alone.” Upon his return, Zadran murders the other commanders in their hotel rooms.

Gabriel and Claudia meet in a diner and Gabriel confesses he doesn’t feel right about what’s happening with Paige. Claudia tells him after Jared murdered his family, The Center fired the head of the American department, who left in shame, and she feared they might shut down Directorate S entirely. Gabriel questions why, after all that, they still want to try again.

Elizabeth finally agrees to travel and see her mom, and asks Paige to think about coming.

Martha calls her parents, and makes plans to visit them. Clark arrives to find her packed and ready to leave. She says she needs a break and can’t take it. He tells her he’s trying, and Martha says she knows he is, but it’s not enough: “I can’t be here with you like this.” Clark nods in understanding, stands up, and slowly takes off all the pieces of his disguise, revealing his true physical appearance to her for the first time.



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The Americans - 3x12 Promo "I Am Abassin Zadran" FX HD

The Americans - 3x12 Promo "I Am Abassin Zadran" FX HD

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