Immersion is the eighth episode of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the sixtieth episode overall.


A secret brings Elizabeth and Paige together, while, in Moscow, Oleg’s own secrets put him under KGB suspicion. A new twist in the Morozov operation creates an opportunity that changes everything.


Phillip gets home from saying goodbye to Gabriel. Elizabeth says she can’t believe they’ll never see him again. Phillip says he’s glad: “All those years, by our side, I think he was just doing his job.” He tells her what Gabriel said, that Paige “shouldn’t do any of this.” “Wouldn’t it be nice if no one had to do any of this?” asks Elizabeth.

Henry invites his friends Chris and Rich over to play video games; Stan, Phillip and Elizabeth talk in the kitchen about Paige and Matthew’s breakup.

Oleg comes home to find Major Kuznetsov and other agents from Directorate K waiting for him. They ask for permission to search his apartment. They tear his room apart, even removing molding from the wall, but don’t find anything.

Elizabeth (as Dee Eckert) talks with Evgheniya, who says things are going better since she’s gotten a job. She tells Elizabeth this weekend they are doing an “immersion” class, where each student brings a Russian food item and no one can speak English.

Elizabeth and Phillip go to a safe house to meet with their “new” handler: Claudia. Phillip tells her they want to keep things simple: she tells them what to do, and they’ll do it. Elizabeth clarifies: “We know what we’re doing. We know what to think.” After they leave, Phillip asks Elizabeth “Back when Gabriel was shooting people at home, what do you think she was doing?”

Elizabeth decides to cancel her trip to see Ben, telling Phillip there’s nothing to do there until they hear back from The Center about the wheat sample. Phillip wonders if that’s the best approach, since it could take a while, and the relationship needs to be maintained. Elizabeth shrugs. Phillip knows her pride is still hurt after seeing Ben with another woman, and isn’t canceling out of any concern for his feelings. But he still says “I’ll cancel with Deirdre. I’ll tell her it’s work. She understands ‘work.’”

When Elizabeth calls Ben, he understands but wonders if he did something wrong and says he was looking forward to seeing her. When Phillip calls Deirdre, she immediately chirps “that’s fine” and then adds “I’ve really been trying, but I just don’t see this going much further.” When he protests, she says “I won’t change my mind. You’re not right for me and I know it.” When Phillip asks why, she replies “You’re nice. You’re really nice. But I need someone more … assertive.”

Stan and Dennis meet with Sofia in a museum. Stan tells her they will give her $500 a month, $250 of which will go towards a college trust fund for her son. She says she needs to go to the dentist and they agree that’s something they can help with.

Elizabeth and Paige continue their self-defense practice sessions; Paige is discouraged with her progress. Elizabeth looks past Paige to the stain on the garage wall where Phillip killed Timoshev. She says she was scared like Paige is, for a long time, and then shares that she was raped when she was 18. When Paige tries to hug and comfort her, Elizabeth pushes her away and tells her she trained every day, picturing her rapist’s face each time she fought, until she was sure no one would ever be able to hurt her like that again. She tells Paige “And I’m okay now.” But, she doesn’t look okay.

Oleg tells his boss that Directorate K searched his apartment. His boss says he knows nothing about it as that’s not something they would share with him. Oleg tells him he went to the archives to look at his mother’s file. His boss doesn’t think that would be enough for them to search his apartment, especially with his dad being an important minister.

Phillip tells Elizabeth Deirdre broke up with him. She says it probably doesn’t matter this time but that next time, he might have to hurt someone’s feelings (implying that he’s afraid of repeating another situation like Martha’s). Phillip protests that neither one of them wanted to carry out their honeytrap operations this time. “But we had to,” says Elizabeth. “And once you’re doing it …” When Phillip claims he tried his best, Elizabeth says “A forty-five-year-old single logistics manager kicks you out of bed?“ “We’re not all as attractive as you, Elizabeth,” says Phillip. “But you are,” she replies. “You can get her back if you need to.”

The Jennings tail Evgheniya, believing she will lead them to her Russian immersion class gathering, where they hope to photograph the CIA agents being trained in the Russian language. Instead, she goes to a hotel for a romantic tryst with an unknown man. Claudia later tells Elizabeth he’s Bruce Tabenor, a married man with two kids who is also an SIS-1 officer, likely to become Deputy Chief of the CIA’s Moscow station. Claudia believes The Center will want Evgeniya back in Moscow with him, so they can use the affair against him.

The Jennings talk to Tuan who has an idea to befriend the kids at school who pick on Pasha, which could make him miserable enough for his mother to take him back to Moscow. Elizabeth likes this plan much more than Phillip does. Tuan again pressures them both to be there more.

Phillip leaves a message on Deirdre’s answering machine, saying he’s married, implying that was the reason for his lack of assertiveness. Deirdre then picks up the phone.


The Americans 5x08 Promo "Immersion" (HD) Season 5 Episode 8 Promo

The Americans 5x08 Promo "Immersion" (HD) Season 5 Episode 8 Promo

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