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"I'm not afraid anymore. And you're not going to be either." ― Elizabeth to Paige

Immersion is the eighth episode of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the sixtieth episode overall.


A secret brings Elizabeth and Paige together, while, in Moscow, Oleg's own secrets put him under KGB suspicion. A new twist in the Morozov operation creates an opportunity that changes everything.


Philip gets home from saying goodbye to Gabriel and Elizabeth can't believe they'll never see him again. Philip is glad he left as he believes Gabriel followed orders over their well-being. Elizabeth is stunned to hear Gabriel said that Paige shouldn't have been recruited and dreams that no one should have to do their job. Henry has his friends Chris and Rich over to play video games. Stan, Philip and Elizabeth talk in the kitchen about Paige and Matthew's breakup and all the activities Renee has Stan doing. Oleg comes home to find Major Kuznetsov and other agents from Directorate K waiting for him. They ask for permission to search his apartment as getting approval through formal channels is difficult given that Oleg's father, Igor, is a minister. Oleg gives permission to search his room only which they tear apart, but find nothing. Oleg prevents his father from making a phone call on his behalf.

Immersion Episode Henry Chris.jpg
This isn't going to go well for you, Henry.
Disguised as "Dee Eckert", Elizabeth talks with Evgheniya, who says things are better at home since she starting working as a Russian language instructor for CIA agents. Evghengia will be hosting an immersion class where each student brings a Russian food item and have to speak only Russian. She mentions one of her students considers himself a lady's man. Elizabeth and Philip meet with Claudia, who has replaced Gabriel as their handler. Given their acrimonious past, the Jennings are icy towards her while Claudia compliments them on their operations. She asks them to run their agents Stobert and Deirdre a while longer. Elizabeth reports on Evghengia's class from which they should be able to identify all the CIA agents who will be assigned to Moscow. Philip insists that Claudia simply give them orders and refrain from trying to manipulate them, as she did in the past, to which she agrees.

Immersion Episode Claudia.jpg
You don't want anyone inside your heads.
At Dupont Circle Travel, Elizabeth decides to not see Stobert in Topeka that week. Philip questions this, knowing her pride is hurt after seeing Stobert with another woman, but she insists. Philip decides to cancel his trip to see Deirdre. Stan and Agent Aderholt meet with Sofia in a museum. Giving details of the money she'll receive for being their source, she discusses a bit about her work. They start to train her in establishing a believable cover story when she meets with them. Indicating she needs dental work, Sofia is pleased when they agree to arrange it at no cost. Elizabeth calls Stobert who is disappointed she's not coming. "Gus" calls Deirdre who doesn't care he's not visiting Topeka and ends their relationship, indicating that he's not assertive enough.

Immersion Episode Stan Sofia.jpg
I have a favor to ask.
Elizabeth continues training Paige in self-defense in the garage but Paige is discouraged with her lack of progress. Looking at the repaired hole in the garage wall where she fought Timoshev, who Philip later killed, she tells Paige she was scared for years. She shares that she was raped when she was 18. When Paige tries to hug and comfort her, Elizabeth pushes her away and tells her she trained every day, picturing her rapist's face each time she fought, until she was sure no one would ever be able to hurt her like that again. Oleg tells his boss, Colonel Anatoli that Directorate K searched his room. Indicating he knows nothing about it, and that it's probably related to Oleg being in the US, Oleg confesses to his visit to the KGB Archives to look at his mother, Yelena's, file. Anatoli opines this isn't enough to warrant the search, especially since his father, Igor, is a minister.

S05E08-Liz Paige spar.jpg
How long until I can take care of myself?
While Elizabeth shows Philip tai chi in their bedroom, he says that Deirdre broke up with him for not being assertive enough. She indicates he can't be tentative about hurting a source's feelings, like he felt about Martha. Protesting that neither of them wanted to sleep with their Topeka sources, Elizabeth cites duty and assures Philip he can get Deirdre back. The next day, with Norm's help, in disguise, they follow Evgheniya in their car, expecting to be led to the immersion class. Instead, Evgheniya meets a man in a motel and Elizabeth is able to take pictures of them. Stan and Aderholt plan where to regularly meet Sofia and decide to get a safe house. Meeting Claudia, she tells Elizabeth the man Evgheniya's having an affair with is Bruce Tabenor. Married with children, he's likely to become Deputy Chief of the CIA's Moscow station. The Center will want Evgeniya back in Moscow, so they can blackmail Tabenor.

Immersion Episode Tai chi.jpg
It's relaxing.
Claudia asks about Paige and Elizabeth indicates that she wants Paige to have a career that matters. "Gus" leaves a message on Deirdre's answering machine that he's married, which explains his lack of assertiveness. Deirdre answers the phone. As "Brad" and Dee Eckert, the Jennings visit Tuan. He presents a plan to befriend some bullies at school and have them pick on Pasha. He believes this could make him miserable enough for Evgeniya to take him back to Moscow. Elizabeth likes this plan much more than Philip does. Tuan again pressures them both to be there more. At home, seeing Paige flipping the TV channels, Elizabeth takes her out for a walk. They discuss Matthew and Elizabeth's rape. Paige asks what she'd do if she wasn't a spy and is surprised Elizabeth would be a doctor in the third world.

Immersion Episode Paige.jpg
You have no bedside manner, Mom.


  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Elizabeth.


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