Season 1 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Pilot Rob McKenzie Nikolai Timoshev Stab wound
Pilot Nikolai Timoshev Philip Jennings Strangled to death
Gregory Joyce Ramirez Unknown KGB agent Staged drug overdose
In Control Security Guard Elizabeth Jennings Shot once in the head
COMINT Adam Dorwin Elizabeth Jennings Shot once in the head
Mutually Assured Destruction Unnamed Rogue KGB Contractor Elizabeth Jennings Bomb explosion
Mutually Assured Destruction 3 FBI agents including Leon Billings, Thomas Milbank, and a scientist Unnamed Rogue KGB Contractor Bomb explosion
Safe House Chris Amador Philip Jennings Stab wound
Safe House Vladimir Kosygin Stan Beeman Shot once in back of the head
Only You Unnamed Police Officer Gregory Thomas Gunshot chest wound (possibly survived via bullet-proof vest)
Only You Gregory Thomas Unnamed Police Officer Suicide by cop; Multiple gunshot wounds
Covert War Dmitri, Assistant of General Zhukov Unnamed CIA Agent with the orders from Richard Patterson Gunshot
Covert War General Viktor Zhukov Unnamed CIA Agent with the orders from Richard Patterson Gunshot wounds to head and torso
The Colonel Richard Patterson Claudia Jugular vein cut

Season 2 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Comrades Matteen Philip Jennings Gunshot
Comrades Salar Philip Jennings Gunshot
Comrades Terrified Busboy Philip Jennings Gunshot
Comrades Emmett Connors Jared Connors Gunshot
Comrades Leanne Connors Jared Connors Gunshot
Comrades Amelia Connors Jared Connors Gunshot

Sanford Prince Colonel Rennhull Gunshot
The Walk In Unknown man, Silver Spring, MD, 1966 Elizabeth Jennings and Leanne Connors Unknown
The Walk In Bruce Dameran Stan Beeman Gunshot
Behind the Red Door Carl Lucia Chena Poisoned heroin
ARPANET Unnamed student Philip Jennings Unknown (body stuffed in trash can)
New Car Lucia Chena Andrew Larrick Strangled
New Car 160 Soviet seamen Faulty submarine propeller Drowning, blunt force trauma
Martial Eagle 2 Nicaraguan field commanders Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot
Martial Eagle Military base cook Philip Jennings Throat slit with knife
Martial Eagle 2 Navy SEALs Philip Jennings Gunshot
Martial Eagle Lewis Rendell Philip

and Elizabeth

Exposure to elements (tied to a tree)
Yousaf George Andrew Larrick

Yousaf Javid Pervez Elizabeth Jennings Poisoned/drowned
Stealth Kate Andrew Larrick

Broken neck
Echo Fred Timbrook Military paint shop floor security personnel Gunshot
Echo Abigail Andrew Larrick

Echo Andrew Larrick

Philip Jennings Gunshot
Echo Jared Connors Andrew Larrick


Season 3 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
EST Men Annelise Yousaf Rana Strangled
EST Men Leonid Brezhnev Leonid Brezhnev Heart attack
Salang Pass Tom Elizabeth Jennings Crushed by car (while working under it)
Born Again Dave, former colleague of Stan Beeman, and 3 FBI agents Plane Crash
Walter Taffet Female getaway driver, posing as bakery delivery employee Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot to the forehead
Divestment Eugene Venter Reuben Ncgobo Necklacing
Mail Robots Dream Todd Hans Gunshot, followed by strangulation
Mail Robots Dream

Betty Turner

Elizabeth Jennings

Forced suicide, pill overdose
I Am Abassin Zadran 2 mujahideen commanders Abassin Zadran Gutted with a knife
March 8, 1983 Eugene Craft

Philip Jennings

Drugged and hung

Season 4 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Glanders Unnamed Russian bully, about 1955 Philip Jennings Beat to death with a rock
Pastor Tim (Episode) Unnamed flight security offier Philip Jennings Strangulation
Pastor Tim (Episode) Yevgeny Burov Mujahideen Combat injuries
Pastor Tim (Episode) Elizabeth's mother Hard living Old age
Chloramphenicol Nina Krilova Russian prison officer Gunshot, back of the head
David Copperfield Lisa

Elizabeth Jennings

Hit over the head with a bottle

Frank Gaad KGB Agents

Stabbed by large glass shard after trying to flee and crashing through a glass door
Dinner for Seven Unnamed mugger Elizabeth Jennings

Stabbed in the neck with his own knife
Persona Non Grata William Crandall William Crandall

Suicide via self-infection with Lassa virus

Season 5 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Amber Waves Hans Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot
The Midges Randy Chilton Philip Jennings Broken Neck
IHOP Several mujahideen Russian soldiers Lassa virus (harvested from William)
Dyatkovo John Granholm Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot
Dyatkovo Natalie Granholm Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot

Season 6 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Dead Hand M. Hanley Elizabeth Jennings Stabbed in the neck
Tchaikovsky Lyle Rennhull Elizabeth Jennings Forced suicide: shot himself in the head
Urban Transport Planning Evan Urqhardt Elizabeth Jennings Rear naked choke
Mr. and Mrs. Teacup Three Altheon Security Guards Elizabeth Jennings Shot
The Great Patriotic War Gennadi Bystrov

Elizabeth Jennings

Stabbed in the neck
The Great Patriotic War Sofia Kovalenko Bystrova

Elizabeth Jennings

Stabbed in hip, throat slit
Harvest Marilyn FBI Agent Gunshot to the head
Harvest Dan Murton FBI Agent / Himself Cyannide pill, shot in the stomach
Harvest Two FBI agents Dan Murton Gunshot
The Summit Erica Haskard Elizabeth Jennings Suffocated with a paintbrush
Jennings, Elizabeth Tatiana Vyazemtseva Elizabeth Jennings Gunshot

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