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List of Deaths

List of Deaths The Americans Logo2.jpg
Location: Mainly in Washington, D.C. — First Appearance: "Pilot" — Last Appearance: "Jennings, Elizabeth"

I'm sorry I didn't kill you. That's my apology.
— Elizabeth to Claudia, "Duty and Honor".

Gregory Episode Joyce.jpg
Joyce Ramirez killed by the KGB.
List of Deaths provides a summary of all the killings on the show, mainly committed by Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. Many are committed while they are in disguise. The most deaths occurred in the Season Two premiere, "Comrades." Season Two was the bloodiest and Elizabeth committed the most murders. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Pilot".


S01E03-Robert autopsy pic.jpg
Featuring: Robert McKenzie

Directorate S agent McKenzie is killed by a defector, KGB Colonel Nikolai Timoshev, who stabs him in the kidney. He dies in Arlington Methodist hospital.

Americans 4.jpeg
Featuring: Nikolai Timoshev

After learning that Timoshev hurt Elizabeth during training (he raped her), Philip snaps his neck.

Gregory Episode Joyce.jpg
Featuring: Joyce Ramirez

After learning that McKenzie was secretly married to Joyce and had a son with her, Oscar, the KGB kills her in a staged drug overdose. Oscar is brought to the USSR to live with his grandparents.

S01E04-Liz shoots guard.jpg
   "In Control"
Featuring: Security Guard

While mapping out Caspar Weinberger's house for a possible sniper attack, a security guard investigates the van the Jennings are using. Elizabeth gains the guard's confidence and then shoots him in the head. She then drives away in his car with his body.

S01E05-Dorwin shot.jpg
Featuring: Adam Dorwin

With his handler Vasili unable to get to KGB agent Dorwin, who is vulnerable to cracking if caught by the FBI, Elizabeth shoots him in the head.

S01E08-Assassin at standoff.jpg
   "Mutually Assured Destruction"
Featuring: West German KGB contracted assassin

With the KGB unable to recall a contracted assassin, Philip and Elizabeth track him down. He refuses to accept revocation of his contract and after a shootout, Elizabeth throws an explosive charge at the assassin which he detonates, blowing him to pieces.

S01E08-House explosion.jpg
   "Mutually Assured Destruction"
Featuring: Agent Milbank, a scientist, 2 other FBI agents

The West German assassin plants a timed explosive charge in Milbank's radio which goes off in the scientist's house.

S01E09-Chris dead.jpg
   "Safe House"
Featuring: Chris Amador

After stabbing Amador in the stomach in self-defense, Philip in his "Clark" disguise takes Amador to a warehouse. He and Elizabeth try to save his life in order to learn of a plot to kill a KGB agent.

S01E09-Vlad dead.jpg
   "Safe House"
Featuring: Vlad Kosygin

After failing to capture Arkady Zotov, Vlad is taken instead. In cold blood, Stan Beeman shoots him the in the back of the head despite his innocence in Amador's death.

S01E10-Gregory dead.jpg
   "Only You"
Featuring: Gregory Thomas

After Gregory's cover is blown, Elizabeth and Claudia unsuccessfully try to talk him into exfiltration to Moscow. Over Philip's better judgement, as a favor to Elizabeth, he agrees to allow Gregory to die in a shoot-out with police. Later, Stan looks with satisfaction at a picture of Gregory dead.

Covert War Episode Dmitri.jpg
   "Covert War"
Featuring: Dmitri

In retribution for the deaths of several FBI agents, CIA agents in Moscow kill Directorate S head, General Zhukov. Dmitri, his butler, is collateral damage.

Covert War Episode Zhukov dead.png
   "Covert War"
Featuring: Viktor Zhukov

In retribution for the deaths of several FBI agents, CIA agents in Moscow shoot Directorate S head, General Zhukov.

S01E13-Patterson death.jpg
   "The Colonel"
Featuring: Richard Patterson

Director of the CIA division that architected Zhukov's murder, Claudia tases and drugs Patterson in his apartment. She then slits his jugular vein and as he bleeds out, shows him a picture of Zhukov and tells Patterson about her relationship with him.

The americans-salad and matteen 01.jpg
Featuring: Salar and Matteen

A disguised Philip meets Mujahideen commander Salar and his interpreter Matteen in an Afghan restaurant, posing as a US intelligence agent. He shoots both in the kneecaps, and then kills both with a shot to the head.

The americans-busboy.jpg
Featuring: Busboy

After shooting Salar and Matteen in an Afghan restaurant, Philip exits out the back and kills a busboy who sees him leaving.

Featuring: Emmett, Leanne and Amelia Connors

Philip and Elizabeth are shocked to find their fellow Directorate S agents and their daughter shot dead.

S02E01-Sanford Prince dead.jpg
Featuring: Sanford Prince

After recruiting Colonel Lyle Rennhull, Sanford tries to turn him into the FBI. When he doesn't succeed, he confronts Rennhull at his home where Rennhull shoots him twice in the head.

S02E03-1966 man.jpg
   "The Walk In"
Featuring: Unknown man

In a flashback to 1966, in Silver Springs, MD, Elizabeth and Leanne Connors are shown tracking a man. Later, they wash his blood off their hands.

The Walk In 8.png
   "The Walk In"
Featuring: Bruce Dameran

After walking into the Rezidentura, information about Dameran is given by Nina to Stan from which he discovers that Dameran is planning to shoot World Bank members. Stan catches him in the act and is forced to shoot him dead.

S02E06-Lucia kills Carl.jpg
   "Behind the Red Door"
Featuring: Carl

A congressional aide that Lucia Chena was using as an unwitting agent, she poisons a drug he takes and dances with him before he dies.

Featuring: Unknown Student

After gaining access to a university computer room with the help of Charles Duluth, Philip is caught attaching a bug to the ARPANET by a student. Posing as a janitor, Philip kills him and takes his body out in a trash can.

New Car Episode.jpg
   "New Car"
Featuring: Lucia Chena

Intent on killing Andrew Larrick as revenge for his part in killing her fellow Nicaraguans, Lucia shoots Larrick with a tranquilizer dart but she is also shot with one. Later, Larrick chokes her to death in front of Elizabeth when Lucia won't relent.

The Walk In 4.png
   "New Car"
Featuring: 160 Soviet Sailors

Philip and Elizabeth learn that the plans they stole for a propeller caused the deaths of 160 sailors on the Soviet submarine "Belomorsk." Fake plans were planted knowing that KGB spies would go after them.

S02E09-Nicaraguan commander.jpg
   "Martial Eagle"
Featuring: 2 Nicaraguan Field Commanders

Elizabeth shoots and kills two Nicaraguan field commanders being secretly trained at a camp in the US.

S02E09-Dead cook.jpg
   "Martial Eagle"
Featuring: Military Cook

Philip is discovered taking pictures of the training of Nicaraguan troops being trained secretly in the US by a cook, who shouts out. Covering his mouth and giving him the chance to live, the cook shouts out again and Philip slits his throat.

S02E09-Navy Seal.jpg
   "Martial Eagle"
Featuring: 2 Navy Seals

Discovered by the military cook, Philip is forced to shoot two Navy Seals who hear his shouts. This leads to Larrick vowing to find and kill the Jennings.

S02E09-Rendell dead.jpg
   "Martial Eagle"
Featuring: Lewis Rendell

After kidnapping, tying Rendell to a tree and interrogating him, the Jennings use his sanitation truck to break into the Nicaraguan training camp. Intending to let him go, after the mission is completed, they discover he died of exposure.

George Larrick Yousaf episode.jpg
Featuring: George

While trying to the find the Jennings, Larrick discovers the Clandestine call center and shoots its operator, George.

S02E10-Liz kills Pervez.jpg
Featuring: Javid Pervez

In order to get their agent Yousaf Rana more access to information, Elizabeth kills his boss, Pervez, by attacking him in a swimming pool. After holding him underwater, she doses him with a spray that results in his death by a heart attack.

S02E11-Kate and Larrick.jpg
Featuring: Kate

Captured by Andrew Larrick, he ties her arms to a ceiling light fixture. When he realizes she won't provide any information on the Jennings, he snaps her neck.

S02E13-Fred dying.jpg
Featuring: Fred Timbrook

Fred is shot by a security guard while walking across the production floor of stealth aircraft with special shoes that pick up the stealth paint used. He's able to drop the shoes off for the Jennings to pick up but dies of his wounds.

S02E13-Abigail dead.jpg
Featuring: Abigail

Abigail is shot and killed by Andrew Larrick outside her remote cabin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.21.40 PM.png
Featuring: Andrew Larrick

Shot in the shoulder by Jared Connors, he's pushed into an open car trunk on top of Philip who is able to reach a pistol in Larrick's belt and shoots him three times in the torso, killing him.

Screen Shot 2018 1.png
Featuring: Jared Connors

Shot in the throat by Andrew Larrick, Jared bleeds out and tells the Jennings why he killed his family.

Baggage 2.png
   "EST Men"
Featuring: Annelise

After Annelise tells Pakistani ISI division head Yousaf Rana that she's spying on him, Yousaf strangles her to death. Later, Philip as "Scott Birkeland" and a disguised Elizabeth break Annelise's bones and stuff her into a suitcase.

Baggage 7.png
   "EST Men"
Featuring: Leonid Brezhnev

It's reported that the Soviet General Secretary died of a heart attack.

Salang Pass Episode 1.png
   "Salang Pass"
Featuring: Tom

In order to create a job opening at a Northrop facility that is producing stealth aircraft, Elizabeth kills Tom by kicking the jack out from under a car Tom is working on. Her agent Lisa gets Tom's job and spies for Elizabeth.

Born Again Episode 7.png
   "Born Again"
Featuring: FBI Agent Dave, 3 other agents

Agent Dennis Aderholt tells Stan Beeman that a former colleague of his, Dave, and 3 other FBI agents, died in a plane crash.

Walter Taffet Episode 13.jpg
   "Walter Taffet (Episode)"
Featuring: Female Getaway Driver

Luring National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent Eugene Venter to a meeting, Elizabeth shoots his female getaway driver, who is posing as a bakery delivery employee, in the head.

S03E08-Venter burned.jpg
Featuring: Eugene Venter

After capturing Venter and unable to get him to turn or co-operate, Reuben Ncgobo, burns Venter alive using "necklacing."

S03E09-Hans kills Todd.jpg
   "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?"
Featuring: Todd

Present at Venter's death and freed, Todd sees Hans. As a result, Elizabeth tells Hans that he can no longer work as her agent. Hans surprises Todd in a university basement, shoots him in the eye, not killing him, and then strangles him.

Mail Robots Dream Episode 8.png
   "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?"
Featuring: Betty Turner

While bugging the FBI's Mail Robot at the company repairing it, Elizabeth forces the elderly Betty to take an overdose of heart medication.

I Am Abassin Zadran Episode 13.png
   "I Am Abassin Zadran"
Featuring: Two Mujahideen Commanders

Convinced by Elizabeth and Philip, posing as CIA agents, that his fellow mujahideen commanders are collaborating with the Soviets, Zadran cuts their throats in a motel room.

8-Mar-83 Episode 17.png
   "March 8, 1983"
Featuring: Eugene "Gene" Craft

IAfter the bugged pen is discovered in Agents Gaad's office, in order to protect Martha, a disguised Philip chloroforms and hangs Gene in his apartment and leaves a note on his computer confessing to the bugging.

Glanders Episode 3.jpg
Featuring: Unknown boy

A 10 year old Philip smashes a bully's head in with a rock in Tobolsk, Soviet Union.

S04E02-Philip strangler.jpg
   "Pastor Tim (Episode)"
Featuring: Airport Security Officer

On an airport shuttle bus, Philip passes a biological agent sample to a pilot who is extremely nervous. Unable to convince a security guard that the pilot is OK, a disguised Philip strangles him to death.

Amber Waves Episode Olegs house.jpg
   "Pastor Tim (Episode)"
Featuring: Yevgeny Burov

Oleg Burov learns from Arkady Zotov that his brother, a captain in the Red Army, died in combat in Afghanistan.

The americans-elizabeths mother 04.jpg
   "Pastor Tim (Episode)"
Featuring: Elizabeth's Mother

Gabriel tells Elizabeth that her mother passed away from cancer.

S04E04-Nina dead.jpg
Featuring: Nina Krilova

After being caught trying to get a letter to the son of Anton Baklanov, and, for past treason, Nina is shot in the head by a prison guard.

David Copperfield Episode Lisa.jpg
   "The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears"
Featuring: Lisa

After Elizabeth can't talk Lisa out of confessing her spying at Northrup, Elizabeth smashes her over the head with a bottle and uses the broken bottle to kill her.

Munchkins Episode Frank Gaad.png
Featuring: Frank Gaad

Forced into retirement by the FBI, Gaad is on vacation in Thailand with his wife when three KGB agents break into his hotel room. Trying to flee, Gaad crashes through a glass door and lands on a shard that punctures his abdomen, killing him.

Dinner for 7 Episode Elizabeth attacks.png
   "Dinner for Seven"
Featuring: Mugger

When two muggers approach Paige and Elizabeth and one makes a lewd advance on Paige, Elizabeth punches him in the throat. The other mugger pulls a knife which Elizabeth stabs him in the throat with.

S04E13-William dying.jpg
   "Persona Non Grata"
Featuring: William Crandall

Caught by the FBI with a Lassa virus sample he stole, William infects himself with it and dies. He describes how he will die as "everything inside me that matters will have oozed out through my orifices."

Amber Waves Episode Hans William.jpg
   "Amber Waves"
Featuring: Hans

After cutting himself on William Crandall's coffin and infecting himself with the Lassa virus, Elizabeth shoots Hans in the head. He's then buried with Crandall.

S05E03-Chilton neck snapped.jpg
   "The Midges"
Featuring: Randy Chilton

Believing that Chilton's lab is growing pests that will be used to destroy Russian crops, Philip snaps Chilton's neck.

IHOP Episode Isaac Breeland.jpg
Featuring: Three Mujahideen Soldiers

Isaac Breland learns that the Soviets used the Lassa virus during the Afghan War which Philip and Elizabeth discover by listening to tapes from a bug in Isaac's briefcase. They realize that the USSR used the virus they recovered from Crandall's body.

Dyatkovo Episode John Natalie Granholm.jpg
Featuring: Natalie and John Granholm

Order by the KGB to determine if Natalie Granholm is a war criminal, Elizabeth shoots her and her innocent husband after hearing Natalie's chilling tale.

S06E01-Liz kills Hanley.jpg
   "Dead Hand"
Featuring: M. Hanley

After Hanley takes Paige's college ID, Elizabeth kills Hanley by stabbing him in the throat.

Tchaikovsky episode Elizabeth Rennhull.jpg
Featuring: Lyle Rennhull

Rushed to acquire a a lithium-based radiation sensor, Elizabeth blackmails Rennhull. He pulls a gun on her and in a struggle, she shoots him in the head, making it appear to be a suicide. Covered in his brains, Elizabeth yells at Paige when she comes upon the scene.

Urban Transport Planning episode Elizabeth Evan.jpg
   "Urban Transport Planning"
Featuring: Evan Urqhardt

Posing as a security consultant, Elizabeth learns the layout of the Atheon warehouse from Evan. After he indicates his girlfriend works in security and probably hired Elizabeth, she chokes him to death.

   "Mr. and Mrs. Teacup"
Featuring: Three Altheon Security Guards

While trying to steal a lithium-based radiation sensor, Elizabeth shoots three security guards in the dark.

S06E05-Liz kills Gennadi.jpg
   "The Great Patriotic War"
Featuring: Gennadi Bystrov

After Gennadi accepts political asylum, Elizabeth stabs him in the throat. His step-son, Ilia finds both him and Sofia dead.

S06E05-Liz kills Sofia.jpg
   "The Great Patriotic War"
Featuring: Sofia Kovalenko Bystrova

After Sofia accepts political asylum, Elizabeth slits her throat. Her son, Ilia finds both her and Gennadi dead.

The Americans - 607 - Harvest.jpg
Featuring: Marilyn

Shot in the head by FBI agents while driving a van through a road block, Philip later cuts off Marilyn's head and hands so her body can't be identified.

Harvest episode FBI Agents.jpg
Featuring: Two FBI Agents

While breaking through a road block in a van, Dan Murton, code name "Harvest", shoots two FBI agents.

Harvest episode Dan Philip.jpg
Featuring: Dan Murton

Shot in the stomach while breaking through a road block in a van, Murton commits suicide by taking a cyanide pill.

The Summit episode Erica.jpg
   "The Summit"
Featuring: Erica Haskard

Terminally ill and in extreme pain, Erica's husband Glenn tries to end Erica's life with a morphine overdose which puts her into a coma. Elizabeth chokes Erica to death with a broken paint brush.

Jennings Elizabeth episode Tatiana.jpg
   "Jennings, Elizabeth"
Featuring: Tatiana Vyazemtseva

After Elizabeth refuses to kill Soviet negotiator Fyodor Nesterenko, Tatiana is dispatched to kill him. Suspecting Nesterenko would remain a target, Elizabeth shoots Tatiana before she can kill Nesterenko.