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Washington, DC locations

  • Anacostia Neighborhood: Where Viola lives
  • Arlington Methodist Hospital: Where Rob dies
  • Armand's Pizzeria: Sofia likes to get lunch from here (original location was on Wisconsin Avenue)
  • Bess Truman Park: Where Gabriel and Mischa meet
  • Danbury Park: Where Arkady usually jogged, and Vlad is kidnapped
  • Eastern Market: Stan and Nina’s safehouse was located near here
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters, on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • First Trinity Lutheran: Where Martha went to church
  • Fort Lincoln Park: Elizabeth and Rennhull meet here in Season Six
  • George Mason University: Where Oleg studies Urban Transport Planning
  • Georgetown: Where Martha lives
  • George Washington University: Todd, Hans and Paige were students here
  • Huntley Meadows Park: Rennhull dies here
  • The Jockey Club at the Fairfax Hotel:  Kimmy’s dad takes her here for crab cakes on her birthday
  • Kenilworth Neighborhood: Where Gregory lived
  • The Key Theater: Where Elizabeth and Jackson watch Rififi
  • Kingman Park: Where the pawnshop is located that tried to sell Amador’s ring
  • Lincoln Memorial: Gabriel visits here at night and appears to be an admirer of Lincoln
  • Marriott Marquis: Hotel where Bruce Dameran targets World Bank executives
  • Naval Observatory: Where M. Hanley works
  • Pentagon: Where Stan surreptitiously records the ECHO program
  • Potomac Inn: Where Oleg stays when he returns to the US in Season Six
  • Rock Creek Park: Where Martha went after fleeing from Gabriel
  • Russian Embassy: Located on Wisconsin Avenue, site of the Rezidentura
  • US Department of State: Elizabeth and McCleesh eat lunch at the employee cafeteria here
  • Washington Hilton Hotel: Where Reagan was shot
  • Woodley Park: Where Martha calls her parents
  • World Bank Headquarters: Where Stan meets with Gary Lia about Bruce Dameran

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Virginia Locations

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Other US Locations, by State


  • Phoenix: Philip misidentifies this as the AZ capital when helping Henry study
  • Tucson: Where one of Dennis’s sources ended up happily living


  • Stan infiltrated white supremacists here


  • Berkley: Where Dennis went to University of California, to get his college degree at night
  • Compton: Where Gregory wanted to move, instead of the USSR
  • Oakland: Where Dennis grew up
  • San Quentin: Stan says John Reisling is there now
  • San Francisco: Dennis clerked in the FBI office here after high school


  • Martha’s parents live here and she presumably grew up here (city unspecified)


  • Bay Lake: EPCOT is located here
  • Key West: Where Martha initially flew, when being exfiltrated
  • Maurice goes to Florida (city unspecified) when he leaves Lisa
  • Brian works for a US Congressman from an unspecified district in Florida


  • Marietta: Where Jackson is from
  • Atlanta: Charlotte’s daughter attends Emory University here


  • Chicago: (The real) Elizabeth Korman was from here. There is an Altheon plant located here. Dan Murton ran an accounting business here, and the Jennings attempted to exfiltrate him from here, which results in Marilyn's death. The funeral for Stan’s FBI colleague was here.
  • Naperville: Where Stan stayed when in town for his colleague’s funeral
  • Skokie: Where Dan Murton lived
  • Unspecified location: Elizabeth visits a greenhouse where experimental wheat is being grown


  • Notre Dame: Isaac Breland has a degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame
  • West Lafayette: Bruce Dameran attended Purdue University here




  • Lake Bistineau: According to McCleesh, a US politician invited Gorbachev to visit his cabin here

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  • Annapolis: Larrick taught at the US Naval War College here (although the actual location is Newport, RI)
  • Baltimore: A weapons dealer and his daughter live here; Lewis Rendell lived here
  • Port of Baltimore: Oleg leads Stan, Gaad and other FBI agents on a fruitless chase, ending here
  • Bethesda: Site of Walter Reed Medical Center; Gaad and Dameran both spent time here
  • Fort Detrick: The US bioweapons lab is located here. William and Hans both die here.
  • Frederick: Where Ted Paaswell’s house is located
  • Silver Spring: Elizabeth and Leanne conduct a mission here in 1966. The Morozov’s appear the live here as Holy Cross Hospital (where Pasha is taken) and the Quarry House Tavern (where Philip meets Alexei) are both located here.
  • Kimberly and her friends unsuccessfully try to get admitted to a club here (unspecified city)


  • Boston: Travel agent Jerry lives here, as does one of Natalie’s daughters. Rob was based here, although because he had a wife and child in Philadelphia, he also lived there part time.
  • Cambridge: Roy Oatway attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology here
  • Newton: Natalie Granholm lives here


  • Kimmy went to college here, and Philip later visits her there. The Eckert family was supposedly from here.


  • Minneapolis: (The real) Clark Westerfeld was from here. Game 6 of the 1987 baseball World Series was played at the Metrodome here, and watched at Martin Gurrin’s party.




New Hampshire

  • Henry’s fictional school St Edward’s is located here

New York

New York City area locations:     

Non-NYC locations:

NY NH KS locations.jpg

North Dakota

  • Pierre: One of the state capitals Philip and Henry study



  • Portland: Dennis’s younger brother and one of Natalie’s daughters lives here


  • Cresson: Where Aunt Helen lives
  • Harrisburg: Where Tuan went to call his adoptive family in Seattle
  • Philadelphia: Rob’s wife and son lived here
  • Pittsburgh: Jared planned to attend Carnegie Mellon University here. Renee’s uncle has a scrap yard here. (The real) Philip Jennings was from here.
  • Air force base, city not specified: Paige attends a protest here with Pastor Tim and Reed Street Church
  • Tuscarora State Forest: The Jennings plan to take their children here as they make their way out of the country in the Season Two finale

Puerto Rico

  • Where Joyce was born (city unspecified)

South Carolina

  • Columbia: One of the state capitals Philip and Henry study


  • Memphis: Gregory participated in a protest march here in the 1960s. The Jennings observe Ben meeting a woman here.


  • Houston: Where Elizabeth and Philip say they’re going, when they go to Chicago to exfiltrate Dan


  • Seattle: Where Tuan lived for 5 years with an adoptive family

West Virginia

  • Jason’s dad (Henry’s friend) owns a tannery here (city unspecified)


Unspecific locations within the USA

USSR locations.jpg

Non-USA Locations


  • Crimea: Vacation spot where Oleg spent his summers.
  • Dyatkovo: Where Natalie Granholm is from
  • Gryazi: Elizabeth meets with Zhukov here in 1964, unhappy in her marriage to Philip
  • Kasnsk: Where Yelena was imprisoned in the Kraslag labor camp
  • Mikhaylovka: Where Nina is from
  • Moscow: Where Oleg grew up, and attended Bauman Technical University. The Center and other government agencies are located here. Despite his negative attitude towards Russia, Alexei Morozov says Moscow was a nice place, only because of his mother.
  • Odessa: Where Elizabeth dreams of living
  • Sergach: Where Gabriel went, the first time he retired
  • Sevsk: Where Natalie was born
  • Smolensk: Where Elizabeth/Nadezhda grew up. She meets her mother at the Lopatinski Gardens there, to discuss her offer of becoming a Directorate S agent.
  • Stalingrad: During the Battle of Stalingrad, Claudia’s youngest brother was killed and Elizabeth claims her father died fighting during the Battle of Stalingrad; Claudia met Zhukov shortly after the same battle.
  • Tobolsk: A town in Western Siberia Where Philip/Mikhail grew up
  • Vladivostok: Nina's letter about Anton's son was intercepted here


  • Faizabad: Mischa serves in the 345th Independent Paratroop Regiment here
  • Ghazni: Mujahideen were killed by Lassa virus here
  • Salang Pass: Site of a tunnel fire that killed a large number of Soviet troops



  • Canberra: A lab that shipped the midges to Oklahoma is located here
  • Philip postulates The Center may exfiltrate Jared to this country, since he'd be able to get by in English




  • Brussels: Where Evi’s boyfriend said to meet him, after she made the dead drop



  • Where Philip was going to bring Kimmy, in order to frame her


Costa Rica


  • Where Joyce was supposed to go; where Martha stopped, between Key West and Prague


  • Where the pilot was from who transported bio-weapons obtained by William



El Salvador

Non USSR USA locations.jpg


  • Where Pastor Tim visits on a humanitarian mission, and gets lost

England/Great Brittain


  • Pastor Tim and a colleague decided to visit a village near this country’s border


  • Sandra slept with a visiting university professor from here


  • Where Betty's husband was stationed in World War II
  • Andrjez Bielawski intends to establish a Polish government in Paris



  • Where Kimmy was going with college friends, over the Thanksgiving holiday









  • The Seong family is ethnically Korean; Don's mother returns there for a lengthy visit each year

Interanational locations.jpg


The Netherlands

  • Yousaf Rana was stationed here, and first assessed by the KGB as a potential informant



  • Where Yousaf and Javid are from. The Rezidentura is located in Islamabad.



  • Where Martha goes, after Cuba and before the USSR

South Africa