Harvest episode Marilyn

Marilyn The Americans Logo2 Librarian / KGB Asset

Character Information
Status: Deceased
Actor: Amy Tribbey
First Appearance: "A Roy Rogers in Franconia"
Last Appearance: "Harvest"
Episode Count: 14
What are the chances we'll pull this off?
— Marilyn, "Rififi".

Crossbreed Episode Marilyn
Marilyn in April 1984.
Marilyn was a librarian and a KGB asset who was recruited by Gabriel in 1983 when he noticed a copy of "The Militant" in her bag. ("Munchkins") Initially, she runs surveillance for Philip and Elizabeth on their missions and drives vehicles. By 1987, she's Elizabeth's main partner in operations, helps to plan them, wears disguises and carries out a variety of roles.


Season FourEdit

Marilyn does surveillance of William Crandall allowing Philip to pick him up and bring him to see Gabriel. ("A Roy Rogers in Franconia") After William prepares the Lassa virus sample for transport, he leaves his apartment in order to meet Philip at a park where Norm and Marilyn run counter-surveillance. ("Persona Non Grata")

Running counter-surveillance for Crandall.

Season FiveEdit

Marilyn and Norm keep watch as Philip and Elizabeth break into an entomology lab that received a shipment of Australian midges. They kill a lab director, Randy Chilton, and Marilyn watches as they bring his body outside and put him into their car trunk. Philip checks on Marilyn who says she's OK. ("The Midges") Marilyn helps a disguised Philip follow Renee to her apartment. ("Lotus 1-2-3") She tails Evgheniya and takes pictures of her entering the State Department for her new job as a Russian language instructor to CIA agents. Later, Philip gives her and Norm tips on how to take photos without being spotted. ("Crossbreed") She runs counter-surveillance when the Jennings follow Benjamin Stobert to Memphis ("The Committee on Human Rights") Marilyn and Norm surveil Tuan eating at a pizzeria and later, are part of the team that follows him to Harrisburg, PA. ("IHOP")

The Midges Episode Marilyn
First dead body for Marilyn.

Season SixEdit

Posing as a home health care nurse "Colleen", Marilyn and Elizabeth trade shifts caring for terminally ill artist Erica Haskard in order to get intelligence from her husband Glenn, who is on an arms control summit team. Marilyn is part of the team including Elizabeth, Paige (as "Julie"), Norm and Hank surveiling Glenn, Fyodor Nesterenko and others. Marilyn walks in front of the summit members with a recording device so Elizabeth can pick up what they're saying. ("Dead Hand") With "Julie", Marilyn runs counter-surveillance during three separate meetings Elizabeth has with General Rennhull. ("Tchaikovsky") She's part of the team running counter-surveillance as the summit negotiation team go to lunch so Elizabeth can listen in on their conversation. ("Urban Transport Planning")

Dead Hand episode Marilyn Elizabeth
Elizabeth's go-to agent.

Urban Transport Planning episode Marilyn
Surveilling the summit team.

Marilyn runs surveillance on Elizabeth's unsuccessful mission to get a radiation sensor from the Altheon shipping warehouse and drives the getaway car. Later, Elizabeth assigns her to tail Stan Beeman to locate defectors Gennadi and Sofia. Marilyn and a seamstress plant a bug in Glenn Haskard's baseball jacket for Elizabeth. ("Mr. and Mrs. Teacup") She discovers where Sofia is initially being kept by the FBI and later, the building where Sofia, Gennadi and Ilia are staying which allows Elizabeth to kill Sofia and Gennadi. ("The Great Patriotic War")

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Marilyn
You wear that weird Japanese jacket.

Great Patriotic War episode Marilyn
Spotting Stan.

In Chicago, Marilyn and Elizabeth plan an operation to extract KGB Illegal Dan Murton, aka "Harvest" who is under FBI surveillance. Marilyn asks what the odds are of pulling off the operation which Elizabeth says aren't good. Marilyn then gives Elizabeth tips for caring for Erica Haskard. ("Rififi")

What are the chances we'll pull this off?

Rififi episode Marilyn
You should get Erica more patchouli oil.

With Norm and Hank, Marilyn assists Philip and Elizabeth with the extraction of Dan Murton from Chicago, by planning the mission and driving the getaway van. She is shot dead when she breaks through a road block set up by two FBI agents. Later in a parking garage, Philip chops her head and hands off. Elizabeth stuffs them into a weighted bag and throws them into a river so that Marilyn can't be identified. ("Harvest")

Harvest episode Marilyn mirror
Getaway van driver.

Harvest episode Marilyn head
Shot dead.

The Americans - 607 - Harvest
Philip about to chop.