"I am done babysitting those lunatics." Stan about Gennadi and Sofia
Mr. and Mrs. Teacup is the fourth episode of the final season of The Americans on FX, and the sixty-ninth episode overall.


After picking up a distressing piece of intelligence, Elizabeth takes extreme measures to get close to a Soviet negotiator. Philip shares some stunning news with Henry.


Oleg tells a disguised Philip about the split over Gorbachev within the KGB's leadership and that a faction is trying to get rid of him. When Philip insists that Elizabeth is loyal, Oleg explains that trait is what would make her useful to the anti-Gorbachev faction. Philip tells Oleg what he knows about what Elizabeth is working on. With Marilyn and Paige running surveillance, Elizabeth tries to steal the radiation sensor from the Altheon shipping warehouse, but does not get it and has to shoot three security guards to escape. While picking up the tape from the bug in Kimmy's father's briefcase, "James" learns that Kimmy (now a junior at the University of Michigan) is going to Greece for Thanksgiving and won't be home again before the summit.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Oleg Philip
We can make peace with them.
Elizabeth and Paige return home to debrief and returning from Kimmy's, Philip tries to get Paige to realize what really happened in the Lyle Rennhull fiasco, but Elizabeth cuts him off. After Philip leaves, Paige suggests sleeping with a young Congressional intern named Brian to get information. Elizabeth says no as Paige will work in the US government and won't have to develop sources. Philip gives the tape from Kimmy's to Elizabeth and they discuss their agreement about Paige and Henry. Oleg calls his father, Igor, and speaking in code, passes on what he learned from Philip. Having listened to the tape, Elizabeth meets with Claudia and relates that the CIA have a source inside the Russian negotiators. Claudia tells Elizabeth about Gennadi and Sofia's defection and orders her to kill them before they can be used for publicity.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Elizabeth Claudia
He has to be dealt with.
At Dupont Circle Travel, Stavos tells Philip that he has a call from Henry. Philip tells a deflated Henry that they might not be able to afford his private-school tuition for the next year as business is bad. Elizabeth assigns Marilyn, without using "Julie" (Paige), to tail Stan to locate Gennadi and Sofia. Using the purse camera, Paige is able to photograph Nesterenko in a hotel hallway coming out of a meeting with two men. At a bar, Stan has a drink with Philip and talks about Matthew. Philip mentions he regrets expanding the travel agency. Igor meets with Arkady and gives him Oleg's message. Arkady tells Igor that Oleg agreed to the dangerous mission because he wanted to make a difference and follow Igor's example.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Henry
I'm not sure how we can pay for your tuition.
In bed, Philip tells Elizabeth about the travel agency's financial problems. She suggests letting go of some of the staff which Philip doesn't think will be enough. He also tells her about his talk with Henry. Norm and Marilyn tail Stan. Posing as home nurse "Stephanie", Elizabeth hears terminally ill artist Erica say she regrets spending her life on her art and instead wishes she'd spent more time with Glenn. As Elizabeth reflects on this, Erica orders "Stephanie" to sit and draw a vase. "Stephanie" convinces Erica to go with Glenn to a World Series viewing party at Martin Gurrin's because Nesterenko will be there.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Elizabeth Erica
You got a strong stroke.
At the FBI, Stan discusses a case with Agent Delluva until interrupted by a call from Agent Aderholt. In "the vault", Aderholt tells Stan that they're trying to surveil Oleg but are stretched thin. Due to Gennadi and Sofia's ongoing martial issues, as a favor, Aderholt asks Stan to visit them every few days until they relocate. Philip and the staff of the travel agency have another line dancing evening including Lacey, Rick and Stavos. (♫ Eddie Rabbitt - Drivin' My Life Away ♫) Paige go to a bar with Brian and has a good time with him. With Marilyn's help, Elizabeth secretly has a "bug" planted in Glenn's jacket. Putting the jacket back in the closet, she stares at one of Erica's paintings. Paige sleeps with Brian and eyes his security pass.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Philip dance
I'm driving my life away...
At the Gurrin's party, Elizabeth is hopeful the bug will pickup something useful when she sees Glenn and Nesterenko head into a room to speak in private. However, Erica vomits, and a concerned Glenn and Nesterenko come to her aid. Later at home in the laundry room, Elizabeth listens to the recording which has no useful information. At the travel agency, while going over the agency's finances, Philip stares at a sandwich and remembers starving in Tobolsk as a boy, scraping a meal at the back of worker's cafeteria from food stuck to pans.

Mr Mrs Teacup episode Philip child
We went hungry a lot.


  • The Gurrins host a party featuring Game 6 of the 1987 World Series. The Minnesota Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals 11-5 and would go on to win the series, fulfilling Glenn Haskard's dream. This game was played on October 24, 1987. (see Timeline of Historical Events)
  • Philip's cowboy boots, which he bought in 1981, when shopping with Paige ("Pilot") are shown. He also wore these boots whenever meeting with Kimmy.
  • Philip sang "Drivin' My Life Away" to Henry when planning to buy a 1982 Chevy Camaro Z28. ("ARPANET")
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Philip.


Song Title Performer(s)
Drivin' My Life Away Eddie Rabbitt


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