New Car is the eighth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-first episode overall.

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Philip and Elizabeth both find themselves faced with painful turns in their various missions. Stan fights to gain access to an American military program that could give him the upper hand in his battle of wills with Oleg.

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Martha tells Clark she’s really happy at work, and doesn’t feel right helping his office anymore by spying on her co-workers. Hoping to motivate her, Phillip later edits a recording made from the bug in Gaad’s office, to make it sound like Gaad and co-workers are disparaging Martha’s appearance. However, when he later surprises her with a visit, she is so happy to see him, he can’t bring himself to play the doctored recording.

Phillip and Henry visit a Chevrolet dealer, and purchase a Camaro Z-28. Elizabeth disapproves, although she tells Phillip she wants him to be happy. He presses her: “Don’t you enjoy any of this … sometimes?” Elizabeth replies that her life in America is easier, not better.

In Russia, Vasili approaches a depressed Baklanov and encourages him to eat. He states that he left the United States under similar circumstances, but “Instead of a bullet in the head, I’m in charge of this facility.” He then gives him the bug Phillip used, and tells Baklanov it contains all the information his American bosses wouldn’t let him see.

Lucia surprises Larrick at his home and shoots him with a tranquilizer gun. Before he passes out, they fight and he manages to shoot her with it as well.  Both collapse on his kitchen floor, but Larrick comes to first. He restrains Lucia and contacts Elizabeth. When she arrives, Larrick tells her “If your partner’s out there with a rifle, he doesn’t have to worry.” Elizabeth is able to negotiate with Larrick: he will help them infiltrate Martial Eagle, let Lucia go, and never be contacted again by the KGB. Satisfied that his days of blackmail and treason are over, Larrick unties Lucia, who immediately attacks him with a corkscrew. Larrick restrains her, telling Elizabeth: “She’s not going to stop, so you choose.” Elizabeth watches, but does not intervene, as Larrick chokes and kills Lucia.

Meanwhile, Stan gives Oleg his FBI surveillance logs. Infuriated at the situation, he then approaches Gaad and announces “I’m going after Oleg Burov.” Stan asks for Gaad’s help obtaining the Department of Defense’s code word clearance for the Stealth project, and when Gaad says he’s been stonewalled, Stan suggests they simply kill Oleg. Gaad is aghast, and asks “Is that a joke?” Realizing that won’t fly, Stan changes tactics and puts in a direct request with the Department of Justice. His request is initially denied, so he arranges a meeting directly with the Deputy Attorney General. Martha expresses concern that confidential files are repeatedly left on top of the office mail robot, unsecured.

The Tanner family arrives home from vacation and is startled to find Henry asleep on their couch, video game controller in his hands and a game still playing on the tv. They return him to the incredulous Jennings, who apologize profusely. After they leave, Phillip thinks Elizabeth is upset about the situation, but instead she shares that Larrick killed Lucia. Phillip responds: “Let’s go get him,” but Elizabeth confesses: “I was there. I let him.”

Kate meets with Phillip and says two American companies are competing to make “invisible planes.” She tells him a Soviet submarine fitted with a propeller made from the plans they stole malfunctioned, and killed all 160 aboard. Apparently the Americans planted false plans at hundreds of places across the country, assuming they would be stolen. After their meeting, Phillip stares for a long time at his new car, feeling guilty about his enjoyment of American luxury while his countrymen die. Later when Stan compliments his car and asks “What did you do, sell one of your kids?” a pained Phillip answers in the affirmative, considering the metaphorical implications of the question, and his own actions.

Elizabeth tells Phillip that Larrick sent the password and hand signal. Phillip replies “Good, now we can kill him.” Elizabeth says that won’t be possible since he’s on a plane to Nicaragua, but Phillip vows: “We’ll get him when he comes back.” From the plans Larrick gave them, the Jennings determine the best way into the camp is via the septic system. They kidnap a sanitation truck driver, bring him to an isolated wooded area, and press for information about his vehicle, route, and replacement driver. He is so terrified, he can hardly nod his head in response, or speak. After obtaining the information they need, the Jennings argue about whether to kill him. Phillip insists on merely tying him up, and returning later to free him once the mission is complete

At the Rezidentura, Arkady and Oleg discuss the submarine accident. Oleg says his father told him that “The navy retrofitted the propeller on an Akula class, which is two classes bigger than what the Americans use … and they tested it for only three weeks. The Admiral pushed it past the red line, and it shattered the shaft. The testing period should have taken five months.” Nevertheless, Arkady tells him, “We sent bad plans back home. It is our responsibility.” A resigned Oleg agrees.

Phillip and Elizabeth are finally able to confront Henry, who cries, apologizes, and says "I know the difference between right and wrong. I hate that they think I'm a criminal. I'm not. I’m a good person.”

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The Americans 2x08 Promo HD 'New Car' The Americans S02E08 Promo

The Americans 2x08 Promo HD 'New Car' The Americans S02E08 Promo

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