Only You is the tenth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the tenth episode overall.


After Amador's murder the FBI begins a massive manhunt for the killer. When they start closing in on Gregory, the KGB decides to send him to Moscow. Despite Elizabeth's best efforts he refuses to go, even if it means his life.


Elizabeth drops Phillip off at his motel, telling him to stop replaying Amador's death in his mind, and wondering what he could have done differently. In a similar vein, Gaad tells Stan: "In a war, blood gets spilled ... so don't think twice about what you did" (ie., killing Vlad). Gaad orders Stan to go home but he visits Phillip in his motel room instead. Phillip then finds himself in the awkward position of having to comfort Stan about Amador's death.

In their safe house the next morning, Nina and Stan argue, each demanding the other tell them who killed their colleague, and accusing each other of withholding information. Stan, Gaad, Phillip and Elizabeth all separately learn that when Amador's body was found, it was missing the heavy ring he always wore. Elizabeth meets Gregory at a bar and tells him about the ring. Gregory's team swept the car clean before dumping it in a salvage yard, but they apparently didn't catch the ring, which Amador intentionally hid in the trunk as evidence. Elizabeth also mentions her separation from Phillip. Gregory asks why she is telling him this and begins to stroke her hair, hoping Elizabeth will now reconnect romantically with him. She demurs.

The ring is discovered when the salvage yard owner tries to pawn it. Stan takes him into custody to look at mug shots and he eventually recognizes one of Gregory's associates (Curtis Leroy Lyons). Stan realizes he saw Curtis in Philadelphia, at the site where Joyce Ramirez was taken. The FBI finds and arrests him. The Jennings meet with Claudia and all deduce it is only a matter of time before Curtis leads the FBI to Gregory.

Claudia concludes Gregory will have to be exfiltrated, and asks their opinions on how well he will adjust to a new life in Moscow. Phillip and Elizabeth disagree and Phillip angers Elizabeth by expressing concern Gregory might opt to turn on them instead. Claudia implies that if Gregory can't be convinced to leave, they will need to kill him. Elizabeth then meets with Gregory and is unsuccessful in her attempt to persuade him. Gregory suggests several alternatives, including moving to Compton (a Los Angeles suburb) with a new identify, cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance, and the two of them running away together.

Claudia then visits Gregory in a safe house. As she tells him fleeing to California will not be sufficient to deter the FBI, the camera pans to Stan and other FBI agents searching his apartment. Claudia tells Gregory evidence to frame him for the murder of Amador has been placed in his residence and that "When the trail stops at your doorstep, we won't have to worry about them following it any further and getting to Phillip and Elizabeth. It's your final act of service." Gregory replies "I have never wanted too much, really. I just wanted to live for something, and I have done that." When Claudia nods in understanding, he adds "And to know when I'm done. Now I'm done." Claudia leaves and talks to Phillip, expressing a desire to keep trying to convince Gregory to go to Moscow, but that "if this has to end the hard way," she doesn't want Elizabeth to be the one who has to kill him. Phillip agrees.

Meanwhile, Stan and Sandra are having a conversation which echoes Claudia and Phillip's, and is also similar to one between Elizabeth and Phillip after Elizabeth was beaten during a mission. Stan says most agents never "pull the trigger," but that hasn't been his destiny. When his wife replies "I know," he grows agitated and says "Well you don't know everything, Sandra. I've protected you from things." Sandra protests that she never asked for his protection but Stan counters: "If you want to have a family, be in a family, that's what you do, right?" Sandra suggests Stan quit the FBI and move away with his family, starting over "in a shack" if necessary, so long as the three of them can be together. Her pleas are reminiscent of Gregory's to Elizabeth, and fall on similarly deaf ears.

Elizabeth again meets with Gregory. He says he fell for her because she is tough, uncompromising, stubborn and committed. When Elizabeth asks "You like all that?" he begs her to find someone else and not take Phillip back: "He's gonna soften you all up. Find somebody who will love you for being so strong." They make love.

In the morning, Elizabeth quickly packs a bag and Gregory announces he's not going with her. He instead shares his intention to commit "suicide by cop." They argue and Elizabeth eventually pulls her gun on him. Phillip enters the room and asks Elizabeth to wait outside. Elizabeth then asks Phillip to let Gregory leave; Phillip stands aside. Gregory goes out onto the street, where he is soon engaged in a gun battle with multiple policemen, and fatally shot. Elizabeth hears of his death while watching the evening news over dinner with her children.


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Better Blue Shoes
To Love Somebody Roberta Flack


The Americans 1x10 Promo 'Only You' HD)

The Americans 1x10 Promo 'Only You' HD)

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