Open House is the third episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Elizabeth and Philip get closer to the inner circle of the C.I.A. Afghan Group.

Plot Edit

Phillip meets with Gabriel to discuss the best way to get a foothold in the CIA's Afghan group. They decide to focus on Ted Paaswell, who is going through a divorce and seems in need of money. Paaswell's realtor is holding an open house for his property, which is for sale and has been reduced twice in price. The Jennings drop in as potential buyers; Phillip manages to put a tracking/listening device on Paaswell's mobile phone. Although he is not supposed to be present during the open house, Paaswell returns to retrieve his phone and encounters Phillip in his study. He does not appear concerned though, as the house is filled with people.

The Jennings start following him, and realize his babysitter is trying to seduce him. As they drive, they notice they are being tailed by the FBI agents assigned to guard Paaswell. Agent Aderholt convinces Agent Gaad to put up a roadblock, and not - as the CIA would prefer - simply wait for the Jennings to lead them somewhere more interesting. Phillip jumps out of the car and calls for help. Before the roadblock can be inacted, the KGB intervenes by causing a car wreck which allows Elizabeth to escape, much to Stan and Aderholt's disappointment.

Paige's birthday is coming up and Elizabeth wants to buy her a necklace. Phillip had intended to get her a bike, but says the necklace is fine. Their discussion about the gift turns into a fight over whether they can know what's best for Paige. While doing laundry, Paige discovers a picture of Sandra Beeman among Henry's things. Gabriel tells Phillip that Paige will have a choice whether to join the KGB or not, but Phillip angrily storms out on him.

Aderholt asks Stan how, in his previous assignment, he was able to successfully infiltrate a white supremacist group. Stan says he simply told them what they wanted to hear, over and over: "People love to hear how right they are." Later, Aderholt attempts to flirt with Martha. Martha asks Clark if he'd be willing to have foster children.

Elizabeth continues to train Hans in counter-surveillance techniques. He flirts with her, but Elizabeth tells Hans she has somebody else in her life, and doesn't want to "mess that up." The FBI is still looking for anyone fitting Elizabeth's description who might initiate a dental operation. With Elizabeth's teeth suffering from her violent encounter with Aderholt, the Jennings decide Phillip will remove them with pliers in their laundry room. Despite Gabriel telling them not to, Phillip and Elizabeth return to follow Paaswell, and discover his babysitter is also his boss' daughter. Paaswell rebuffs the babysitter's advances.

Arkady notifies Oleg that Oleg's father has requested he be transferred back to Moscow. Arkady has been ordered to sign the papers, but tells Oleg he will leave the decision up to him, whether he wants to return early. Oleg cautions Arkady of the dangers of going against his father, who is close to Yuri Andropov, the new Soviet leader. Arkady appears unconcerned. Oleg ultimately tells Arkady he'd like to stay.

Stan "babysits" Zinaida as she makes the rounds of television interviews. Standing backstage watching her on a monitor, he recalls his earlier words to Aderholt about how people can be fooled simply by telling them repeatedly that they're right.

Notes Edit

  • At the opening, Elizabeth criticizes modern conveniences to Hans by quoting Karl Marx: "the production of too many useful things results in too many useless people."
  • A commercial for Beyer Volvo of Falls Church plays on tv.
  • Fantasy Island was an American television series that originally aired on the ABC network from 1977 to 1984. It starred Ricardo Montalbán as the mysterious Mr. Roarke, who grants the fantasies of visitors to the island for a price. Paige watches an episode guest starring Mickey Gilley, which first aired November 20, 1982.


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All Out of Love Air Supply
Don't Go Yaz


The Americans 3x03 Promo "Open House" (HD)

The Americans 3x03 Promo "Open House" (HD)

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