"One day it's coming. You know it is." ― Elizabeth to Philip
Operation Chronicle is the twelfth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-fifth overall.


With Larrick closing in, Elizabeth rushes to exfiltrate Jared while Philip readies Fred for a crucial mission. Arkady finally plays his hand, forcing Stan to make an impossible choice.


In the laundry room, the Jennings decode Kate's final message, to get Jared out. They both surmise that Kate is dead. As Elizabeth prepares to leave for Virginia Beach to check on Jared, Paige asks a lot of questions about where she's going. Lying that a client of their travel agency needs help, she keeps pestering her and Philip with questions. Driving by Jared's house, she finds everything quiet. Philip signals the Centre their findings. Elizabeth phones Philip to report that Jared is safe and Paige picks up an extension, angering Philip who demands she hang up. Philip relates that the Centre indicated that Jared knew what his parents were and that he knows a code phrase Elizabeth can use to extract him.

S02E12-Paige Liz Phil
What exactly happened at work?
Stan and Nina meet in their safe house and make plans for her to "disappear." Elizabeth dons her social worker disguise and approaches Jared in her car the next morning as he leaves for school. She tells him "I think the three things a person should focus on every day are health, growth and community." Jared recognizes the code phrase, knows he can trust Elizabeth and gets in the car. Andrew Larrick watches them from a house across the street. Philip gets the kids ready for school and Paige reminds him that she'll be heading out for Pennsylvania, right after school, to attend the protest at a nuclear bomber base with her church. Elizabeth tells Jared that she knew his parents well, that he may be in danger and she's taking him somewhere safe. Larrick follows them using a tracking device.

Operation Chronicle
Please get in the car.
"Clark" visits Martha, who stacks confidential FBI files on her kitchen table for him to peruse. Upset that people just leave them on top of the Mail Robot, she hopes that Clark can use the files to show that Agent Gaad doesn't pay enough attention to security. Stan buys a used car for Nina. Driving to a rest stop, Elizabeth has Jared change his clothes and throw his old clothes and backpack in the garbage. In bed, Martha is disappointed to find that "Clark" never wants to have children. Elizabeth drops Jared off at a train station and gives him a number to call once he's arrived at his destination. Larrick finds the rest stop and digging Jared's backpack out of the garbage, cuts a tracking device from it. He then looks at maps of the area.

Operation Chronicle 2a
I've made several complaints.
When Stan returns to the safe house, he finds Nina has been beaten up and Arkady is waiting for him. Arkady announces that once Stan delivers the Echo computer program, he'll let Nina go free and they can then leave together. On the bus trip to Pennsylvania, Paige confides her frustrations with her parents to Pastor Tim who listens patiently. At Dupont Circle Travel, Philip tells Elizabeth the Center wants them to obtain samples of the paint used on stealth aircraft. They puzzle over why the Center would have told Jared about his parents. Correctly guessing the train station Jared was dropped of at, Larrick poses as a detective tracking a runaway, and has a station worker tell him Jared's final destination.

S02E12-Nina beaten
They will execute me.
The Jennings both meet with Fred Timbrook, who says he will be able to arrange a budget review of a facility that has the paint, and find a way to get onto the shop floor. The Jennings will provide shoes with special soles that particles stick to. Stan makes up an excuse to Gaad to look into Echo under the pretence of shoring up its security. Jared arrives at Abigail's remote cabin. In the Radio room at the Rezidentura, Arkady sends a message to the Centre reporting on the progress of "Operation Chronicle," getting Echo from Stan. Arkady then tells Oleg of Nina's betrayal and that she'll stand trial if Stan doesn't give them Echo. Oleg protests but Arkady indicates that he can't protect Nina.

S02E12-With Fred
This is it, the thing that'll make a difference.
At the Pentagon, Stan meets with Wade, who assures him the USSR wouldn’t know what to do with Echo if they got it. Nevertheless, he tells Stan there's only one place that has Echo, and agrees to get him in the next day. Oleg visits Nina in her office where a guard is posted outside. Proclaiming positive things about her future, he makes facial gestures indicating the opposite and gives her an envelope filled with cash. When Stan gets home that evening, Sandra tells him she's moving in with the man she met at EST.

S02E12-Oleg Nina
I believe your future is bright.
Back home in their kitchen, Elizabeth shares her concerns about Jared with Philip about where he will be sent. Philip thinks perhaps Australia, so he'll at least be able to get by in English. Elizabeth isn't satisfied and wonders how he'll be able to live in a strange place by himself. Philip makes comparisons to their own situation arriving in the US but Elizabeth points out they were older and had each other. She then warns Philip that a similar fate likely awaits their children and that it's inevitable. Larrick arrives after dark in upstate New York and speaks with a janitor at the train station who says he's seen Jared. The janitor tells him a lady in a truck picked him up.

S02E12-Liz Phil ending
Nobody knows anything.



The Americans 2x12 Promo HD 'Operation Chronicle'

The Americans 2x12 Promo HD 'Operation Chronicle'

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