Paige Jennings is a main character on the FX series The Americans. She is the daughter of undercover KGB Directorate S agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as well as the older sister of Henry Jennings.  She also has a half-brother Mischa from a previous relationship of her father's.

Mature for her age, she always knew that there was something bizarre about her family. As of now, she is coping with the news that her parents are spies working for the Soviet Union.



Paige was born in 1968 after her parents were instructed by the Center to have children in order to blend in like a typical American family.

In 1981, Paige is as an average 13-year-old teenager. When Philip took her to the mall to go shopping, a paedophile named Errol Bengoster hit on her, and Philip explained to her that she was getting older and guys would notice her. She later became a target for the Illegals programme although Philip and Elizabeth were initially reluctant to introduce her to their lifestyle.

Paige soon became suspicious of her parents' activities while befriending Pastor Tim and his wife Alice, being introduced to the church's teachings, much to the dismay of her parents. After discovering that her parents were really Russian spies she told Pastor Tim and eventually told her parents that he knew. They asked the pastor and his wife to keep their secret and later asked Paige not to tell Henry.

When Paige turned 16 her mother decided it was time to introduce her to her parents' lifestyle and started training her to fight like them as well as being introduced to Gabriel and Claudia. By 1987, she was accompanying her mother on several missions but their cover was eventually discovered by Stan Beeman, who let them go after Philip asked him to take care of Henry. Even though Paige was going to accompany her parents back to Russia without Henry, she decided to leave them on the train that was heading for the Canadian border. All alone, she returned to Claudia's apartment.



Paige is very mature for her age. She is studious in school, involved in church, and watches over Henry while her parents are away. Initially perceived as soft and delicate, she slowly became more and more strong-willed like her mother. Her rebellious personality came about when her parents started acting irrationally with her.


In early 1982, Paige began attending church for the first time. Although having atheist parents, she did not let their religious stubbornness interfere with her interest in Christianity. Possessing an ideology similar to Elizabeth's, she longs for world peace and is involved in anti-government protests. She once noted how she was inspired by people making sacrifices for the greater good, just like Jesus did in the Bible.



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