Persona Non Grata is the season finale of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the fifty-second episode overall.


Philip and Elizabeth are in a high-stakes race against the FBI to recover a hazardous package. Will they get there in time? And will Paige follow her parents into the family business?


William prepares the Lassa virus sample for transport, unaware the FBI is staking out his apartment. They tail him as he goes to a park to meet Phillip, but arrest him before he gets there. As they close in, William breaks the vial, using the glass to cut his hand and give himself the virus.

When Phillip gets home from (not) meeting with William, Elizabeth tells him she talked to Paige about Smolensk. She wonders what it looks like now: “it could be totally different.” But Phillip scoffs: “Probably not that much.”

In a Soviet mental institution, Mikhail is brought before an officer who tells him he's lucky to have such powerful friends. Apparently, Mischa has been engaging in “anti-Soviet activities” since returning from Afghanistan, by criticizing the USSR’s involvement there. The officer says only criminals or mentally ill people would do such a thing. He gives Mischa the opportunity to be released if he agrees to stop this behavior.

Oleg tells Arkady he will seek a transfer back to Moscow, in order to be with his family. Arkady tells him he’s a good son. Paige tells Elizabeth that Alice had her baby, a girl: Claire Louise.

Phillip speaks in front of the audience at EST, saying being a travel agent is the only job he’s ever had: “You choose a job before you really know if you’ll like it … but life changes things, you change. And then one day you wake up and you don’t want to go into the office, you don’t want to make arrangements for people you don’t know, and don’t give a shit about. You don’t want to do it. You just don’t.” He says he wakes up every morning with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

In a bio-weapons containment unit of a medical facility, William begins to succumb to the Lassa virus. Stan and Aderholt watch him from a viewing area, and communicate via microphone. Phillip and Elizabeth meet with Gabriel, who still hasn’t heard from William and assumes the FBI has him. Gabriel worries that the Americans will have something enticing to offer William, who wasn’t happy about this mission in the first place.

In snowy Russia, Mischa enters the dilapidated apartment building of his grandfather, who is thrilled to see him. Fyodor gives Mischa a package his mother sent before her capture: various currencies, passports, and other clues about the identity of his biological father. Mischa is intent on finding Phillip.

Arkady is summoned to the FBI. Agent Wolfe and the Deputy Attorney General tell him he's gone too far with William, the bug in the mail robot, and Gaad’s assassination. They give him a Persona Non Grata (person not welcome) document, kicking him out of the country. He has 48 hours to leave the US.

As William grows sicker, Dennis asks if he liked what he did. William responds that at first it was exciting. He was committed to something and he was invisible, which made him feel special. But over time, this “became a curse: I was alone, isolated, lonely, very lonely. The absence of closeness makes you dry inside.”

Gabriel meets with the Jennings, saying the longer the FBI has William, the greater the risk to them. He thinks it’s time for them to get out, before William talks. He tells them to go home and get their kids and get themselves to safe house, “but of course it’s your decision.” Phillip and Elizabeth are too shocked to speak.

Tatiana tells Oleg she's been asked to stay in the US until the new Rezident arrives, and then even longer, for continuity. So, she won’t be going to Kenya. Oleg tells Tatiana he’s going home, that he has to be with his family. She tells him, like Arkady did, that he’s a good son. Upset but maintaining her composure, she then walks away.

As William enters his final minutes before death, he cannot see or think clearly, and begins to mutter “they always wanted more.” They wanted him married, he says, and he tried, but they fought. He wishes they could have been “like them: couple kids, American dream. [You’d] never suspect them. She’s pretty, he’s lucky.”

The Jennings return home where Henry sits watching the Super Bowl alone. Matthew and Paige have been watching the game at his house. They talk and then start kissing. Phillip and Elizabeth stay in their bedroom in a daze. Phillip says: “You wanna pack, get the hell out of here?” “Maybe,” says Elizabeth. “I don’t know.” From their window, she sees that Stan just arrived home. Phillip goes over to get Paige, and Stan greets him excitedly at the door, saying he thinks Matthew and Paige were doing more than “just watching football,” based on how they reacted when he came home. “Father of the bride, you’re paying!” he tells Phillip, who pretends to think it’s funny.

Paige leaves with Phillip and as soon as they’re out of earshot, Phillip tells her he doesn’t want her dating Matthew. From her bedroom window, Elizabeth watches them hurry back into the house. 


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Song Title Performer(s)
Who by Fire? Leonard Cohen
It Must Be Done Pete Townsend & Nathan Barr
Out of the Blue Roxy Music
Philip & Paige Walk Home Nathan Barr


The Americans 4x13 Promo "Persona Non Grata" (HD) Season Finale

The Americans 4x13 Promo "Persona Non Grata" (HD) Season Finale

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