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Location: Virginia — First Appearance: "A Little Night Music" — Last Appearance: "The World Council of Churches"

God created us in his image for one reason only, so that we could know him personally and have a joy-filled life. That's it. There's no catch. There's no hidden agenda. The Lord sacrificed his only son for us, paying the penalty for our sins so that we might know true contentment. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn't.
Pastor Tim, "Martial Eagle".

S02E04-Reed Street Church pamphlet
Paige's pamphlet about the church.
The Reed Street Church is a progressive, liberal Protestant church in Virginia. Staff include Pastor Tim, assistant pastor Dale Woods and the church secretary, Jackie. Zach is a youth group leader. Paige Jennings is introduced to the church by Kelli in February 1982 and is a member from 1982-84. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "A Little Night Music".

Major ActivitiesEdit

Paige has Elizabeth, Philip, Henry attend church for the first time in March 1982. Philip returns at night and threatens Pastor Tim and demands Paige not be allowed to attend anymore. ("Martial Eagle") Elizabeth starts to participate in church activities beginning with folding pamphlets. ("EST Men") Paige is baptized in the church in January 1983 which her family attends. ("Born Again") Tim approaches Philip asking that the church's July 1982 mission trip to Kenya be booked through Dupont Circle Travel. ("Stingers") Paige sees Tim in his office In March 1983 after revealing to him that her parents are Russian spies. ("Glanders")

Born Again Episode 3
It's the beginning of a new life in Christ.
Philip breaks into Tim's office at night and while looking for information that can be used to kill him, he also plants a bug. ("Pastor Tim (Episode)") Philip and Elizabeth bring a KGB agent posing as a Salvadoran priest, Father Rivas, who plays upon Tim and her wife Alice's sympathies and concocts a story that the Jennings saved him and his congregation from US-backed death squads. ("Clark's Place") Philip and Paige see Pastor Tim off for the church's November 1983 Ethiopia mission trip. ("The Day After") Paige sees Alice several times at the church, before and after Tim's disappearance in Ethiopia. ("Munchkins") Elizabeth visits Tim's office several times, trying to assuage her guilt over destroying Young-Hee and Don Seoung's lives. ("Dinner for Seven")

Clarks Place Episode 12
These people, they protect me.


Rooms seen in the church include the sanctuary, Pastor Tim's office, the congregation hall, reception area and the basement, where the youth group holds its meetings. The congregation hall is used for informal meetings and event preparation, such as preparing pamphlets for events. The church participates in anti-nuclear protests ("Echo") and runs a food pantry in a poor area of downtown Washington. ("A Roy Rogers in Franconia")

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Tim delivering a sermon.

Dinner for 7 Episode Tim Elizabeth
Pastor Tim's office.

S02E09-Congregation hall
Congregation hall.

S04E10-Paige and Jackie
Reception area with Jackie.

Night Music Episode Paige church
Youth group in the basement.


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