Renee Beeman is Stan Beeman's second wife. He met her at the gym and asked her out after his divorce was finalized with Sandra. Stan and Renee hit it off because of their mutual love for sports. Philip was immediately suspicious that Renee is a Soviet illegal or at least in some capacity working for KGB, since his reports to The Center indicated Stan was emotionally vulnerable for exploitation.

In 1987, she expressed her desire to become an FBI agent and eventually got an offer of a job interview to work in their Personnel department. In December 1987, Stan confronts Philip, Elizabeth and Paige in a parking garage after learning their true identities, Philip revealed his suspicions that Renee may be a KGB agent. Following the clear out of the Jennings' house, Renee looked up at the house with a look on her face that appeared that Philip's suspicions may be true.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Renee's maiden name is never revealed. Although there's no explicit reference to her and Stan being married, they are both seen wearing wedding rings.
  • In November 1987, Agent Aderholt asks Stan if he and Renee will have kids but Stan says they're pretty old. ("Rififi")

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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