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"I would have done anything for you Philip. For any of you." ― Stan

START is the tenth episode of the final season of The Americans on FX, and the seventy-fifth episode overall.  It serves as the show's series finale.


The Jennings face a choice that will change their lives forever.


After meeting at an abandoned garage in D.C., Philip and Elizabeth agree to take Paige to the USSR but leave Henry at boarding school. Elizabeth is heartbroken but agrees with Philip. FBI agents are ordered to stake out the suspect garages; en route, Stan calls Philip at work and at home, but he is not there. Stan leaves his assigned stakeout and goes to watch Paige's apartment, without telling his partner what he is doing. Dennis presses Father Andrei for information about the illegals; Andrei finally admits having seen them once without disguises. 

S06E10-Father Andrei and Dennis.jpg
I think we have a common enemy.
Arkady tells Igor that Oleg has been arrested by the FBI and charged with espionage, and since he was in America on a student visa, he will not be eligible for a prisoner exchange. Igor says he will go directly to Gorbechev, but Arkady warns him that Gorbechev is at risk and everyone supporting him may be in danger. Grief-striken, Igor tells his daughter-in-law, who is in tears while trying to calm her and Oleg's baby.

S06E10-Arkady and Igor.jpg
Oleg's been arrested.
Philip and Elizabeth pick up Paige, who doesn't want to leave Henry alone. They are watched covertly by Stan, who confronts them in a parking garage. After questioning, Stan draws his pistol to arrest them. Philip finally admits their work as Soviet agents, saying "We had a job to do". Stan then questions whether Paige dating Matthew was part of their plot. Interrupting Elizabeth's denial, Paige admits she learned of this aged 16, but only dated Matthew because she liked him. She also says that Henry still doesn't know what her parents do. Stan mentions the murders, including of Gennadi and Sofia; Philip and Elizabeth deny being involved, saying that killing isn't what they do. Stan angrily calls Philip a liar, and that Philip was his best friend and has made his life a joke.

START episode parking garage.jpg
You were my best friend.
Philip counters that Stan was the only friend he ever had, and confesses the sad duality of his life, and that he retired to become a "shitty failing travel agent". They tell Stan about the KGB plan to alter Elizabeth's reports to justify a coup against Gorbachev. Stan asks if Philip knows Oleg, adding that the FBI had intercepted the dead drop. Philip and Elizabeth urge that this information be sent to the USSR. Philip acknowledges that Stan has no reason to trust him, but says that they are getting in their car and leaving. Paige and Philip ask Stan to look after Henry, and Philip tells Stan of his suspicions about Renee. Stan allows them to leave.

S06E10-Stan at standoff.jpg
He loves you Stan. Tell him the truth.
The Jennings family get out their disguises and Canadian passports. (♫ Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms ♫) They stop to bury the evidence of their American lives, including the false passport that Henry will never use and Elizabeth's cyanide pill. Stan returns to his stake-out and stares out the window. They call Henry at school; Paige is too emotional to speak with him. Henry thinks it's a bit odd but goes back to his game.

START episode calling Henry.jpg
I want you to be yourself.
The FBI agents are recalled. Dennis shows Stan the sketches based on Andrei's descriptions, which confirm that the illegals are Philip and Elizabeth. Stan pretends to be surprised and vows to Dennis that he will kill Philip. Dennis apologizes for doubting Stan's earlier suspicions. A disguised Philip, Elizabeth and Paige have a final American meal at McDonald's. As the FBI searches the Jennings' home, Renee comforts Stan. The Jennings then sit separately on a train to Montreal, and get through the border security at Rouses Point, New York. However, Philip and Elizabeth are shocked as the train leaves the US when they see Paige standing on the platform alone. (♫ U2 - With or Without You ♫)

START episode Paige train.jpg
Paige gives herself away.
Stan travels to New Hampshire, meets Henry at hockey practice and tells him the truth about his parents. Elizabeth dreams about her children and of Gregory while on the plane to Europe. Paige returns to Claudia's abandoned safehouse and pours herself a vodka. (♫ Tchaikovsky - None but the Lonely Heart, Op. 6 ♫) Philip and Elizabeth enter the USSR by car and meet Arkady to drive to Moscow. While looking over the city, they reminisce about their life choices.

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We'll get used to it.


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  • Frank Fernandez as Airline Guest
  • Courtney Gonzalez as Pedestrian


  • The episode takes its name from the bilateral treaty between the United States of America and the USSR on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. It was drafted over a nine year period with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty being signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in December 1987.
  • Matthew Rhys won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award and Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg won the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards for their work on this episode.
  • The Mail Robot makes its final appearance. After Stan lets Elizabeth, Paige and Philip go, he returns to the FBI. The robot is seen in the hallway.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Elizabeth.


Song Title Performer(s)
Brothers in Arms Dire Straits
With or Without You U2
6 Romances, Op. 6, TH 93: No. 6, None but the Lonely Heart (Arr. P. Breiner for Violin & Orchestra) Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky


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