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"You're gonna lose this war. You know that, right? You can torture me and you can kill me. But we're gonna kick your motherland's marbled ass, and there's nothing you can do about it." Chris Amador

Safe House is the ninth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the ninth episode overall.


Philip and Elizabeth shock their children when they announce they are separating. After Amador goes missing, Gaad orders an unauthorized mission to grab a KGB agent in retaliation. Events soon spin out of control and come to a grisly end.


Philip and Elizabeth tell their kids that they are going to live apart for a while. This isn't received well with Paige blaming Elizabeth and Henry crying in his room. Philip moves into a motel but the following day, the entire family goes to a party at the Beeman's house, which several of Stan's work colleagues attend. (♫ The Gringos - Good Days ♫) Agent Gaad tells Agents Brooks, Samuels and others that he plans to kill Arkady in retaliation for the recent deaths of three FBI agents. Chris Amador agrees to participate while Stan does not. Neither Philip nor Elizabeth hear this conversation. Sandra and Matthew learn of the Jennings' situation. (♫ Pablo Cruise - Whatcha Gonna Do? ♫)

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I would rather stay away.
"Clark" spends the night with Martha, who tells him she loves him and would do anything for him. She just needs to know one thing if their relationship is real which Clark confirms. The next morning before she goes to work, Martha tells Clark she suspects Gaad is making arrangements to kill a KGB agent. Amador has been conducting unauthorized surveillance on Martha, suspicious that she is seeing someone else as she rebuffed his advances. He confronts Clark outside her apartment as he's leaving, and despite having no grounds, attempts to arrest him. They fight, and in self-defense, Philip stabs Amador in the stomach with his knife. Philip puts him into the trunk of his car and drives to a safe location, arranging for Elizabeth to bring medical supplies. The Jennings attempt to keep Amador alive, realizing he will know whom Gaad intends to kill.

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The wound's pretty deep.
Stan grows increasingly agitated as the day drags on without word from Amador. At the warehouse, Philip tells Elizabeth that he wiped Amador's car of any prints. They pull the knife out of Amador and treat him. Stan visits Amador's apartment and car but finds no sign of him. Discovering the car has no prints, Stan tells Gaad that the KGB has him. Gaad has every available FBI agent looking for Amador and tells Stan to not jump to conclusions. Stan remembers a conversation where Amador described himself while playing with a ring on his finger. Elizabeth returns home where Paige demands that she and Philip get back together. Elizabeth finds a despondent Henry in his room and learns he's not putting any effort in at school.

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Brothers in arms.
Stan meets with Nina in his car, demanding she tell him who took his partner. It's clear from her response she doesn't know what he's talking about, but Stan grabs her by the arm and jerks her roughly, saying "Don't lie to me!" She screams that he's hurting her and insists he let her go. He orders her to "Find out who took Amador. You find out where he is. Now." Nina breaks free and exits the car, confused and hurt. Amador awakes and lies to Philip that he doesn't know who the FBI is targeting. Gaad, Agent Samuels and several CIA operatives led by Agent Kendall plan Arkady's kidnapping and are joined by Stan. He begs Gaad to take Arkady alive, believing that to kill him would "sign Amador's death certificate." Gaad warns Stan that Amador could reveal that Nina is a spy.

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Stan, I'm glad you're with us.
Returning to the warehouse, Elizabeth says she'll get Amador to talk. Arkady does not go on his usual run due to an injured hand. Beginning to question Amador, Elizabeth is impressed by his sang froid. Amador tells her convincingly that the USSR will lose the Cold War. At the stake-out, the agents encounter only Vlad, a young and unimportant Rezidentura employee. The team is ordered to abort their mission, but Stan contradicts this by urging them to grab Vlad anyway. Despite Gaad's misgivings, he allows Stan to interrogate Vlad. Stan terrifies Vlad with his questioning who honestly pleads that he knows nothing. Amador tells them the target is Arkady and that they're too late to stop it.

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You're going to lose this war.
Stan contacts the Rezidentura and speaks to Arkady about trading Vlad for Amador. Arkady honestly says he doesn't know who Amador is and Stan threatens to kill Vlad if Amador dies. Elizabeth confirms Arkady isn't dead which brings confusion as to why Amador would lie. Believing Amador knows something else, the Jennings plan to interrogate him roughly they are dismayed to find Amador has died. They dump Amador's body and when it is discovered, Stan is called to the scene. Stan has another memory of Amador in which he speaks of Vietnam and not allowing himself to act shamefully. Stan realizes that Amador would never give information to the KGB. He buys some hamburgers and after giving one to Vlad, Stan shoots Vlad in the back of the head.

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He wanted to be a doctor.



Song Title Performer(s)
Good Days The Gringos
Whatcha You Gonna Do Pablo Cruise


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