S02E08-Soviet research facility

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Location: Soviet Union — First Appearance: "New Car" — Last Appearance: "Chloramphenicol"

These monsters who never let me speak to anyone or even send a message home.
— Anton, "One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov".

Vasili in New Car episode
Vasili Nikolaevich, facility head.
The Soviet research facility is a secure building in which top secret research is performed. Soldiers patrol the facility as does a constantly scowling old woman. Anton Baklanov is kept prisoner at the facility as is Nina Krilova. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "New Car".


The major rooms in the facility include a main work and computer area, facility head's office, bedrooms and a cafeteria. The facility is bleak except for some Soviet posters and banners.

S02E08-Facility work area
Main work area.

S03E11-Research work area
Main work area.

Divestment Episode 7
Vasili's office.

Divestment Episode 6
Nina's room.

Life of Anton Episode 10


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