Stan Beeman is a main character on the FX series, The Americans. He is the ex-husband of Sandra Beeman as well as the father of Matthew Beeman. He is an FBI counterintelligence agent who specializes in hunting down Soviet spies operating on American soil, working closely with FBI agents Frank Gaad and Dennis Aderholt and FBI secretary Martha Hanson.

When his Soviet informant, Nina Krilova, was sent back to the Soviet Union for treason, he collaborated with Oleg Burov to attempt to save her in risky ways. For the first five seasons, he has no idea that his neighbors and friends, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, are the dangerous Soviet illegals that he has been chasing all along, that is, until the Series Finale.


Backstory Edit

Prior to his current assignment, Stan worked undercover for three years with a white-supremacist group in Southern Arkansas. His work resulted in the arrest of 24 suspects.

Season One Edit

Stan is an FBI counter-intelligence agent and moves to Northern Virginia with his wife, Sandra and his son, Matthew across the street from Elizabeth and Philip Jennings. Stan is unaware of the fact that Philip and Elizabeth are undercover KGB agents but becomes suspicious when he learns that a car similar to Philip's is seen near the site of Timoshev's, a Soviet defector, abduction but finds nothing when he covertly inspects Philip's trunk.

In the second episode, Stan blackmails Nina Sergeevna, a Soviet embassy clerk, to spy for the FBI. Nina feeds Stan information about a Soviet agent who was killed the night Timochev went missing. As Stan gets to know Nina, he subsequently grows further apart from Sandra from how much he works and isn't home to spend family time together. After Stan misses a family dinner due to work, a co-worker takes him to a bar and tells him to pick out a woman to have casual sex with. Stan calls Nina instead and they sleep together but the way Nina conducts herself leads him to believe that she is using Stan and may be a double agent. She is tasked to try and turn Stan but starts to fall in love with him instead. Agent Frank Gaad (Richard Thomas) is Stan's FBI supervisor, gives him the keys to a safe house and tells him to take Nina there which then becomes their "love nest".

On Stan's unauthorized initiative, the FBI seize Arkady's assistant Vlad which course of events lead Stan to return to the safe house and kill Vlad. When Nina asks about Vlad's death, Stan lies and promises her he will find out who killed him. When he gets home, Sandra asks him to quit the FBI and move away with his family. When he says no, she leaves him. He goes to Nina and attempts to end their affair, but ends up losing his resolve and sleeps with her instead. Nina doesn't trust what Stan is telling her about Vlad's death and after she gets promoted, she is given access to the material obtained by the Weinberger bug. She keeps the information from Stan in order to further investigate Vlad's death. Stan and Gaad continue to look for a thirty-something married couple and produce a sketch of them while Nina is sworn into Directorate S and, after a conversation with Stan, confesses her spying to Arkady and offers to become a re-doubled agent. Stan tells both Sandra and Nina that his mission will soon be over but Sandra rebuffs his attempt at reconciliation and Nina tells Arkady, who has accepted her offer in spite of Moscow's skepticism.

Season Two Edit

Nina informs Stan of a new arrival at the Rezidentura, Oleg Igorevich (Costa Ronin). Stan follows Oleg one night only to have Oleg misleads him to a port where he tells Stan that he's the only one who knows about Nina and threatens to expose her. Stan asks Nina to take a polygraph test if she wants to get exfiltrated. Arkady forces Stan's hand to steal the "Echo" program in exchange for Nina's safety. When Oleg pressures Stan more, Stan gives a surveillance log to Oleg and later promises to protect Nina. He drops a package at the agreed location, but it turns out to be only a note that says "Tell Nina I'm sorry". A heartbroken Nina goes to leave the Rezidentura to return to Moscow to stand trial for treason while Stan sadly watches her leave from a parked car.[4]

Season Three Edit

Gaad also informs Stan that Nina has been charged with espionage and treason. He tries again to reconcile with Sandra, trying to understand the EST she's been going to, so he goes and asks Philip to go too. Stan finds the training ridiculous and useless, much to Sandra's annoyance.

Stan greets Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya, a defector from the Institute for US and Canadian Studies after arriving in a crate to the FBI. Preobrazhenskaya discusses with Stan the Institute in Moscow she worked for, where their duties were to report on Soviet leadership on all aspects of geopolitical significance regarding the U.S. and Canada. She confides in Stan that she is glad that it is over, but he assures her that it is not. Stan is later held at gunpoint by Oleg Igorevich, who blames him for Nina's arrest and upcoming execution. Stan tells him that he loved Nina and if Oleg wants to shoot him, he can shoot him in the back and Stan walks away and gets in his car. He goes to Sandra, who is now living with another man, that he couldn't think of anyone else he wanted to tell that that happened to other than her. While she comforts him, she also tells him that she is not coming back to him.

He goes back to an EST meeting, only to voice his opinion of it. Instead of being met with hostility, he gets applauded. Afterwards, he is asked out on a date by a woman named Tori (Callie Thorne), also from the meeting. They have dinner at the Jennings house and, despite his admitting that he still considers Sandra his wife, he and Tori have sex.

Season Four Edit

In the season 4 Premiere Stan confronts & accosts Philip Jennings in his garage & accuses him of having an affair his ex wife Sandra which Philip denies. Stan ends up apologizing to Philip for overreacting in a later episode.

Stan is also shocked to find out that Nina Krilova has been executed in Russia.

later on in the season Stan‘s boss Frank Gaad retires from the FBI as Stan has a new boss who he is too fond of. Stan then learns that Gaad was accidentally killed while escaping from hit men (presumably KGB) while vacationing in Thailand.

when stan finds out about mathew and paige he is excited unlike philip

Season FiveEdit

Stan is seen dating a new woman named Renee who Philip and Elizabeth suspect is a Soviet spy for the Center.

Season SixEdit

During the middle of season, Stan once again becomes suspicious of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. He confirms that they are in fact the KGB Agents he has been chasing. In the series finale, Philip reveals the truth to Stan when he confronts him at gunpoint, as well as Elizabeth and Paige, in the parking lot of Paige’s apartment. Paige then tells Stan she discovered the truth about her parents when she was 16, and admits she really did care for his son Matthew while they were in a relationship. She also tells Beeman that Henry is unaware of the true identity of their parents. Paige and Philip tell Stan to look after Henry and tell him the truth, because they have to abandon him and return to the USSR. Stan then decides to let the Jennings escape instead of arresting them. Philip also tells Stan that Renee might be a KGB Agent, but is unsure. Later in the series finale, Aderholt shows Stan sketches of Philip and Elizabeth and apologizes to Stan for not believing him earlier. Stan then goes to Henry‘s hockey game where he tells Henry the truth about his parents, and agrees to look after him.

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Relationship with SandraEdit

His undercover work caused a lot of problems with his marriage. By 1983, they are divorced and she is living with another man, Arthur.

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In 1981 Stan recruited Nina Krilova, a KGB officer stationed at the Rezidentura. He quickly developed a romantic relationship with her. He wasn't aware that she has turned on him.