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Stavos The Americans Logo2.jpg Travel Agent

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Anthony Arkin
First Appearance: "The Clock"
Last Appearance: "The Summit"
Episode Count: 14
I think what you are doing is a very important thing to do, making time for your family. We get so busy sometimes, we forget what is most important.
— Stavos to Philip, "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow".

Dead Hand episode Travel Agency.jpg
Stavos in 1987.
Stavos is the longest serving employee of Dupont Circle Travel. Loyal and respectful towards his employers Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (who he calls "Mr. Philip"), he is the most trusted staff member. Stavos speaks with an accent and although not married, refers to a male roommate.


Season One[]

In February 1981, Stavos greets Elizabeth as she returns from a "conference", having actually been watching over Viola Johnson's son, Grayson. ("The Clock") While discussing what Gregory Thomas has learned about Robert's wife, Joyce Ramirez in their office, Stavos interrupts and asks if Philip and Elizabeth have seen the TWA vouchers and complains about Barb losing them. ("Gregory") Stavos asks Philip to approve a single resort itinerary and later, gives Elizabeth an envelope with a note from Philip that he will be meeting with Lyle Rennhull. ("The Colonel")

S01E02-Stavos 1st appear w Liz.jpg
How was the conference?

Barb can't keep track of anything!

S01E13-Stavos gives note.jpg
He said he had to run.

Season Two[]

In January 1982, after Elizabeth returns to work, having been absent for months, a welcome back party is held. Stavos asks Philip if he'd like to take the leftover cake home for his kids. Philip offers the cake to Stavos who says his roommate is on a diet. ("Comrades") Stavos asks to speak to Philip who says to give him five minutes. He then watches as Stan Beeman brings in a co-worker and his brother-in-law, who want to arrange a bachelor party weekend. ("Cardinal")

S02E01-Stavos cake.jpg
He'd kill me if I brought home cake.

S02E02-Phil and Stavos.jpg
I need to talk to you...

Season Four[]

In March 1983, planning to take Paige and Henry to EPCOT for the weekend, Stavos tells Philip that he has their airplane tickets, entrance pass and hotel reservations with a view of a PGA golf course. He then says it's great that Philip is taking time to spend with his family. ("Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow")

S04E03-Stavos w tickets.jpg
I have your travel documents.

Season Five[]

In March 1984, Stavos tells Philip that Elizabeth is on the phone for him. ("Lotus 1-2-3") Months later, he makes a reservation and greets Philip when he comes in the door. Elizabeth asks if they've been reimbursed for the Lyndhurst cancellation and Philip tells her to talk to Stavos. He interrupts Philip and Elizabeth that there's a call from "Dr. Tippens" for them, but it is actually Joan from the Clandestine call center, speaking in code. ("IHOP")

Elizabeth on line three.

Dr. Tippens' office for you.

Season Six[]

In October 1987, he participates in the weekly country line dancing nights Philip organized for his employees and is taught by Lacey to line dance. ("Dead Hand") Stavos loses a client of 15 years, Jeremy which displeases Philip. ("Tchaikovsky") Stavos listens as Philip praises Rick and discusses sales techniques with the agency. ("Urban Transport Planning") Stavos transfers a call from Henry to Philip and later, goes to another line dancing night with the staff including Lacey and Rick. His dancing has improved over the last month. ("Mr. and Mrs. Teacup")

S06E01-Line Dancing.jpg
Louisiana Saturday Night.

S06E02-Stavos loses client.jpg
I didn't want you to lose the client.

In late November 1987, when the travel agency becomes financially unsuccessful, Philip fires Stavos and two other employees: Lacey and Steve. Stavos is angry, having worked for Philip for many years. ("Rififi") Feeling bad about firing Stavos, Philip visits him at his apartment. Stavos won't let him in and tells Philip he was aware that something illegal was happening in the "back room" of the agency, but that he never called the police and never will because he was raised to be loyal. ("The Summit")

Rififi episode Stavos fired.jpg
You're firing me?

I watched your kids grow up.


  • From home, Elizabeth talks with Stavos on the phone about sending Philip home as soon as he returns to the agency. ("Pastor Tim (Episode)")


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