Stealth is the eleventh episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-fourth episode overall.


Elizabeth makes a shocking discovery about Kate. Philip pursues a contact for information about the new Stealth technology. Stan continues his pursuit of the illegals.


In Russia, Vasili meets with Anton Baklanov, who, although still disgruntled, is apparently now eating, sleeping with the prostitute provided, and working on stealth technology. Baklanov tells Vasilli he needs a sample of the USA’s radar-absorbing material (RAM), in addition to their computer program called “Echo.” Baklanov explains that Echo can determine if the design for a stealth aircraft will or won’t result in a plane that is invisible to radar.

Back in Falls Church, Paige presses Elizabeth for a good reason why she can’t attend summer camp. The best Elizabeth can come up with is “because I’m your mother.” Later Paige shuns Phillip’s attempts to joke with her, saying “As long as I’m a prisoner in my own house, I have nothing to say to you.”

Phillip tells Elizabeth the FBI knows who Emmett and Leanne really were. Thanks to Gaad's reinstatement, the bugged pen in his office is once again operational and through it, they also learn that Stan visited Jared. Elizabeth dons her social worker disguise and goes to see him, determined to find out what he told Stan. Jared tells Elizabeth about the FBI sketches. After, Elizabeth tails him to a restaurant where she sees Jared meet with Kate. Elizabeth calls Phillip they puzzle over why Kate would meet with Jared, especially undisguised. Both suspect that the FBI sketches are of them, and Elizabeth wonders if Jared knows the female sketch is of her.

Oleg and Arkady explain to Nina that the illegals are working on acquiring a sample of RAM and that it is now her mission to obtain the Echo computer program from Stan. Later, Arkady tells Oleg The Center has informed him that if the mission fails, Nina will be sent back to Moscow to stand trial. Oleg learns for the first time of her treason. Arkady says he is not allowed to tell Nina of the high stakes for her mission. He explains that he has no cover, and no one to shield him if it goes wrong, implying that Oleg, with his family connections, does. Oleg takes the hint and tells Nina her life is on the line, and that she’ll be sent back to Moscow if she fails. He urges her to consider whether Stan Beeman will betray his country for her; if not, she needs to run.

Fred Timbrook meets with Phillip to say he found an unexplained budgetary line for $100 million for Lockheed, which he suspects is for the stealth program. He recommends Phillip talk with John Skeevers, a retired aeronautics engineer who previously worked for Lockheed. Phillip dons a disguise and approaches him in the waiting room of a medical clinic, pretending to also be a patient. Phillip strikes up a conversation, at one point bumping into him and stealing his wallet. When Skeevers approaches the counter to obtain his medication, he doesn’t have money to pay. Phillip approaches the counter and pays for it, using Skeevers’ cash.

Kate arrives home to a darkened apartment. Sensing something is amiss, she locks herself in the bathroom where she has hidden a gun, and rapidly unspools a roll of toilet paper. Emerging, she fights with Andrew Larrick but is overpowered. Larrick gags her and hangs her from the ceiling fan. Finding her code book, he listens for a transmission. Once it’s complete, he tells Kate her bosses in Moscow are worried because they can’t get in touch with George. “Next,” he he says, “They won’t be able to get in touch with you.” Larrick tells Kate “It’s not you that I want, it’s the scumbags who killed my friends. Now where are they?” When he loosens her gag so she can speak, Kate spits in his face. Larrick fatally snaps her neck.

Phillip approaches Stan at his home, saying Henry has to write a report for school entitled “my hero.” Later, Henry interviews Stan and asks “What’s it like to be a hero?” Stan replies “I’m not a hero.”

Phillip again attempts to discuss church camp with Elizabeth, telling her he thinks they should let Paige go. Phillip says he’s afraid they are crushing her spirit. Elizabeth is unwilling to consider it. Later, Paige approaches her parents about a group from church going to protest at an air force base in Pennsylvania over the weekend. Before she is able to fully explain, Elizabeth surprises both her and Phillip by announcing Paige can go. Later, Elizabeth tells Phillip she’s realized that “Paige is like me. She wants to make a difference in the world. She’s just looking in the wrong place.”

Phillip shows up at John Skeevers' house saying he found his wallet. He has also brought soup, and asks if he can come in. Skeevers does not appear to remember their earlier encounter, and tells Phillip his memory is shot from cancer. Nevertheless, he lets Phillip in, and accepts the soup. As he eats, he asks Phillip if he has children, and then says “Leave them something other than heartache.” Phillip counters: “I can help you with that.” When Skeevers asks who he is, Phillip asks if it really matters. He then hands him a thick envelope of cash. Skeevers tells Phillip that after much trial and error, they were able to formulate paint with microscopic iron balls. “The paint absorbs the radar, and hides the planes,” he says.

With The Center growing increasingly concerned about lack of contact from George and from Kate, they send Kate’s address to the Jennings. Phillip and Elizabeth find her apartment empty, but Elizabeth sees she has left a coded message on the empty toilet paper tube. Later when Phillip deciphers it, he and Elizabeth are shocked to discover it reads “Get Jared out.”



The Americans 2x11 Promo HD 'Stealth'

The Americans 2x11 Promo HD 'Stealth'

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