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The Stealth Program was an American effort to develop aircraft designed to avoid detection.

In 1982 the KGB learned of the program and wanted to get its hands on the technology. To that end they kidnapped scientist Anton Baklanov.

Early Attempts[]

An early attempt at stealth technology was the Lockheed SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft. It was designed to minimize its radar cross-section.

John Skeevers worked for Lockheed and helped develop the SR-71. He later contracted cancer and blamed the government of poisoning him. Philip used that information in order to get him to reveal classified data on the program.



RAM is Radar-absorbent material.  Skeevers discovered that he should use microscopic iron balls suspended in paint.


Echo is a computer program required to use stealth technology. Arkady Ivanovich tried to blackmail Agent Stan Beeman into handing over the program.


Screenshot of the Echo program.