The Committee on Human Rights is the seventh episode of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the fifty-ninth episode overall.


As Paige becomes even more enmeshed in her parents’ world, tensions with Matthew Beeman come to a head, Philip and Elizabeth’s honeytraps take surprising turns, and Stan faces the consequences of overplaying his hand at the FBI.


Realizing how little he knew about his own parents, Phillip (and Elizabeth) have brought Paige to meet Gabriel before he returns to the USSR. They have tea and Gabriel tells Paige she’s been brave and that her parents are heroes. Later, Paige says “He’s like your family.”

Sofia Kovalenko meets with Stan and Dennis in a park. Dennis tells her they won’t need much from her; she asks if she can get asylum. She would like a better future for her son, but feels she won’t do him any good if she’s dead or in prison. Stan tells her they can’t guarantee her safety, or her son’s.

With Norm’s help, Elizabeth breaks into Dr. Robert Semel’s office after hours and retrieves a file entitled Committee on Human Rights. It contains a report from the American Psychiatric Association about the Moscow Working Commission. Elizabeth later tells Phillip the report contains names and addresses of people in Russia; Gabriel later tells Phillip these people are “part of a well-organized opposition to the party back home." 

In Topeka, Phillip and Deirdre continue their awkward relationship. Deidre tells him if he ever moved to Topeka “this would probably end.” She says anyone can see he “needs a lot.” Then she asks him if he wants to have sex.

Oleg tells his mom the people who were trying to blackmail him have “disappeared” and he doesn’t know why. She tells him “why doesn’t matter.” Back at the FBI, Agent Wolfe tells Stan the CIA has decided to back off from Burov, but that the Deputy A. G. has requested Stan be transferred out of counter-intelligence. Wolfe was able to delay this due to Stan being in an active operation (Sofia), but implies he won’t be able to hold him off indefinitely.

Phillip gets back from Topeka and he and Elizabeth don’t tell the truth when Paige asks if they’re going to be able to stop the US from contaminating Soviet grain. Without a hint of irony, Elizabeth tells Paige she knows it’s hard to believe the Americans would try to starve people, but “The world doesn’t work the way a lot of people here think it does.”

Elizabeth tells Phillip Ben’s going to Mississippi and they make plans to follow him. They mark the location of his wheat field on their map, and then follow him to Memphis, where he meets with a woman for dinner. They kiss and walk with their arms around each other; Elizabeth is stung. Later when the Jennings dig up a wheat plant, Elizabeth confesses to Phillip “I didn’t think he was like that.” Phillip tells her it’s okay to care, but Elizabeth retorts: “No, it’s not. Not for me.”

Paige meets with Pastor Tim. She tells him things are going better since she’s realized she’s not the most important thing in the world. But, she confesses having difficulty praying. They make plans for Paige to babysit Claire Louise again. Paige goes to Matthew’s and breaks up with him. When he reaches for her arm, she violently shoves him, shocking them both. She cries, apologizes and leaves.

Elizabeth puts the wheat in a decorative bowl with a bow, and gives it to Gabriel. When she asks him directly why he’s leaving he says “It adds up. Some of it’s okay, some of it isn’t. But, it adds up.” He tells her he’s leaving late that night and she should send Phillip to say goodbye to him.

Stan and Renee watch a movie together but his mind is elsewhere. He describes what happened at work in vague terms, and seems to feel better afterwards.

Oleg uses his contacts to get his mother’s file from when she was in a prison camp before he was born.

Phillip meets with Gabriel and asks him specifics about the “bad things” Gabriel said he did when he was younger. Gabriel tells Phillip that before and after the war, what they did was “worse than you can imagine. People were shot, worked to death in the camps. Some were counter-revolutionaries, but some hadn’t done anything … I did it, too … I believed I was acting in the service of a higher purpose. But I was just scared.”

As Gabriel leaves, Phillip asks if Stan’s girlfriend is “one of us.” Gabriel says no, although it’s possible The Center wouldn’t tell him, knowing Phillip would ask. His final words to Phillip are “You were right about Paige. She should be kept out all of this.”    


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The Americans 5x07 Promo "The Committee on Human Rights" (HD) Season 5 Episode 7 Promo

The Americans 5x07 Promo "The Committee on Human Rights" (HD) Season 5 Episode 7 Promo

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